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20190920 142* 210MM



Summary of Contents for Frigidaire EAF200-WHITE

  • Page 1 20190920 142* 210MM...
  • Page 4: Know Your Air Fryer

    accessories Wipe the pan dry Do not hand touching 2. KNOW YOUR AIR FRYER 2.1 The main parts.(Ref. Fig. 1)...
  • Page 5 (Fig. 1) 2.2 The control panel. (Ref. Fig. 2) (Fig. 2)...
  • Page 6: Before First Use

    Notice: 1) The timer knob indicates 0-30 minutes, and the max time is 30 minutes. 2) The temperature control knob indicates (OFF) and 170- 400 F, and the max temp are 400 3) The direction adjustment is the same for the timer and temp knob, the clockwise direction is the max one.
  • Page 7 4.5 Turn the timer to the required time according to the ingredients. Power-on light on and motor starts working.(Ref. Fig. 4) Note: 1)Recommend to preheat the unit 3mins, if the appliance is cold. (Fig. 4) 4.6 Turn the temperature control knob to the required temperature and the heating element start working.(Ref.
  • Page 8: Cleaning And Maintenance

    (Fig. 6) Tip: If the ingredients are not ready yet, simply slide the pan back into the appliance and set the timer to a few extra minutes. Note: After hot air frying, the pan is very hot. Please use the handle. Place the pan on a heat-resistant surface, remove the ingredients to plate or container by food tong.
  • Page 9 6. F requently Asked Question Questions Possible cause Solution 1) It is not plugged in. 1) Check the mains cord. Plug in. LED does not light 2) No electricity. 2) Check the electricity. 3) The appliance is damaged. 3) Contact the local dealer. 1) There is not set the cooking time.
  • Page 10 6.1 Technical Specification: Model No.:EAF200 WHITE Working Voltage: 120V Frequency: 60Hz Heating Tube Power:1000W Rated Operating time:30mins 6.2 Circuit Diagram(FIG.8) This product must not be disposed together with the domestic waste. This product has to be disposed at an authorized place for recycling of electrical and electronic appliances.