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After Sales Service; Installation; Extractor Version; Electrical Connections - Whirlpool AKR 689 IX Instructions For Use Manual

60cm tonda chimney cooker hood, akr 689 ix
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Before calling the After-sales Service
1. Check to see if you can fix the problem yourself (see
"Troubleshooting Guide").
2. Switch the hood off and then on again to check if the
problem has gone.
3. If the problem persists, contact the After-sales
• the nature of the problem,


When installing the hood, the minimum distances from the cooktop must be respected, and the numerical
sequence and additional instructions must be followed exactly as indicated on the Installation sheet.

Extractor Version

- see also instruction sheet)
Cooking fumes and vapours are conveyed outside through a duct connected to the hood by means of a collar.
The outlet duct diameter must be the same as that of the collar.
If a flue-damper is to be installed, check that it can open and close freely when installation of the exhaust
duct is complete.
The hood can be supplied with one (upper) or two (upper and rear) exhaust outlet holes.
The hood is usually set up for using the upper exhaust outlet.
1. The collar must be seated in the upper exhaust outlet.
Use the rear exhaust outlet (where present).
1. Where fitted, remove the cover closing off the rear outlet and collar.
2. Some models are fitted with a plastic deflector that closes off the rear outlet. If fitted, remove it.
3. Fit the collar in the rear outlet.
4. Put the cover (if fitted) in the upper outlet.
Important: If the hood has a carbon filter, this should be removed.
Check that the switch inside the hood (if fitted) is on position "A" Extractor; if not, set it to this position.
Filter Hood
- see also installation sheet)
The air is filtered by a carbon filter and recycled into the surrounding atmosphere. The filtered air is released
towards the kitchen ceiling.
Important: If the hood does not have a carbon filter, order one and fit it before use.
Check that the switch inside the hood (if fitted) is on position "F" Filter; if not, set it to this position.
If the plug is provided, close off the upper exhaust hole.

Electrical connections

Before connecting the hood, make sure the voltage indicated on the rating plate corresponds to the voltage in your
The plate is located inside the hood behind the grille.
If the hood is fitted with a standard plug, insert it into a matching standard socket in an easily accessible location.
If the hood is not fitted with a plug, fit one that conforms to applicable standards or use a double-pole switch that
conforms to applicable standards with a minimum contact separation of 3mm, in an easily accessible location.
The Manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage or problem arising from the failure to comply with
the above-mentioned instructions.
WARNING! Before reconnecting the hood circuit to the mains power supply and checking correct operation,
make sure the power cable is correctly fitted and that it was NOT crushed in the housing during installation. Make
sure to have this operation carried out by a specialised technician.
• The exact model of the appliance,
• your full address,
• your telephone number and area code.
The service code (number below the word SERVICE on
the rating plate inside the hood behind the grease filter).



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