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Bosch Worcester Greenstar Ri ErP + Series User Instructions

Wall hung rsf gas fired condensing regular appliance for central heating systems..
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User instructions
Wall hung RSF gas fired condensing regular appliance
For central heating systems
ErP +
These appliances are for use with :
Natural Gas or L.P.G.
(Cat. II 2H 3P type C13, C33 & C53)
Natural Gas
If you smell gas:
▶ Keep well away from the building: call the National Gas Emer-
Service on 0800 111 999.
▶ L.P.G. appliances: Call the supplier's number on the side of the
gas tank.
GC Number
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +
ErP +


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Bosch Worcester Greenstar Ri ErP + Series

  • Page 1 User instructions Wall hung RSF gas fired condensing regular appliance GREENSTAR Ri ErP + For central heating systems These appliances are for use with : Natural Gas or L.P.G. (Cat. II 2H 3P type C13, C33 & C53) Model GC Number ErP + Natural Gas 41-406-74...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    General information ..........5 Worcester, Bosch group has led the field in innovative Energy efficiency ........5 appliance design and performance for over 50 years. This...
  • Page 3: Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions

    Key to symbols and safety instructions Key to symbols and safety instructions Key to symbols Examples of additional symbols used A numbered step in an action sequence Warnings A sequence of numbered steps or actions carried out in a Safety instructions in this document are specific order to complete a task.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Please read these instructions carefully the cupboard containing the appliance or within the vicinity ▶ These instructions are applicable to the Worcester, Bosch of the appliance. Group appliance model stated on the front cover only.
  • Page 5: General Information

    Please tick the appropriate box on your warranty registration Table 2 Appliance details card for further details of the Worcester, Bosch Group Service Contract. When your appliance requires servicing please contact a Worcester, Bosch Group contact centre (see rear cover, appointments).
  • Page 6: Benchmark Standard

    General information Maintenance tips User caution • Appliances on a sealed heating system: • It is forbidden for any interference with the appliance other than those actions allowed in this document. – Regularly check the system pressure. • Do not obstruct the flue outlet or the air inlet. CAUTION: Incorrect use •...
  • Page 7: Prepare For Operation

    Prepare for operation Prepare for operation Open vented heating systems Appliances that can be connected to open vented heating systems will have the pressure maintained automatically by the header tank feeding the system. Sealed heating systems Appliances that can be connected to sealed heating systems are pre-pressurised before operation, this pressure must be maintained for safe use of the appliance.
  • Page 8: Topping Up The System Pressure

    Prepare for operation Topping up the system pressure If the pressure gauge reads more than 1.5 bar as a result of over filling, Bleed one radiator until the pressure gauge returns to between 1 and 1.5 bar. NOTICE: System fill method Your installer should have informed you where to find the filling system and instructed you in its use.
  • Page 9: Controls

    Controls Controls 6720813340-01.1Wo Fig. 3 Controls 1 Mains power ON/OFF knob 5 Maximum flow temperature position 2 Indicator/Diagnostic light “MAINS ON/OFF” (Blue) 6 Appliance reset position 3 Minimum flow temperature position 7 Burner ON indicator light (Green) 4 Flow temperature control knob Table 3 Greenstar Ri ErP +...
  • Page 10: Operating The Appliance

    Controls Operating the appliance 4.1.1 Switching the appliance ON/Off ▶ Turn the “MAINS POWER” knob to 1 to switch ON the appliance. ▶ Turn the “MAINS POWER” knob to 0 to switch OFF the appliance. 6720813340-02.1Wo Fig. 4 Switch ON/OFF appliance. Appliance frost protection function ▶...
  • Page 11: Turning The Central Heating Off During The Summer

    Controls 4.1.3 Turning the central heating off during the summer Do not switch the appliance off at the mains power switch or mains fused spur. ▶ To turn your central heating off during warm periods: ▶ Set the programmer to OFF –...
  • Page 12: Clearances And Ventilation Information

    Clearances and ventilation information Clearances and ventilation information Appliance clearances Your installer will have provided adequate space around the appliance for operation, safety and servicing/maintenance access. • The following details covering the clearances service and maintenance for the appliance. CAUTION: Risk of damage to appliance or property The appliance will overheat if the clearance space around the appliance is restricted by objects.
  • Page 13: Malfunction Or Failure

    Company address: In the event of a appliance fault or breakdown please contact Worcester, Bosch Group appointments team on 0330 123 9339. Your advisor will arrange for an engineer to call with the minimum of delay; under normal circumstances...
  • Page 14: Fault Finding

    Malfunction or failure Fault finding Problem Cause Remedy Operation/fault light No gas supply/low gas supply pressure ▶ Contact your gas supplier. (blue) flashing Condensate outlet blocked ▶ If it is safe to do so, check your condensate pipe outlet for blockages, such as ice or foreign objects.
  • Page 15: Appliance Reset

    A reset fault condition will exist If the electrical power to the appliance has been interrupted. Reset the appliance as described above. Fig. 7 Reset button and mains light If the fault remains and cannot be cleared by resetting the appliance, contact Worcester, Bosch Group for assistance. Greenstar Ri ErP +...
  • Page 16: Extreme Cold Weather

    – Care must be taken at pedestrian areas where this water may freeze and create a slip hazard. ▶ Worcester, Bosch Group have available on our website helpful videos in the Customer service section to aid in thawing a frozen pipe.
  • Page 17: Tips On Energy Saving

    Tips on energy saving Tips on energy saving Heating economically The appliance provides a high level of comfort whilst keeping fuel consumption and the environment effects as low as possible. The appliance is controlled in such a way that it delivers heat at the correct rate and only if there is a clear demand from the system. Central heating systems with room thermostat/thermostatic radiator valves With modern heating systems set around a 20 °C heat loss, the optimum setting for a condensing appliance will be approximately 73 °C for the central heating temperature.
  • Page 18: Your Guarantee

    The householder may be asked to prove the date of installation, that the appliance was correctly commissioned and, where appropriate, the first year's service has been carried out to the satisfaction of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd., when requested. These should be documented as a part of the Commissioning Checklist.
  • Page 19: Glossary

    Glossary Glossary Central heating systems All radiators must be heated at an even rate. If the top of a radiator is at a lower temperature than the bottom then it should be bled by releasing air through the bleed screw at the top of the radiator. Ask your installer to show you how this is done.
  • Page 20 0330 123 9119 TRAINING: 0330 123 0166 SALES: 0330 123 9669 Worcester, Bosch Group Cotswold Way, Warndon, Worcester WR4 9SW. Tel. 0330 123 9559 Worcester, Bosch Group is a brand name of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. 6 720 821 669 (2018/06)

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