Miele PFD 100 SmartBiz Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Operating instructions
Commercial dishwasher
PFD 100 SmartBiz
To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to
the appliance, it is essential to read these
instructions before it is installed and used for
the first time.
M.-Nr. 12 020 500


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Miele PFD 100 SmartBiz

  • Page 1 Operating instructions Commercial dishwasher PFD 100 SmartBiz en-GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance, it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. M.-Nr. 12 020 500...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Caring for the environment ................19 Before using for the first time ................20 Basic settings ...................... 20 Setting the language ..................20 Setting up Miele@home ................. 20 Setting the time of day ................... 21 Setting the water hardness level ..............21 Miele@home ......................22 Opening the door ....................
  • Page 3 Contents Detergent ......................42 Application ......................42 Dispensing detergent ..................43 Adding detergent....................44 Changing detergent..................... 45 Operation......................47 Switching on the dishwasher ................47 Selecting a programme ..................47 Display of programme running time ..............48 Starting the programme ..................48 End of programme....................
  • Page 4 EPREL database ....................80 Note for test institutes ..................81 Warranty ......................81 Installation......................82 Electrical connection ................... 82 The Miele Waterproof system................83 Water inlet ......................83 Connecting the drainage system................. 85 Technical data....................86 Settings ......................87 Opening the Settings menu................. 87 Changing settings ....................
  • Page 5: Notes About These Instructions

    Notes about these instructions Warnings  Information which is important for safety is highlighted in a thick framed box with a warning symbol. This alerts you to the potential danger of injury to people or damage to property. Read these warning notes carefully and observe the procedural instructions and codes of practice they describe.
  • Page 6: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance Appliance overview a Top spray arm f Filter combination b Upper basket (depending on model) g Salt reservoir c Middle spray arm h Data plate d Aeration valve i Rinse aid reservoir e Bottom spray arm j Detergent compartment...
  • Page 7: Control Panel

    Guide to the appliance Control panel a Programme selection e  Timer sensor control For selecting a later programme  = Short start.  = Universal f OK sensor control To select menu options and values  = Intensive displayed. To confirm messages. ...
  • Page 8: Display Functions

    Guide to the appliance The OK sensor control is used to Display functions confirm a message or setting and also The display is used to select or set the to move to the next menu or another following: level. - The programme Under  Settings, a scroll bar ...
  • Page 9: Correct Use

    Correct use This commercial dishwasher complies with all current local and national safety requirements. Inappropriate use can, however, lead to personal injury and material damage. Read the operating instructions carefully before using the commercial dishwasher for the first time. They contain important information on the safety, use and maintenance of the appliance.
  • Page 10 This lamp must only be used for the purpose for which it is intended. The lamp is not suitable for room lighting. Replacement lamps may only be fitted by a Miele authorised technician or by the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 11: Warning And Safety Instructions

    (approx. 45° opening angle). It is also important that the door cannot fall open. The appliance must only be operated with properly adjusted door springs. If the door cannot be adjusted properly, contact the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions Technical safety  This dishwasher must only be commissioned, repaired and maintained by the Miele Customer Service Department, a dealer or a suitably qualified service technician. Unauthorised installation, maintenance and repairs can cause considerable danger for the user.
  • Page 13 A damaged connection cable may only be replaced by a suitable connection cable of the same type. For safety reasons, such replacement may only be carried out by the Miele Customer Service Department or a qualified service technician.
  • Page 14 The Waterproof system will work even when the dishwasher is switched off. However, the dishwasher must remain connected to the electricity supply.  While the dishwasher is under warranty, repairs should only be undertaken by a Miele authorised service technician. Otherwise the warranty is invalidated.
  • Page 15 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use  This dishwasher is designed for operation with water and detergents suitable for use in commercial dishwashers only. Organic solvents and flammable liquid agents must not be used in it. This could cause an explosion, damage rubber or plastic components in the dishwasher and cause liquids to leak out of it.
  • Page 16 (e.g. oxyhydrogen explosion).  Miele cannot be held liable for any effect chemical cleaning agents may have on the material of the items being cleaned. Observe the cleaning agent manufacturer's instructions with regard to storage conditions, use and dosage.
  • Page 17 Warning and Safety instructions  Do not clean the dishwasher or near vicinity with a hose or a pressure washer.  Be careful when sorting items with sharp pointed ends and positioning them in the dishwasher that you do not hurt yourself or create a danger for others.
  • Page 18 Only use original Miele accessories. If other parts are used, warranty, performance and product liability claims will be invalidated.  Miele will guarantee the supply of functional spare parts for a minimum of 10 years and up to 15 years following the discontinuation of your dishwasher.
  • Page 19: Caring For The Environment

    Please dispose of it at your local community waste collection / recycling centre for electrical and electronic appliances, or contact your dealer or Miele for advice. You are also responsible for deleting any personal data that may be stored on the appliance being disposed of. Please...
  • Page 20: Before Using For The First Time

    Switching on the dishwasher on the display.  Switch the dishwasher on using the  To set up Miele@home now, confirm  sensor control. by touching OK. The welcome screen will appear when Tip: To postpone setup until later, select the dishwasher is switched on for the the option ...
  • Page 21: Setting The Time Of Day

    Before using for the first time Setting the time of day Setting the water hardness level The display will change to the screen The time of day is set automatically if for setting the water hardness. a connection is established with the WiFi network.
  • Page 22: Miele@Home

     Add salt and rinse aid if necessary - A WiFi network (see the “Dishwasher salt” and “Rinse aid” sections in the “Before using for - A Miele networking solution, e.g. the the first time” chapter). Miele@mobile app  Select OK to confirm the messages.
  • Page 23 Therefore, the availability of featured Miele@mobile app functions cannot be guaranteed. Miele@home availability If you wish to use the Miele@mobile app or other Miele networking solutions, the Miele@home services must be available in your country. The Miele@home service is not available in every country.
  • Page 24: Opening The Door

    Before using for the first time At the end of the programme, if the Every dishwasher is tested at the AutoOpen function is on, the door factory. There will be residual water in locking pins automatically retract. the appliance from this test. It is not an indication that the dishwasher has To prevent a technical fault, do not been used previously.
  • Page 25: Closing The Door

    Before using for the first time Closing the door Activating the safety lock  Push the baskets right in. Use the safety lock to prevent children opening the dishwasher door. The door  Raise the door upwards until the can then only be opened by using a lot catch engages.
  • Page 26: Dishwasher Salt

    Before using for the first time Dishwasher salt  Damage caused by using unsuitable salts. In order to achieve good cleaning results, the dishwasher needs to Some types of salt may contain insoluble components which can operate with soft water. Hard water results in the build-up of calcium cause the water softener to deposits on crockery and on the wash...
  • Page 27: Filling The Salt Reservoir

    Refilling the salt softener. If in doubt consult the Miele Professional Department.  When the refill reminder   Refill salt appears in the display, wait until the...
  • Page 28: Rinse Aid

    Before using for the first time Rinse aid If you only ever wish to use combination detergent products in Rinse aid is necessary to ensure water your dishwasher, you do not need to does not cling to and leave marks on add rinse aid.
  • Page 29: Adding Rinse Aid

    Before using for the first time  Close the lid firmly until you hear it Adding rinse aid click into place. Otherwise, water can enter the rinse aid reservoir during a programme.  Wipe up any spilled rinse aid. This prevents excess foam developing during the next programme.
  • Page 30: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment - Select the  ECO programme for Economical dishwashing energy-saving dishwashing. This This dishwasher is exceptionally programme is the most efficient in economical in its use of water and terms of its combined energy and electricity. water consumption for cleaning You can make the most of your crockery with a normal level of appliance by following these tips:...
  • Page 31: Ecofeedback Consumption Indicator

    Caring for the environment The estimated consumption function is EcoFeedback consumption activated as standard. This function can indicator be deactivated, though, if preferred (see The “Consumption” function is used for the “Consumption” section in the calling up information about the water “Settings”...
  • Page 32: Loading The Dishwasher

    Loading the dishwasher - The spray arms must not be blocked General information by items which are too tall or hang Remove coarse food residues from through the baskets. Test for free crockery. movement by manually rotating the spray arms. There is no need to pre-wash items under running water.
  • Page 33 Loading the dishwasher Items not suitable for dishwashers:  Damage due to caustic alkaline - Wooden cutlery and crockery or detergents. items with wooden parts: these may Aluminium parts (e.g. the grease discolour and fade. The glue used in filters of cooker hoods) can be these items is not dishwasher-proof damaged by caustic alkaline and wooden handles may come...
  • Page 34: Upper Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Loading the FlexCare cup rack Upper basket You can put cups, small bowls and flat See the “Loading the dishwasher” crockery on the FlexCare cup rack. chapter, “Loading examples” section Glasses can be arranged along the cup for examples of how to load crockery rack so they sit securely during the and cutlery.
  • Page 35 Loading the dishwasher Adjusting the FlexCare cup rack You can set the height and depth of the cup rack at 2 different levels so that it can accommodate larger cups and so that taller crockery can be placed underneath it.  Pull the cup rack upwards and click it into the desired position (see arrow).
  • Page 36: Adjusting The Upper Basket

    Loading the dishwasher To raise the upper basket: Adjusting the upper basket  Lift the basket up until it clicks into In order to gain more space for taller place. pieces of crockery in the lower basket or upper basket, the upper basket can To lower the upper basket: be adjusted on 3 levels with 2 cm ...
  • Page 37: Lower Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Lowering the spikes Lower basket The rows of spikes at the front are used See the “Loading the dishwasher” for washing plates, soup bowls, chapter, “Loading examples” section platters, dessert bowls and saucers. for examples of how to load crockery and cutlery.
  • Page 38: Cutlery Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Loading the cutlery insert for the Cutlery basket cutlery basket See “Loading the dishwasher – Use the insert supplied for heavily Loading examples” for examples of soiled items of cutlery. As this insert how to load crockery and cutlery. separates the items, they do not overlap and can be more easily ...
  • Page 39 Loading the dishwasher  Place cutlery into the insert with the handles facing downwards.  Arrange them evenly along the insert.
  • Page 40: Loading Examples

    Loading the dishwasher Loading examples Dishwashers with cutlery basket Upper basket Lower basket...
  • Page 41 Loading the dishwasher Cutlery basket Heavily soiled crockery...
  • Page 42: Detergent

    Seek medical attention immediately if detergents and other process detergent has been swallowed or chemicals for your dishwasher for inhaled. commercial use via the Miele Keep children away from detergents. professional website: Detergent residues could still be https://miele.co.uk/professional.co.uk. present in the dishwasher. Keep...
  • Page 43: Dispensing Detergent

    Suitable detergent tabs are available They also indicate the approximate fill from the Miele range. When using level in grams for powder detergents, combination detergents (tabs that depending on the manufacturer and the offer rinse aid as well as water coarseness.
  • Page 44: Adding Detergent

    Detergent Adding detergent The detergent must not cause the detergent compartment lid to get stuck. This can prevent the lid from opening during the programme sequence. Do not overfill the detergent compartment.  Ensure that the detergent packaging is properly closed after use. This prevents the detergent from getting damp and clumping together.
  • Page 45: Changing Detergent

    See “Settings menu - External dispensing” to activate the dispenser pump and set the dosage. For special soiling and if using liquid detergent, contact Miele for advice on how to set the dosage for best results. Refilling or changing containers The dispensing module is equipped with a level monitoring function.
  • Page 46 Detergent  Remove the siphon from the canister and place it in a container of water.  Start “Vent dispensing system” twice (see “Settings menu, External dispensing”) to the rinse the system.  Then place the siphon in the new canister and start “Vent dispensing system”...
  • Page 47: Operation

    Operation Switching on the dishwasher Selecting a programme  Make sure the spray arms can rotate Choose your programme according to freely. the type of crockery and the degree of soiling.  Close the door. The different programmes and their ...
  • Page 48: Display Of Programme Running Time

    Operation Display of programme running Starting the programme time  Touch the Start sensor control. Confirm the previously displayed The estimated duration of the messages with OK. programme selected appears in the display before the programme begins. The programme starts. During the programme, the time left The Start sensor control lights up.
  • Page 49: End Of Programme

    Operation End of programme Energy management The buzzers might sound at the end of To save energy the dishwasher will the programme. switch off automatically 10 minutes after the last time a sensor control is The programme has ended when the pressed or after the end of a display shows the message  ...
  • Page 50: Switching Off The Dishwasher

    Operation Switching off the dishwasher Unloading the dishwasher  The dishwasher can be switched off Dishes tend to break and chip more at any time using the  sensor easily when they are hot. Allow the control. dishes to cool until they are comfortable enough to handle before unloading You can also stop an ongoing timer by them.
  • Page 51: Interrupting A Programme

    Operation Interrupting a programme Cancelling or changing a programme A programme will be interrupted as soon as the door is opened. If a programme is cancelled, important programme stages may be When the door is closed again, the missed. query Select Start to continue appears in the display.
  • Page 52: Programme Options

    Programme options Countdown indicator  Options The Countdown indicator  option is Options can be selected and selected as standard and displays the deselected using the appropriate time remaining until the end of the buttons and the display before starting programme. the programme. The time remaining and temperature You can also switch to the options can also be changed during the...
  • Page 53: Timer

    After you have activated the timer, all the displays will switch off after a few minutes to save energy. To switch the display back on for a few minutes, press the  sensor control. You can also activate a timer via the Miele@mobile app.
  • Page 54 Programme options Setting “Start at” Setting “Finish at” With the Start at  function, you set the Use the Finish at  function to set the exact time you want the programme to latest time by which the selected start at. programme has to be finished. ...
  • Page 55  function but will instead show SmartStart (see the  Use the  sensor controls to enter “Miele@home” section in the “Settings” the hour and confirm your entry by chapter). touching OK. If your energy provider offers this The hour will be saved and the minute service, they will send a signal to your number block will be highlighted.
  • Page 56 Start sensor control will switch the dishwasher off. light up. Switching the dishwasher off while a timer is running stops the timer. You can also change or delete the time set for the timer using the Miele@mobile app.
  • Page 57: Activating Remote Start

    You can start your dishwasher remotely using the  sensor control. The option using the Miele@mobile app. To do this, will also remain active if you switch the you first need to install the app on your...
  • Page 58: Programme Chart

    Programme chart Programme Application Detergent The following dosages are based on Miele detergents. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions. Detergent compartment   For fresh, easily removed food residues. 20–25 g Short or 1 tab  For normal, slightly dried food residues. 20–25 g...
  • Page 59 Programme chart Programme sequence Pre-wash Main wash Interim rinse Final rinse Drying AutoOpen 60–65 °C 65 °C 40 s 20 min 1 min 30 s 65 °C 65 °C 6 min 3 min 30 min 2 min 75 °C 65 °C 6 min 6 min 3 min 30 min 2 min 50 °C 60 °C 6 min 1 min 5 min 1 min 30 min 50 °C 50 °C 1 min 3 min...
  • Page 60 Programme chart Consumption data in ECO programme Programme Consumption Duration Electrical energy Water Cold water Hot water Cold water Hot water 15 °C 55 °C 15 °C 55 °C  0.930 kWh 0.6 kWh 12 l 250 min 245 min 13 place settings Values for the ECO programme were calculated under standardised testing conditions. In practice, the selected settings, programme options or operating conditions may result in different values.
  • Page 61: Cleaning And Care

    - Internal and external dispensing can be removed with a proprietary systems dishwasher cleaner (available from the Miele Customer Service Department or - Spray arms the Miele webshop). Follow the - Filter combination instructions on the product packaging.
  • Page 62: Cleaning The Door And The Door Seal

    Cleaning and care To avoid damaging the external Cleaning the door and the door surfaces, do not use the following: seal - Detergents containing soda, The door seals and the sides of the ammonia, acids or chlorides dishwasher door cannot be reached and cleaned by the spray arm jets.
  • Page 63: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the spray arms Particles of food can get stuck in the spray arm nozzles and bearings. The spray arms should therefore be inspected regularly (approx. every 2– 4 months).  Damage due to soiling entering the circulation system. Without filters, soiling can enter the circulation system and cause a blockage.
  • Page 64 Cleaning and care Cleaning the spray arms Refitting the spray arms  Refit the upper and middle spray arms.  Refit the lower spray arm and ensure that the filter combination lies flat in the base of the wash cabinet. ...
  • Page 65: Checking The Filters In The Wash Cabinet

    Cleaning and care Checking the filters in the Cleaning the filters wash cabinet  Switch the dishwasher off. The filter combination in the base of the  Remove the lower spray arm (see wash cabinet retains coarse soiling “Cleaning and care” chapter, from the suds solution.
  • Page 66 Cleaning and care  In order to clean the inside of the  Rotate the screw thread clockwise filter, pull the microfilter on the plastic until the arrow in the viewing window ring downwards and away from the points to the lock symbol . filter combination.
  • Page 67: Cleaning The Water Inlet Filter

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the water inlet filter A filter is incorporated in the screw thread to protect the water inlet valve. If the filter is soiled, insufficient water flows into the wash cabinet.  Risk of electric shock from mains voltage.
  • Page 68: Cleaning The Drain Pump

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the drain pump If water remains in the wash cabinet after the end of a programme, the water has not been pumped away. The drain pump may be blocked by foreign objects. These are easy to remove. ...
  • Page 69 Cleaning and care  Damage due to incorrect cleaning. The components are delicate and can be damaged during cleaning. Take care when cleaning the drain pump. The drain pump (see arrow) is underneath the cover.  Risk of injury from glass splinters.
  • Page 70: Problem Solving Guide

    With the aid of the following guide, most minor problems that can occur during daily operation can be corrected without contacting Miele. You can save time and money in many cases, as you do not need to call the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 71: Fault Messages

     Restart the desired programme. If the fault message appears again, there is a technical fault.  Switch the dishwasher off.  Close the stopcock.  Call the Miele Customer Service Department. The Waterproof system has reacted.    Waterproof ...
  • Page 72: Door Release

     If the same fault message appears again, call the Miele Customer Service Department. The door locking pins do not retract after the door is opened. There may be a technical fault.
  • Page 73: Water Inlet Fault

    (see the “Hose installation” section in the “Installation” chapter). A technical fault has occurred.    Fault F18  Switch the dishwasher off.  Close the stopcock.  Call the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 74: Water Drainage Fault

    Problem solving guide Water drainage fault Problem Cause and remedy The alarm tone is Before rectifying the problem: sounding.  Switch the dishwasher off. The message Water drainage fault.   appears in the Drain There might be water in the wash cabinet. display.
  • Page 75: General Problems With The Dishwasher

     Switch the lighting back on again (see “Settings” opened. chapter, “BrilliantLight” section). Faulty wash cabinet lighting.  Call Miele Service. Detergent residue is left The detergent compartment was still damp when in the detergent com- detergent was added.
  • Page 76: Noises

    Problem solving guide Noises Problem Cause and remedy Knocking noise in the A spray arm is knocking against a wash item. wash cabinet  Carefully open the door and rearrange the wash items that are obstructing the spray arm. Rattling noise in the Wash items are insecure in the wash cabinet.
  • Page 77: Unsatisfactory Washing Result

    Problem solving guide Unsatisfactory washing result Problem Cause and remedy The wash items are not The wash items were not loaded correctly. clean.  See notes in the “Loading the dishwasher” chapter. The programme was not powerful enough.  Select a more powerful programme (see “Programme overview”...
  • Page 78 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy The crockery is not dry The rinse aid dosage is set too low or the rinse aid or cutlery and glasses reservoir is empty. are flecked.  Replenish the rinse aid, increase the dosage, or change the brand of rinse aid (see “Using for the first time - Rinse aid”).
  • Page 79 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy White residue is visible The rinse aid dosage is set too low. on the crockery. Cloud-  Increase the dosage (see “Settings” chapter, ing has occurred on “Rinse aid” section). glassware and cutlery. There is no salt in the salt reservoir.
  • Page 80: Customer Service

    Programme updates In the event of any faults which you cannot remedy yourself, please contact The programme update function is your Miele dealer or the Miele Customer designed to enable a service technician Service Department. to update your dishwasher's electronics in keeping with advances in technology.
  • Page 81: Note For Test Institutes

    Please indicate your postal address, as well as the model and serial number of the dishwasher (see data plate). You can also download the brochure from the Miele website. Warranty The warranty period for this appliance is 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Page 82: Installation

    - Equipotential bonding should be carried out if required. - If replacing the mains cable, use only original Miele spare parts or a suitable cable with core cable ends. - For technical data, see the data plate or wiring diagram supplied.
  • Page 83: The Miele Waterproof System

    The Miele Waterproof system the water connection) must be As long as your dishwasher has been between 50 and 1000 kPa (0.5 and installed correctly, the Miele waterproof 10 bar). anti-leak system will provide extensive If the water pressure is lower than...
  • Page 84 *INSTALLATION* Installation Regulations in the UK  To avoid any damage to the To comply with the water regulations appliance, the dishwasher must only requirements, this dishwasher must be be connected to a fully vented connected to the mains potable water plumbing system.
  • Page 85: Connecting The Drainage System

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Hose installation when water Connecting the drainage drainage is low system If the on-site water drainage connection - The appliance drainage system is is situated lower than the guide path for fitted with a non-return valve, which the lower basket rollers in the door, the prevents dirty water from flowing water drain hose must be installed at back into the dishwasher via the...
  • Page 86: Technical Data

    13 standard place settings Noise emission values Sound power LwA 46 dB (A) Sound pressure LpA 34.1 dB (A) Test certifications awarded EMC, VDE, radio and television suppressed CE mark Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Manufacturer address Miele & Cie. KG, Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany...
  • Page 87: Settings

    Settings  Changing settings You can alter the dishwasher’s controls to suit changing requirements  Use the  sensor controls to select by adjusting the settings. the menu option you want to change and confirm your selection with OK. The settings can be altered at any time.
  • Page 88: Language

    Settings  Language  Time of day The display can be set to appear in one The current time of day must be set of several different languages. before you can use the timer option. You can change the language used in Setting the clock format the display and also the country via the You can select either a 24-hour or 12-...
  • Page 89: Water Hardness

    Settings  Water hardness °d mmol/l °f Display Your dishwasher is fitted with a water softener. - You should programme the dishwasher to the correct water hardness for your area. - Your local water authority will be able to advise you on the water hardness level in your area.
  • Page 90: Rinse Aid

    Settings  Rinse aid External dispensing You can adjust the rinse aid dosage for Activate automatic dispensing of liquid best results. detergent if you have installed the The rinse aid dosage can be set from 0 optional external dosing module. to 6 ml. The DOS module is supplied with its 3 ml is the factory default setting.
  • Page 91: Temperature Unit

    Settings  Start the  Cold pre-wash programme DOS flow rate directly after the venting process is A flow rate of 60 ml/min is set as finished in order to dilute and drain any standard. The flow rate can be modified detergent that escaped into the wash between 10 and 150 ml/min in cabinet.
  • Page 92: Miele@Home

    WiFi network using WPS (Wi-Fi consumption, even when the Protected Setup). dishwasher is switched off. Your WiFi router must support WPS. The “Settings” and “Miele@home settings” menus will be added as  Confirm the message Press WPS additional menu options.
  • Page 93 - Call up information on the programme sequence of your Miele@mobile app dishwasher - Set up a Miele@home network with other WiFi-enabled Miele appliances Activate If you wish to connect your dishwasher to your WiFi network, you can turn on ...
  • Page 94: Remote Control

     Follow the instructions in the display. Even if the Remote control option is switched off, you can use the Miele@mobile app to call up information about your appliance. However, you cannot start any programmes or change any settings from it.
  • Page 95: Remoteupdate

    Otherwise, the update will be aborted and will not be Deactivate RemoteUpdate if you do not installed. wish any updates to be downloaded automatically. - Some software updates can only be carried out by the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 96: Smartstart

    EcoStart  option to take advantage of dishwasher to your WiFi network (see your electricity supplier’s cheaper the “Miele@home” section in the energy tariffs (see the “Timer” section in “Settings” chapter) the “Options” chapter). SmartStart  function is used for...
  • Page 97 Settings  Setting the energy tariff times Changing the electricity tariff times Before you can use the EcoStart  option, You can change the start, end or priority you must set at least one energy tariff of an electricity tariff time. time. ...
  • Page 98: Consumption (Ecofeedback)

    Settings  Deleting the energy tariff times Consumption (EcoFeedback) You can delete the settings for an You can set whether the water energy tariff time and in doing so consumption is displayed for the deactivate the EcoStart  option for this selected programme. This function time zone.
  • Page 99: Display Brightness

    Settings  Display brightness Volume You can set the display brightness to A buzzer sequence will sound at the one of seven different levels. end of a programme or if there is a fault as long as the buzzers are activated. Buzzers in the event of a fault In the event of a fault, the alarm tone will sound four times at intervals with a...
  • Page 100: Refill Reminders

    If you only ever use combination In some programmes, the door detergents or automatic dispensing automatically opens slightly to assist using Miele PowerDisks (if available), the drying process. you can switch off the refill reminders This function can be deactivated if you for dishwasher salt and rinse aid if you wish.
  • Page 101: Software Version

    WiFi module settings (where applicable) have to be reset separately (see the Showroom “Miele@home” section in the “Settings” chapter). For demonstration purposes only. Appliance settings The dishwasher is equipped with a demo mode for showroom use.
  • Page 104 United Kingdom Malaysia Miele Sdn Bhd Miele Co. Ltd., Fairacres, Marcham Road Suite 12-2, Level 12 Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 1TW Menara Sapura Kencana Petroleum Professional Sales, Tel: 0845 365 6608 Solaris Dutamas No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1 E-mail: professional@miele.co.uk 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Internet: www.miele.co.uk/professional...

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