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Casio XW-J1 Manual

Casio XW-J1 Manual

Windows setting
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Summary of Contents for Casio XW-J1

  • Page 1 Windows Setting GUIDE...
  • Page 2: Windows Driver Installation

    9. Please double check if the power adaptor and USB cable connect to the power socket located and USB cable on the rear panel of the XW-J1. 10. Turn ON the power switch of the XW-J1 on the rear panel of the XW-J1. ■...
  • Page 3 XW-J1 in your computer when installation is completed. "Start" > "All programs" > "Casio" > "XW-J1" > "XW-J1 Control Panel" ※The Casio XW-J1 control panel can also be launched from your Windows task bar. ■ Precautions for Buffer Settings ●Quit all applications when changing the USB Streaming Mode...
  • Page 4: Troubleshooting

    Check if the bundled audio driver is installed on your computer. (For Windows only, Macintosh computers do not require driver installation.) The sensor setting may possibly be too low. Adjust the sensor knobs located on the rear panel of the XW-J1. The JOG WHEELS do not operate The adjustment point can differ between the left and right jog wheels.
  • Page 5 Deckadance DJ software(DEMO) Installation Click “Next” . You can download Deckadance Trial version from Image-line website as below link. ■ Open the installation file Click “Install” . The license agreement page.Click "I Agree". Wait while. Un select “Asio 4All” . Click “Finish”...
  • Page 6 Select the Audio settings as shown below. Please check that the Audio Setup and  Routing options are configured as below: [Audio Setup] - Audio Device Type : “ASIO” - Device : “XW-J1” [Output Routing] : “Internal Mixing” - Monitor L : “Headphone Out L” - Monitor R : “Headphone Out R”...
  • Page 7 Deckadance DJ software(DEMO) How to setup (MIDI) Newer versions of Deckadance2 ( 2.25 and above) Older versions of Deckadance2 ( 2.24 and below) It is recommended to download the latest  If you have already installed an older version version of Deckadance2 from their website. of Deckadance2, please follow the steps below. Then, XW-J1 can be selected from the Remote  MIDI Control  in the Preferences screen. 1. Select “Generic Controller” from the Remote  Make sure that the “Casio MIDI In” button       MIDI COntrol tab in the Preferences menu. under the “MIDI Inputs / Outputs menu”  is  set to “ON” . 2. From the MIDI Scripting tab in the Preferences      menu, make sure that the “Casio MIDI In” button      under the “MIDI Inputs / Outputs menu”  is      set to “ON” .
  • Page 8 3. Copy the files 6. Select the "casio_xwj1_v2.c" file and click "Open". "casio_xwj1_v2.c" and "dd_commands.h" to the folder C:\Program Files\Image-Line\De ckadance2\script_files : 4. Open the Deckadance application. Click the 7. Check that the script file shown here is Preferences icon on the top of the screen: "C:\Program Files\Image-Line\Deckadance2\ script_files\casio_xwj1_v2.c"...