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Operating Time; Guarantee Certificate (Uk) - Siemens AL21 User Manual

Siemens al21: user guide
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Table of Contents
Phone ID
You will need the following details if you lose your
phone or SIM card:
the number of the SIM card (on the card):
15-digit serial number of the phone
(under the battery):
the customer service number of the service
Lost phone
If you lose your phone or SIM card contact your
service provider immediately to prevent misuse.

Operating time

The operating time depends upon usage. Extreme
temperatures considerably reduce the phone's
standby time. You should therefore avoid the leav-
ing the phone in the sun or on a radiator.
Talk time: Up to 300 minutes.
Standby time: Up to 220 hours.
European Union (RTTE) and
international (ICNIRP)
Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and re-
ceiver. It is designed not to exceed the limits for ex-
posure to radio waves recommended by
international guidelines. These guidelines were de-
veloped by the independent scientific organization
ICNIRP and include safety margins designed to as-
sure the protection of all persons, regardless of age
and health.
The guidelines use a unit of measurement known
as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The SAR
limit for mobile devices is 2 W/kg and was adopted
into the European Standard EN 50360 and into
other national standards. The CE mark demon-
strates that the EU requirements are met.
The highest SAR value for this device when tested
at the ear was 0.50 W/kg
a range of functions, they can be used in positions
other than the head, such as directly on the body.
In this case, the limits are met too.
As SAR is measured utilizing the device's highest
transmitting power, the actual SAR of this device
while operating is typically below that indicated
above. This is due to automatic changes to the
power level of the device to ensure it only uses the
minimum level required to reach the network.
The World Health Organization has stated that
present scientific information does not indicate the
need for any special precautions for the use of mo-
bile devices. They note that if you nevertheless
want to reduce your exposure then you can do so
by limiting the length of calls or using a 'hands-free'
device to keep the mobile phone away from the
head and body.
Additional Information can be found on the web-
sites of the World Health Organization
( or BenQ Mobile
Guarantee certificate
Without prejudice to any claim the user (customer)
may have in relation to the dealer or retailer, the
customer shall be granted a manufacturer's Guar-
antee under the conditions set out below:
• In the case of new devices and their components
exhibiting defects resulting from manufacturing
and/or material faults within 24 months of pur-
chase, BenQ Mobile shall, at its own option and
free of charge, either replace the device with an-
other device reflecting the current state of the art,
or repair the said device. In respect of parts sub-
ject to wear and tear (including but not limited to,
batteries, keypads, casings, small parts on cas-
ings, protective coverings where included in the
scope of delivery), this warranty shall be valid for
six months from the date of purchase.
1 The tests are carried out in accordance with in-
ternational guidelines for testing.
. As mobile devices offer


Table of Contents

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