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Care And Maintenance; Troubleshooting Guide; Grease Filter; Carbon Filter - Whirlpool AKR 689 IX Instructions For Use Manual

60cm tonda chimney cooker hood, akr 689 ix
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Always disconnect the hood before cleaning or carrying out maintenance by unplugging it or switching
off the power supply.

Grease filter

The sponge grease filter should be washed in hot soapy water once a month (soak for 1-2 hours, do not wring,
leave to dry and then remount. If necessary, repeat the process. Replace with a new filter every 5-6 washes).
The grease filter paper should be replaced at least once a month.
Grease filter paper with saturation indicator should be replaced at least every two months or whenever the
colour becomes visible through the holes of the grille.
The paper filter is coloured on one side. This colour should not be visible through the grille holes when the filter
is installed.
Metal grease filters should be washed once a month either by hand or in a dishwasher at a low temperature and
in a short cycle. Leave filter to dry before remounting it. Washing in a dishwasher can cause grease filters to turn
white, but this in no way affects efficiency.
Whenever cleaning or replacing the grease filters, clean all other exposed parts of the hood.

Carbon filter

("Air recirculation mode", see following page)
The carbon filter cannot be washed or regenerated. In some cases, carbon filters can be washed, but only when
specified in the attached Product Description Sheet.
Replace the carbon filter (normal usage)
every 6 months (Rectangular carbon filter)
every 4 months (Circular carbon filter).
Replacing bulbs
1. Pull out the steam deflector (depending on model).
2. Open the grille or light fixture and remove the grease filter.
3. Remove the burnt-out bulb and replace it with a new one of the same wattage. Close the grille, light fixture or
metal grease filter.
Cleaning the hood
Use a soft cloth with methylated spirits or a mild liquid detergent. Never use abrasive substances. never clean the
appliance with high pressure water or steam cleaning equipment.
WARNING: Failure to remove oil/grease (at least once a month) could result in fire.
Important: Failure to observe the instructions for cleaning the appliance and replacing or washing the filters may
cause a fire.


The hood does not work:
Is the plug properly inserted in the power socket?
Is there a power failure?
Is the fuse blown?
Insufficient suction power:
Is the right speed selected?
Do the filters need cleaning or replacing?
Are the air outlets blocked?
The light does not work:
Does the bulb need replacing?
Is the bulb correctly fitted?
Is the fuse blown?
Never try to carry out any repair by yourself other
than fixing the above-mentioned problems.



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