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Whirlpool AKR 951/1 IX Instructions For Use Manual page 9

100cm island curved glass cooker hood, akr 951/1 ix
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1. Control panel
a. Light switch
b. Extraction and minimum extraction speed ON/OFF
Medium extraction speed switch.
d. Maximum extraction speed switch.
2. Grease filter
3. Grease filter release handle
4. Halogen bulb
5. Steam deflector
6. Telescopic flue
7. Air outlet (for filter version only)
Grease filters:
Metal grease filters have an unlimited
life and should be washed once a month
either by hand or in a dishwasher at a
low temperature and with a short cycle.
Washing in a dishwasher can cause
grease filters to turn white, but this in
no way affects efficiency.
a. press the handle to remove the filter
b. remove it.
Wash the filter and leave it to dry, proceeding in reverse
order to refit it.
5019 318 33303
Replacing the halogen bulbs:
1. Disconnect the hood from the mains power supply.
WARNING: Wear gloves.
2. Use a small screwdriver to gently prise the lamp cover off
(at the points indicated in Figure).
3. Remove the burnt-out lamp and fit a new one.
WARNING: Replace using 20W max G4 halogen bulbs
Close the lighting unit (snap-on).
Active carbon filter
(filter hoods only):
The carbon filter must be cleaned once a month in a
dishwasher at the highest temperature, using a normal
dishwasher detergent. Wash the filters on their own.
After washing, reactivate the carbon filter by drying it in the
oven at 100°C for 10 minutes.
Change the carbon filter every 3 years
Fitting the carbon filter:
1. Remove the grease filter.
2. Remove the filter holder by turning the knobs 90°.
3. Fit the carbon filter "i" in the filter holder "h".
Reverse the above procedure to re-fit the filter holder and
grease filter.

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