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Esp/Album Function; Button - Samsung yePP MCD-SM60 Instruction Manual

Portable mp3-cd player mp3-cd/cd-r/rw playback
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ESP/Album function

(Electronic Skip Protection)
Press the ESP/Album button.
•CD Playback: Press the ESP/Album
button to turn this function on and off.
(During playback of an MP3-CD,
ESP will always be active whether or
not the ESP/Album button is pressed.)
•The player buffers up to 120 seconds of
MP3 and 45 seconds of audio CD data; hence even if the data flow is interrupted,
data is read from memory so that the sound signal remains undisturbed.
•While listening to music, the Anti-S.T (Anti-Shock Time) Buffer Level is automatically

+10 button

Press the +10 button.
Press the +10 button briefly while playing
back a CD. Playback will skip 10 tracks.
Example : If you want to select track 43 during playback of track 15, press
the +10 button three times, then press the
•MP3-CD playback : Press and hold the ESP/Album button longer to select
"Album Off". The button now functions as the +10 button.
ESP prevents the music being
interrupted by vibration and
button three
Album Function
Press the ESP/Album button.
•It moves to the next album.
Example) Pressing the ESP/Album
button during playback of the
first album will take you to the
start of the first track of the
second album.
•This player is equipped with a graphic LCD that supports the English
•Tag information is displayed for those files containing them.
Otherwise, the file name is displayed.
•When writing your own MP3-CDs, we recommend using English for tag
information as well as file names.
•Languages other than English will be marked with an asterisk "*".
Press and hold the ESP/Album
•Each time the button is pressed,
the selection toggles between
"On Album" and "Off Album".
•If "Off Album" is selected, the album playlist
changes to the title playlist.
This function does not apply to MP3-CDs that have not been created with albums.
If a file is defective and cannot be recognized, the player skips to the next one.
This function is only available during playback of an MP3-CD.
Albums are sections of tracks representing one artist.
This function makes it easier to skip between them.



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