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Getting Started; Using The Sim Card/Battery; Charge Battery - Siemens AL21 User Manual

Siemens al21: user guide
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Getting started

Using the SIM card/battery

Your phone's display is delivered with a
protective film. Remove this film before
getting started. The service provider sup-
plies you with a SIM card on which all the
important data for your account is stored.
If the SIM card is credit card-sized, snap
out the smaller segment and trim any
rough edges.
Always switch off phone before removing
the battery!
Only 3V and 1.8V SIM cards are support-
ed. Please contact your service provider if
you have an older card.
Release and open battery cover
Insert SIM card
Close battery cover

Charge battery

The battery is not fully charged when de-
livered. Plug charger cable into the bot-
tom of the phone, plug power supply unit
into a mains power socket and charge for
at least two hours. The power supply unit
heats up when used for long periods. This
is normal and not dangerous.
When charging is in progress
Charging time
An empty battery is fully charged after
about 2 hours. Charging is only possible
within a temperature range of
+5 °C to +40 °C. If the temperature ris-
es/falls 5 °C above/below this, the charge
symbol flashes a warning. The mains
voltage specified on the power supply
unit must not be exceeded (Operating
time, p. 12).
Charge level display during operation
(empty - full):
A beep sounds when the battery is nearly
empty. The charge level of the battery is
only displayed correctly after an uninter-
rupted charging/discharging cycle. You
should therefore not remove the battery
unnecessarily and where possible not
terminate the charging process early.
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Table of Contents

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