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Electrolux ULTIMATEHOME 300 Instruction Book

Electrolux ULTIMATEHOME 300 Instruction Book

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Summary of Contents for Electrolux ULTIMATEHOME 300

  • Page 1 Instruction Book ULTIMATEHOME 300 Air Purifier...
  • Page 2: Safety Information Warning

    Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. ELECTRICAL INFORMATION WARNING! SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CAUTION!
  • Page 3 Appliances that are obviously damaged must not be operated. Users are not allowed to replace UV-C emitter by themselves. The plastic surface of the appliance may be cleaned with an oil-free dry cloth or slightly damp cloth. Do not use bleach or abrasives. DISPOSAL BEFORE STARTING
  • Page 4 NOTE: Your specific model may not have all the components and features listed within this USER MANUAL. Please check the product packaging OR the product specification page on our website for exact details of your model. Electrolux reserves the right to change information contained herein without notice.
  • Page 5 Wifi models Wifi models Wifi models UV models 3 secs
  • Page 6 Refer to pages 7-9 for further details about the description of the images. To enjoy peace of mind register your appliance today at Stay updated on better living services, safety notices and shop for accessories that match your appliance.
  • Page 7: Operation

    SMART and MANUAL WiFi connectivity – please refer to the Electrolux SMART: In the SMART mode the unit will utilize App for more details.
  • Page 8 5GHz band will not be by the air purifier. Please find the Electrolux App in the iOS App or Google Play store, download it, sign up and login to the App. Here you will be able to ‘Add a device’...
  • Page 9 The filter is equipped with a mesh filter and should occasionally be wiped off or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to avoid loss of performance.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    When fault indicators show that the system is not operating properly, perform the following check. The table below is only a limited list. For the latest and complete section on troubleshooting, FAQ and error guide please refer to the corresponding section on our website or the Electrolux App. ISSUE...
  • Page 11 Electrolux If neither of the above steps OR instructions in the authorized service Electrolux App help, please refer to item 10 in the center for further table. support. Ensure that the unit is receiving power. If needed,...
  • Page 12 If you are unable to onboard the unit and connect The WiFi chip in the unit I am unable to it to the Electrolux App after a couple of attempts operates only at 2.4Ghz connect the following the steps in the Electrolux App and...
  • Page 13 The software in the air purifier is partly based on free and open source software. To see the full copyright information and applicable license terms, please visit: For more information visit MJEE_1030301...