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Samsung FX100 Operator's Manual

Samsung fx100: operators guide.
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Operator's Guide
Please read this guide before you use this equipment.


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  • Page 1

    Operator’s Guide FACSIMILE FX100 Please read this guide before you use this equipment.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    Thank You for Choosing Samsung Thank you for choosing Samsung! Your new fax machine represents the very latest in fax machine technology. The FX100 is a full-featured, high-performance machine built to strict quality standards set by Samsung-the highest in the industry. We’re proud to offer you a product that will provide convenient, dependable service for years to come.

  • Page 4: Fcc Information

    REFACE FCC Information The following information is only applicable to facsimile machines installed in the United States of America. Label Identification This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules. On the rear of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, the FCC Registration Number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for this equipment.

  • Page 5

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 makes it unlawful for any person to use a computer or other electronic device to send any message via a telephone fax machine unless such message clearly contains in a margin at the top or bottom of each transmitted...

  • Page 6

    REFACE IC Information The following information is applicable only to facsimile machines installed in Canada. Notices The Industry Canada (IC) label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications network protective, operational, and safety requirements. The Department does not guarantee the equipment will operate to the user’s satisfaction.

  • Page 7

    REFACE Renseignements du Industrie Canada Les renseignements suivants ne s’appliquent qu’aux télécopieurs installés au Canada. Avis L’étipuette du Industrie Canada (IC) est une marque d’identification d’appareil certifié. Cette certification signifie que l’appareil répond d’utilisation. Cependant, le Ministère ne peut pas garantir que l’appareil rencontrera les exigences de son utilisateur.

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    ONTENTS Chapter 1: Your New Machine Check Parts Familiarizing Yourself with Your New Machine Front Rear Control Panel Chapter 2: Installation and Setup Choosing a Location Making the Connections Installing Paper Making a Copy Setting up the Fax Adjusting Ringer Volume Setting Date and Time Setting the Terminal ID (Your Name and Number) Using the Keypad to Enter Letters...

  • Page 9

    ONTENTS Chapter 4: Special Features Using Help Features Print Out the Help List Using Function Menu Using Automatic Dialing Storing a Number for One-Touch Dialing Storing a Number for Speed Dialing Dialing a One-Touch Number Speed Dialing a Number Searching Memory for a Number (Directory Dialing) Using Chain Dialing Using REDIAL/PAUSE Using TONE...

  • Page 10

    C h a p t e r O n e...

  • Page 11: Chapter 1: Your New Machine

    ACHINE Check Parts Once you have unpacked your fax machine, check to make sure that you have all the parts shown here. If any piece is missing or broken, call your dealer. Main Body Handset Phone Line Cord Handset Cord...

  • Page 12: Familiarizing Yourself With Your New Machine

    Familiarizing Yourself with Your New M a c h i n e Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your new machine by looking at the pictures on the next few pages. F r o n t Handset Use this as you would use a telephone Recording Paper Exit C o p y a n d f a x p r i n t o u t s...

  • Page 13: Rear

    ACHINE Rear AC Power Socket The power cord connects to this socket. Phone Socket (TEL LINE) The telephone line cord connects to Handset Socket This is where you connect the Handset to the machine. Extension Socket (EXT.LINE) Connect a normal phone or an answering machine, whichever you need.

  • Page 14: Control Panel

    ACHINE Control Panel Press to choose the appropriate receive mode. The indicator will light up to show you which setting you have chosen. Press to improve the clarity of a poorly You can also press it to send or copy photographs or documents printed in color.

  • Page 15

    V.REQ./POLL Press to make a Voice Request after sending or receiving documents. Or, Press to poll a document loaded on another fax machine. FUNCTION Press to choose different functions. VOLUME/DIRECTION I/) Press to adjust the Speaker volume, to scroll menu in the FUNCTION mode, or to move the cursor to the digit you want to edit.

  • Page 16

    C h a p t e r T w o...

  • Page 17: Choosing A Location

    Choosing a Location To help guarantee trouble-free operation of your fax machine, place it in a spot where: It’s not in direct sunlight or excessive humidity. It is not close to heating or air conditioning vents.

  • Page 18: Installing Paper

    Connect the AC power cord. Installing Paper Unplug the power cord. Open the Cover by lifting the Release Lever on the side of the fax machine. Insert the paper roll. Two: I HAPTER NSTALLATION AND ETUP E T U P...

  • Page 19: Making A Copy

    NSTALLATION AND E T U P Pull the paper end past the edge of the fax machine. Close the Cover. Tear off the excess paper. Connect the AC power cord. M a k i n g a C o p y Copy a document to make sure that the machine is working properly.

  • Page 20

    To copy more documents, insert the next sheet while the fax machine is beeping. The fax machine makes a copy of the next sheet. If the next sheet does not feed, two short ending beeps will sound.

  • Page 21: Setting Up The Fax

    NSTALLATION AND ETUP Setting Up the Fax Follow the directions below to set up your fax. Adjusting Ringer Volume Set the machine's Ringer volume by pressing VOLUME 4 of ) on the Control Panel in Standby mode. The LCD shows Ringer volume level.

  • Page 22

    NSTALLATION AND Press ENTER. The LCD asks you for a date format. Select the type of date format you want by using DIRECTION 4 or ). Press ENTER. The LCD shows the preset date and time. Use the Number Keypad to enter date and time through Number Keypad.

  • Page 23: Setting The Terminal Id (your Name And Number)

    NSTALLATION AND E T U P When the date and time are correct, press ENTER. The LCD returns to Standby mode. Setting the Terminal ID (Your Name and Number) Your Terminal ID will be printed at the top of each page sent from your machine. Press FUNCTION.

  • Page 24

    NSTALLATION AND Press ENTER. The LCD asks you for your number. Using the Number Keypad, enter your number. Press ENTER when the number in the LCD correct. The LCD asks you for the name. Enter your name by using the Number Keypad. Press ENTER when the name is correctly entered.

  • Page 25: Using The Keypad To Enter Letters

    NSTALLATION AND E T U P Using the Keypad to Enter Letters Press the Number Keypad labeled with the letter you want - press the button repeatedly until the letter appears in the LCD. The letter appears in the NAME:M LCD.

  • Page 26: Checking Dial Type

    NSTALLATION Checking Dial Type In order to provide compatibility with most telephone systems, your FX100 can be set to either Pulse Dialing (same as rotary), or Tone Dialing (Touch-Tone). In some cases, you may not be sure which kind of dialing service is provided on your line, since a rotary phone generally works, even though the line has Touch-Tone service.

  • Page 28

    Chapter Three The Fax Machine...

  • Page 29: Sending A Fax

    A C H I N E In this chapter, you will learn how to send and receive fax documents, how to use the four fax reception modes, and voice request features. S e n d i n g a F a x Preparing a Document Here are some things to do to improve the quality of your faxed documents: Send documents printed using a typewriter, felt tip pen, black ink, or laserwriter.

  • Page 30: Setting Resolution And Contrast

    A C H I N E Setting Resolution and Contrast To set the Resolution/Contrast when sending or copying a document, insert the document face down, and do one of these: Press FINE/PHOTO to increase sharpness and clarity. You can choose NORMAL, FINE, or PHOTO mode.

  • Page 31: Loading A Document

    A C H I N E Loading a Document Turn the document face down. Insert the leading edge of the document into the feeder Slot. The LCD shows the DOCUMENT LOADING message “DOCUMENT LOADING”. The resolution and contrast settings appear in the LCD.

  • Page 32

    A C H I N E Using the Number Keypad, enter the number of the remote fax machine. The LCD shows the number you are dialing. Press START/COPY when you hear the fax tone (high-pitched tone). Hang up the Handset.

  • Page 33: Confirming The Transmission

    A C H I N E Confirming the Transmission When your document has 11-15 10:30 FAX been sent successfully, the machine beeps and returns to Standby mode. Canceling Transmission Press STOP at any time to cancel transmission. The fax transmission is STOP canceled and the machine returns to Standby mode.

  • Page 34: Receiving A Fax

    When the machine is in Standby mode, the LCD shows the current reception mode. If you rarely use the fax line for voice conversation, set the fax machine to receive faxes automatically by selecting either FAX or AUTO mode.

  • Page 35: Receiving In Fax Mode

    A C H I N E When the telephone rings, pick up the Handset and answer it. If you hear a fax tone, or if the person on the other end asks you to, press START/COPY. Hang up the Handset. The machine begins receiving, and returns to Standby mode when the...

  • Page 36: Receiving In Tad Mode

    If a fax tone is detected on the line by the fax machine, the call automatically switches over to the fax machine and reception begins overriding the answering machine’s announcement. If you have set your machine to the TAD...

  • Page 37: Using An Extension Telephone

    You can receive a fax from someone if you‘ve answered on the extension telephone without having to go to the fax machine. This feature only works when you connected to the fax machine. When you receive a call on the extension pbone and...

  • Page 38: Using Voice Request

    Press V.REQ./POLL while a document is being sent or received. The V.REQ./POLL indicator lights, and a Voice Request signal is sent to the remote fax machine when transmission/reception finished. When the phone rings pick up the Handset and answer When you are finished, hang up the Handset.

  • Page 39: Answering A Voice Request

    Handset. Using Polling Polling is when one fax machine requests another machine to send a document. This is useful when the person with the original document is not in the office. The person who wants to receive the document calls the machine holding the original and requests that the document be sent.

  • Page 40

    Therefore, polling may fail in some cases, even when poll code is not used. Your fax machine cannot be polled, so other fax machines cannot poll a document from your machine. POLLING...

  • Page 42

    C h a p t e r F o u r...

  • Page 43: Chapter 4: Special Features

    PECIAL EATURES In this chapter, you will learn how to use the built-in help features, how to use the automatic dialing and special phone features, how to set options, and how to print reports. Using Help Features You can print a Help List of the machine’s basic functions and commands to use as a quick reference guide.

  • Page 44

    PECIAL EATURES Scrolling Through the Function Menu Instead of waiting for the function menu to cycle through each choice, you can manually scroll through to view your choices quickly. Press Direction while the function menu is displayed. Each time you press the button, the LCD shows the next function.

  • Page 45: Using Automatic Dialing

    PECIAL EATURES Using Automatic Dialing There are two ways in storing numbers for automatic dialing: One-Touch Dialing and Speed Dialing. One-Touch Dialing lets you touch any one of five One-Touch buttons located on the left of the machine’s Control Panel to dial your number automatically. Speed Dialing allows you to enter two digits to dial a number.

  • Page 46: Storing A Number For Speed Dialing

    PECIAL EATURES To assign a name to the number, enter the name, If you don’t want a name, skip to step 5. Press ENTER when the name appears correctly in the LCD. Storing a Number for Speed Dialing Press and hold SPEED DlAL until “STORE SPEED DIAL”...

  • Page 47

    PECIAL EATURES Enter the number you want to store. When the number appears correctly in the LCD, press ENTER. The LCD asks you for a NAME: n a m e . To assign a name to the number, enter the name. if you don’t want a name, skip to step 6.

  • Page 48: Dialing A One-touch Number

    PECIAL EATURES Dialing a One-Touch Number Press a One-Touch button with or without picking up the Handset. The LCD shows the message "DIALING"; as the machine automatically dials the number stated for that One-Touch button. You hear the dialing through the Speaker.

  • Page 49: Searching Memory For A Number (directory Dialing)

    PECIAL E A T U R E S If you are making a phone call, pick up the Handset when the other person answers. Searching Memory for a Number (Directory Dialing) If you don’t remember the 2-digit speed number, you can search for numbers in memory. Press SPEED DIAL.

  • Page 50: Using Chain Dialing

    PECIAL EATURES Using Chain Dialing When using special services, such as alternate long-distance or bank-by-phone, you must enter the telephone number of the service and wait for the computer to answer before continuing. Enter the phone number of the special service first. Then, when the computer answers, enter the rest of the information, such as a long-distance number.

  • Page 51: Using Redial/pause

    PECIAL EATURES When you hear the high- pitched tone, press START/COPY to send the document. Using REDIAL/PAUSE The REDIAL/PAUSE button has two functions. It can be used to redial the number you last called or it can be used to insert a pause in a number when you’re setting up a One- Touch or Speed dial number.

  • Page 52: Using Tone

    P E C I A L E A T U R E S A “P” appears in the LCD. U s i n g T O N E You may often need to use tone signals to perform special operations by phone. Bank-by- phone and voice mail are two examples of systems that require tone signals.

  • Page 53: Using Flash

    PECIAL EATURES Using FLASH Some special phone services require a switch-hook signal for proper operation. For example, if you have Call Waiting*, you can put a call on hold and take a second call on the same line by pressing the switch-hook button. Pressing FLASH performs the equivalent to a switch-hook operation.

  • Page 54: User Options

    EATURES User Options Your fax machine has various user-selectable features. These options are preset at the factory, but you may need to change them. To find out how the options are currently set, print the System Data List. For more information on printing a report, see page 4 .14.

  • Page 55: Setting Fax Options

    Select the number of times your machine rings before answering an incoming call. If you are using your machine as both a telephone and a fax machine, we suggest you set the ring count to at least 4 to give you time to answer.

  • Page 56: User Reports

    E A T U R E S User Reports Your fax machine can print reports containing useful information - transmission and reception verification, option settings, etc. The following reports are available : Confirmation Report - This report can be printed on command, or by selecting the appropriate user option.

  • Page 57

    PECIAL E A T U R E S Press ENTER. The LCD shows C O N F I R M . R E P O R T “CONFIRM.REPORT”. Select the report by pressing DIRECTION The LCD shovvs the name TX/RX JOURNAL of the report you have selected.

  • Page 58: Clearing Memory

    PECIAL EATURES Clearing Memory You can clear the information in your fax machine’s memory. Press FUNCTION. Press 5. The LCD shows"[5] MEMORY CLEAR". Press ENTER. Select the desired menu by using DIRECTION 4 or b . The LCD shows the menu you have selected.

  • Page 59

    PECIAL EATURES When the desired menu appears, press ENTER. The LCD asks if you are ARE YOU SURE? sure you want to clear the memory. If you want to clear the memory, press ENTER. The LCD shows the MEMORY CLEARED message "MEMORY CLEARED!".

  • Page 61: Chapter 5: Troubleshooting & Maintenance

    If a document jams during transmission, do NOT pull the document out of the slot. Doing so could harm the fax machine. While pushing outward on each white tab, lift the Roller up and out of the machine. & M...

  • Page 62

    & M ROUBLESHOOTING Replace the Roller following the reverse order of step Close the Cover firmly. Plug in the power cord. HAPTER IVE: ROUBLESHOOTING & AINTENANCE AINTENANCE Make sure it locks into place. Press down on the Cover using both hands until it snaps into place.

  • Page 63: Paper Jams During Reception

    AINTENANCE If the fax paper jams while you are receiving, do NOT pull it out. Doing so could harm the fax machine. While pushing outward on each white tab, lift the Roller and out of the machine.

  • Page 64

    ROUBLESHOOTING & AINTENACE Press down on the Cover using both hands until it snaps into place. Close the Cover firmly. Plug in the power cord. & M HAPTER IVE: ROUBLESHOOTING AINTENANCE...

  • Page 65: Understanding Error Messages

    Press STOP and try again. The machine you tried to call does not answer. The remote fax machine you want to poll is not ready to respond to your poll. If the remote machine is secured by passcode, it is not possible to poll a document.

  • Page 66: Cleaning The Roller And Thermal Head

    & M ROUBLESHOOTING Cleaning To keep your machine working properly, occasionally clean the white roller and thermal head as shown below. If they are dirty, documents sent to other fax machines won’t be clear. Unplug the power cord Open the Cover. Release the Guide using both hands by pulling it in the direction of arrow.

  • Page 67

    & M ROUBLESHOOTING AINTENANCE Wipe the Thermal Head surface with fax cleaning wipe. Replace the Roller following the reverse order of step Replace the Guide. Close the Cover firmly. Plug the power cord back 4 Press down on the Cover using both hands until it snaps into place.

  • Page 68: Purchasing And Storing Paper

    4 We recommend that you use only authorized recording paper. Other types of paper can produce poor results, and even damage your fax machine. Contact your dealer for more information on paper. Store rolls in a cool, dark place, at or below 76°F, and avoid humidity higher than 65%.

  • Page 70: Appendix

    A p p e n d i x...

  • Page 71: Specifications

    Specifications Type of unit Communication System Compatibility Compression Scheme Modem Speed Resolution Scanning Method Printer Input Document Width Effective Scanning Width Recording Width Thermal Paper Roll Size Power Requirement Power Consumption Temperature Range Humidity Range Dimensions (WxDxH) Weight Desktop Facsimile Transceiver Public Switched Telephone Network and PABX CCITT Group 3...

  • Page 72: Warranty

    Warranty Information Limited Warranty Samsung Electronics America Inc. (SEA) warrants that this product is free from defective material and workmanship. SEA further warrants that if this product fails to operate properly within the specified warranty period and the failure is due to improper workmanship or defective material, SEA will repair or replace the product at its option.

  • Page 76

    Printed in Korea P/N. JF68-60011A...

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