Bosch Worcester benchmark 9/14CBi User Instructions & Customer Care Manual

Bosch Worcester benchmark 9/14CBi User Instructions & Customer Care Manual

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9/14, 14/19 & 19/24CBi
Bosch Group
41 311 50
41 311 52
41 311 54
41 311 51
41 311 53
41 311 55


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Summary of Contents for Bosch Worcester benchmark 9/14CBi

  • Page 1 Bosch Group 9/14, 14/19 & 19/24CBi G. C. NUMBERS APPLIANCE NATURAL GAS 9/14CBi 41 311 50 41 311 51 14/19CBi 41 311 52 41 311 53 19/24CBi 41 311 54 41 311 55 USER INSTRUCTIONS & CUSTOMER CARE GUIDE IMPORTANT: THIS APPLIANCE IS FOR USE WITH NATURAL GAS AND LPG THESE INSTRUCTIONS APPLY IN THE UK ONLY.
  • Page 2: Excellence Comes As Standard

    EXCELLENCE COMES AS STANDARD Thank you for purchasing a Worcester gas-fired boiler. Worcester boilers are made by Worcester Heat Systems and the strictest quality control standards are demanded throughout every stage of production. Indeed, Worcester Heat Systems have led the field in innovative appliance design and performance for more than 30 years.
  • Page 3: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION GAS SAFETY (INSTALLATION AND USE) REGULATIONS 1998 It is the law that all gas appliances must be installed by a competent person in accordance with the above regulations. Failure to install appliances correctly could lead to prosecution. It is in your interest and that of safety to ensure compliance with the law.
  • Page 4 Central Heating When a demand is made for heating by the system controls (i.e. a programmer or room thermostat). A pump will energise circulating primary water around the heating system and the burner, after a few seconds, will light. The heat output from the appliance in this mode has been factory set to give maximum output or as reset by your installer.
  • Page 5: General Notes

    GENERAL NOTES Your installer will advise you of any actions you should take to ensure that the satisfactory and efficient operation of the heating and hot water systems connected to the boiler are maintained. CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM During the first few hours of operation of the central heating system, check that all radiators are being heated at an even rate.
  • Page 6 ROOM THERMOSTAT A room thermostat may be fitted for control of the central heating temperature. It will be located in one room of the home. The method of setting a room thermostat varies with the type and manufacture. Refer to the instructions supplied with the room thermostat. PROGRAMMER/CLOCK A programmer or clock may have been fitted to the system: the method of setting varies with the type and manufacturer.
  • Page 7: Frost Precautions

    FROST PRECAUTIONS If the appliance is not to be used for a long period of time and there is a likelihood of freezing, then the appliance should be drained. The Worcester Heat Systems Technical Helpline will advise you on suitable frost precautions. The boiler has an in-built frost thermostat which will protect the appliance should the temperature of the boiler drop below approximately 10°C.
  • Page 8: Operation Of Controls

    OPERATION OF CONTROLS BOILER HEATING TEMPERATURE CONTROL The position of this control will determine the temperature of the water delivered from the appliance between the start of the dial as indicated thus ' ' and the fully on position i.e. when the control is turned fully clockwise.
  • Page 9 Fig. 1. Controls. Temperature control Boiler Burner Lock-out demand...
  • Page 10: To Light And Stop The Appliance

    TO LIGHT AND STOP THE APPLIANCE INDICATOR LIGHTS Boiler demand : System is calling for heat Burner ON Burner is firing Lock-out There is a fault condition Steady light - Overheat Flashing light - Flame failure TO LIGHT THE APPLIANCE Check that the water valves to the central heating circuit are open.
  • Page 11 APPLIANCE LOCKOUT The appliance can be reset by turning the boiler temperature control fully anti-clockwise and back. Check that the gas supply has not been interrupted. If this condition continues to occur, then call a service engineer.
  • Page 12: Appliance Fails To Operate

    APPLIANCE FAILS TO OPERATE More than 30% of all calls made to Worcester Heat Systems to report appliance faults or breakdowns prove to be false alarms, as there is often a simple explanation for the apparent malfunction. So, to help you save time and money – not to mention frustration and inconvenience –...
  • Page 13: Maintaining Your Appliance

    MAINTAINING YOUR APPLIANCE Your new Worcester boiler represents a long-term investment in a reliable, high quality product. In order to realise its maximum working life, and to ensure it continues to operate at peak efficiency and performance, it is essential that your boiler receives regular, competent servicing and annual maintenance checks beyond the initial 12 month guarantee period.
  • Page 14: Service Centres

    SERVICE CENTRES CONTACT NUMBERS: UK Call Centre Tel. 08457 256 206 UK Call Centre Fax. 01905 757536 Scotland only Fax. 01506 441 687 OPERATING HOURS: Mon - Fri 8.00am to 6.00pm 8.30am to 1.00pm Please contact our UK Call Centre number where our friendly operators will book your call with one of our team of nationwide engineers.
  • Page 15 YOUR WORCESTER BOILER GUARANTEE This appliance is guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of twelve calendar months from the date of installation subject to the following conditions and exceptions. 1. That during the currency of this guarantee must be accompanied by guarantee any components of the a claim stating the Model, Serial unit which are proved to be faulty...
  • Page 16: Guarantee Registration

    MODEL SERIAL NUMBER (See identity label inside appliance casing) TYPE/SIZE DATE OF INSTALLATION Bosch Group EXCELLENCE COMES AS STANDARD Worcester Heat Systems Limited. Cotswold Way, Warndon, Worcester WR4 9SW. Telephone: (01905) 754624 Fax: (01905) 754619. Technical Helpline 08705 266241. 8 716 103 191a 09/01...

Table of Contents