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Trouble Shooting - Frigidaire EAF230 Use & Care Manual

2l air fryer




1.The plug of the product is not inserted
into the power socket and switched on.
The appliance does
not work
2.The timer / on process has not been
correctly followed.
1.Too much food ingredients in the frying
Food ingredients
2.The heating temperature selected is too
inadequately cooked
3.The cooking time is too short.
Food ingredients not
Some food ingredients should be
baked evenly in
overturned during the process of cooking.
the frying-pan
1. You are cooking food ingredients with
a high content of oil.
White smoke
coming out of the
2.0il or grease from last use is still
remained inside the frying-basket.
Fresh chips are not
Correct preparation / cooking procedure
fried evenly inside
has not been followed.
the frying-basket
1.Insert the plug into the grounded
power socket and switch on.
2.Refer operating instructions earlier
in this manual.
1.Put the food ingredients into the
frying basket in smaller batches. The
frying can cook more evenly.
2.Adjust the temperature setting in
accordance with the Operating
Instructions earlier in this manual.
3.Adjust the timer setting in
accordance with the Operating
Instructions earlier in this manual..
If some food ingredients lay on the
top, or join together with other food
ingredients(e g. fried chips), then
they must be overturned in the
process of cooking, please refer to
the "Setting" part in the chapter of
"Operating this Product")
1.When you are cooking food
ingredients with comparatively high
oil content in the fat-free fryer, large
amount of oil fume will infiltrate into
the frying-pan might be hotter than
usual, But this will not a ect the final
cooking e ect.
2.The white smoke produced by
heating the oil and fat inside the
frying-pan. Make sure to clean the
frying-pan each time after the using.
1. Use fresh potatoes, and make sure
that they will not split in the process
2. Make sure to drain the potato
3. By cutting the potato chips into
smaller size, they can be made more
light and crisp.
4. The potato chips can be made
more light and crisp by adding small
amount of oil to them.



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