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Panasonic PT-D5700 Specifications

Panasonic pt-d5700: specifications.
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P ro d u c t N u m b e r :
P ro d u c t N a m e :
As of May 2007. Specifications subject to change without notice.
The PT-D5700L is not equipped with a lens.
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    PT-D5700/D5700L P ro d u c t N u m b e r : P ro d u c t N a m e : As of May 2007. Specifications subject to change without notice. The PT-D5700L is not equipped with a lens.

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    Main Unit Power supply: North America: Europe: Power consumption: North America: Europe: DLP™ chip: Panel size: Display method: Pixels: Lens: PT-D5700: PT-D5700L: Lamp: Screen size: Brightness* Center-to-corner uniformity* Contrast* Resolution: Scanning frequency: RGB: S-Video/Video: Optical axis shift: Keystone correction range:...

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    Weights and dimensions shown are approximate. Specifications subject to change without notice. *1 Values indicate overall average values of the product at the time of shipment and are stated based on JIS X 6911:2003 Data Projector Specification Sheet Format. Measurement method and conditions are based on Appendix 2.

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    T, M, D, S data 2- T, M, D, S data 2+ T, M, D, S data 2 shield DDC clock DDC clock As of May 2007 PT-D5700/D5700L 1 Video input 2 S-Video input 3 RGB 1 input 4 RGB 2 Input 5 DVI-D input...

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    The ET-DLE050 has a fixed short-focus lens. Therefore, the lens shift function provided in the main unit cannot be used. If the lens shift function is used, the corners of images may not be displayed or images may remain out of focus in some cases. As of May 2007 PT-D5700/D5700L (10-3/32˝) (3-15/16˝) (15-3/4˝) Attachment plate (10-9/32˝)

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    • For the ET-DLE050, the height from the edge of the screen to the center of the lens (H) is 1/2 of the screen height. • The brightness varies depending on the zoom setting. As of May 2007 PT-D5700/D5700L Distance to screen (L) Zoom...

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    Optical axis shift function allows to shift the position of a projected image as shown. Installable angle Install the projector at an angle within the range shown below. • Vertical direction The projector may be installed at a vertical angle of 360°.

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    NOTE: The native resolution of this projector is 1,024 x 768 pixels. If the display resolution of the input signal is different from the native resolution, image compression or expansion will be used to convert the input signal to a level within the native resolution.

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    • It may not be possible to send or receive commands for about 10 to 60 seconds when the lamp is first turned on. If this occurs, wait for 60 seconds, then try sending or receiving again. • When sending multiple commands, be sure to wait for at least 0.5 second after receiving a response from the projector before sending the next command.

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    1 Do not send PON, POF, OSH, or OLP commands continuously in a short period of time. Doing so may burst the lamp or shorten the lamp replacement cycle. 2 When a command that cannot be executed during standby mode is sent, the projector will send an ER401 command in reply.

  • Page 11

    1 p1p2p3p4: Celsius (°C), p5p6p7p8: Fahrenheit (°F) Day of week: Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2, ... Sunday = 7 Set the date and time to UTC (universal time coordinated). As of May 2007 PT-D5700/D5700L Function Callback Main power status...

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    <lamp power> <acctch> <color temp> <date> <time> NOTE: If a wrong command is received, the projector will send an ER401 command to the computer. Command example To set the on-screen display off, send the command as shown below. ADZZ Start ID Address NOTE: When sending commands without parameters, a colon (:) is not necessary.

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    * Even when the ambient temperature near the intake opening is 40°C/104°F or lower, an accumulation of hot air inside the cabinet may cause the protective circuit to activate and shut down the projector. Please give ample consideration to the design with regard to ambient temperature conditions.

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