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Rca reb1100 ebook reader: quick start
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How to Turn On Your eBook
To turn on your eBook:
1. Press the power button once which is located on the right side of the device.
2. Allow a few seconds for the eBook icon to appear.
Note: Until you register your eBook, there will be a slight delay in time before the eBook icon appears.
3. When the eBook icon appears, proceed with the registration process.

Registration Instructions

The first thing you must do to begin using your eBook is to register it through the modem connection. Your
eBook will dial a toll-free number to enable the registration process.
Registering your eBook is important because it sets up your personal eBook Account and Online Bookshelf
so that you can purchase and enjoy the thousands of books, magazines and newspapers available for
your eBook.
If you are registering your eBook from a location other than your home, you will need to change the
modem preferences.
1. Turn on your eBook.
2. Tap the Bookshelf icon.
3. Tap Settings from the list of options.
4. Tap Modem.
Then change the preferences accordingly.
Follow these instructions to register using the modem.
1. Connect your eBook to an analog phone jack.
A. Plug in the supplied telephone line cord to your eBook.
B. Connect the other end of the telephone line cord to an analog
phone jack.
2. Press the power button to turn on your eBook.
3. Press the Bookshelf icon.
4. Select About Your eBook.
5. Select Register from the bottom of the window.
Your eBook will dial a toll-free number and connect your eBook to the registration computer. Allow a few
minutes for the registration forms to appear then follow the on-screen instructions.
What You Get For Registering
After the registration is complete, an eBook Account is created for you. You can now purchase eBook
Editions either through the modem or your PC. (Refer to the "eBook Librarian User's Guide" loaded on
the CD-ROM for more information on purchasing eBook Editions through the PC). Whenever you
purchase an eBook Edition, your eBook Account stores it. You can download the eBook Edition
immediately after purchasing or download at a later time. As an eBook owner, you will be able to get the
books you want to read earlier, faster and easier than virtually any other source for mobile electronic
reading material.
Quick Start Guide

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