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Getting Started - Frigidaire EAF230 Use & Care Manual

2l air fryer


Before First Use
1. Remove all packaging materials.
2. Remove any stickers or labels from the appliance .
3. Thoroughly clean the rack and pot with hot water, some washing-up liquid and a non-
abrasive sponge.
4. Wipe inside and outside of the appliance with a moist cloth.
This is an oil-free fryer that works on hot air, Do not fill the pot with oil or frying fat directly.
Notice: When your air fryer is heated for the first time, it may emit slight smoke or odor.
This is normal with many heating appliances. This does not a ect the safety of your appliance.
Preparing for use
1. Place the appliance on a stable, horizontal and even surface.
Do not place the appliance on non-heat-resistant surface.
2. Place the rack in the pot.
Do not fill the pot with oil or any other liquid.
Do not put anything on top of the appliance, the airflow will be disrupted and a ects
the hot air frying result.
Fat-Free Frying
1. Connect the mains plug into an earthed wall socket.
2. Carefully pull the pot out of the Hot-air fryer.
3. Put the ingredients in the frying pot.
4. Slide the pot back into the Hot-air fryer.
Noting to carefully align with the guides in the body of the fryer.
Never use the pot without the rack in it.
Caution: Do not touch the pot during and some time after use, as it gets very hot. Only
hold the pot by the handle.
5. Determine the required preparation time and temperature for the ingredient ( see section
'Settings' in this chapter).
6. Some ingredients require shaking halfway through the preparation time (see section
"Settings" in this chapter). To shake the ingredients, pull the pot out of the appliance by the
handle and shake it. Then slide the pot back into the air fryer.
Caution: Do not press the button the handle during shaking.
Tip: If you set the timer to half the preparation time, you hear the timer bell when you have
to shake the ingredients. However, this means that you have to set the timer again to the
remaining preparation time after shaking.
7. When you hear the timer bell, the set preparation time has elapsed. Pull the pot out of
the appliance
Note: You can also switch o the appliance manually. To do this, set the time to 0.
8. Check if the ingredients are ready.
If the ingredients are not ready yet, simply slide the pot back into the appliance and set
the timer to a few extra minutes.
9. To remove ingredients (e.g. fries), pull the pot out of the Hot-air fryer and place it on trial
Do not turn the pot upside down, as any excess oil that has collected on the bottom of
the pot will leak onto the ingredients.
During cooking,the pot and the ingredients are hot. Depending on the type of the ingredients
in the air fryer, steam may escape from the pot.
10. Empty the pot into a bowl or onto a plate.





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