Basic Operation - Casio XW-J1 User Manual

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*This guide explains the basics of using vjay for iPad.
Once setup has completed, let's play some video. To begin with, load a video to deck 1 (left).
(NOTE) Make sure the left and right Input fader of XW-J1 (#17) are both set to the lowest position.
Push left key of the Cross key (#22) to open your play list and choose some video Clips by finger tap.
* You can use UP/DOWN key for selecting video in "Video" list.
Set the Crossfader (#16) to the left and slowly raise
the left Input fader (#17).The video will start playing
immediately when it has been loaded, you can hear
the sound by simply raising the Input fader (#17).
If you want the song to standby on pause
when it has been loaded to a deck, go to
vjay screen
> settings button
> settings
> Playback
> "Play Automatically"
If the sound volume is too low, adjust the Gain
knob (#19) to a point were the Input level meter
(#18) just reaches the red LED, then reduce it
"Videos" list
Red Led


Table of Contents

Table of Contents