Oppo BDP-93 User Manual

Oppo bdp-93: user guide.
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Blu-ray Disc Player

   Summary of Contents for Oppo BDP-93

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Information ... 1  Important Safety Instructions ... 1 Precautions ... 2 FCC Statement ... 2 Trademarks ... 2 Compatible Disc Types ... 3 Discs that cannot be played ... 3 Disc care and handling ... 3 Notes about BD-ROM compatibility ...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Setting Up the Player - Easy Setup Wizard ... 22 Access the Easy Setup Wizard ... 22 Choose the Primary Video Output ... 22 Select the Best Output Resolution ... 23 Determine the Display Aspect Ratio ... 24 Select the Audio Setting ... 26 Complete the Easy Setup Wizard ...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Useful Notes ... 81 Troubleshooting ... 81 Specifications ... 83 User Manual Updates Online ... 83 Language Code List ... 84 LIMITED WARRANTY ... 85  OPPO Digital, Inc. Limited One Year Warranty ... 85            ...

  • Page 7: Important Information, Important Safety Instructions

    Important Information CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. DO NOT OPEN. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...

  • Page 8: Precautions, Fcc Statement, Trademarks

    States and/or other countries.  “480p/720p/1080i/1080p” up-converting arrow logo, “Source Direct” and “True 24p” logos are trademarks of OPPO Digital, Inc.  “Netflix” is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc.  To ensure proper ventilation around this product, do not place this product on a sofa, bed or rug.

  • Page 9: Compatible Disc Types, Discs That Cannot Be Played, Disc Care And Handling

    I M P O R T A N T I N F O R M A T I O N Compatible Disc Types Type/Logo Features High Definition (HD) movie and music discs BD-ROM and BD-RE/BD-R discs in BDMV and BDAV mode, including 8cm discs (single layer) and DL discs.

  • Page 10: Notes About Bd-rom Compatibility, Copyright Protection, Region Management Information

    It is possible that a Blu-ray disc manufactured after the player was manufactured uses certain new features of the Blu-ray Disc specifications. To ensure the best possible viewing experience, the player may need a firmware or software update from time to time. Please visit OPPO Digital’s web site www.oppodigital.com to check if updates are available.

  • Page 11: Installation, Front Panel Controls, Front Panel Display Windows

    INSTALLATION Front Panel Controls POWER Button POWER Status Indicator Front Panel Display Windows Main Display Window Title – When illuminated, the displayed time applies to a title Group – When illuminated, the displayed time applies to a group Chapter – When illuminated, the displayed time applies to a chapter Track –...

  • Page 12: Rear Panel Connectors

    I N S T A L L A T I O N Rear Panel Connectors Ethernet LAN Port HDMI 2 Output (3D Compatible) Composite Video Output Component Video Output IR IN Port In addition to the above connectors, the AC power inlet is also located on the rear panel. The inlet is the IEC60-320 C18 type.

  • Page 13: Remote Control, Remote Control Buttons

    I N S T A L L A T I O N Remote Control Remote Control Buttons 2 12 1. POWER: Toggle power STANDBY and ON 2. ON/OFF: Discrete on/off power buttons 3. PURE AUDIO: Turn off/on video 4. NUMBER Buttons: Enter numeric values NOTE When a button is pressed but its function is invalid or unavailable at the moment, the TV...

  • Page 14: Back Side, Battery Installation, Using The Remote Control

    I N S T A L L A T I O N Back Side With Battery Cover Battery Cover Removed Battery Installation 1. Remove the battery compartment cover Using the Remote Control When using the remote control, the front window of the remote control should be pointed to the infrared sensor on the front panel within an angle of ±30°...

  • Page 15: Changing The Remote Code

    “1”, “2”, or “3”. Close the battery compartment cover. Make sure that the BDP-93 player is turned on and the disc tray is ejected. Aim the remote control at the player.

  • Page 16: Connecting To A Display (recommended Methods), Hdmi Connection To A Single Tv

     There are two HDMI output terminals (HDMI 1 and HDMI 2) on the rear panel of BDP-93, both of which can be connected to your TV. We recommend to use HDMI 1 since it benefits from the dedicated Marvell QDEO video processor, and set the “Primary Output”...

  • Page 17: Hdmi Connection To Two (2) Tvs

    Method 2 –HDMI Connection Directly to two TVs  The two HDMI outputs (HDMI 1 and HDMI 2) available on the rear panel of BDP-93 can be connected to two TVs at the same time, and each output can deliver the digital video and audio signals.

  • Page 18: Dvi Connection

    TV. This connection method delivers digital video to the TV without any signal degradation. The HDMI video output of the OPPO Blu-ray Disc player presents the highest possible video quality and resolution. We recommend to use HDMI 1 since it can benefit from the dedicated video processor, and set the “Primary Output”...

  • Page 19: Component Video Connection

    I N S T A L L A T I O N Component Video Connection Component Video Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Audio Method 3 – Component Video Connection to TV  If your TV has no digital video input but has component video inputs, please use a set of component video cables to connect the component video output of the player to the TV, and remember to set the “Primary Output”...

  • Page 20: Connecting To An Audio System, Connecting To A Receiver/amplifier With Hdmi Input/output

    TV to pass the video signal.  Either of the HDMI output terminals (HDMI 1 and/or HDMI 2) on the rear panel of the BDP-93 can be connected to your receiver. Preference should be given to HDMI 1 for video since it’s the only output on the machine to benefit from the superior Marvell QDEO video processing solution, and set the “Primary Output”...

  • Page 21: Connecting To A Receiver/amplifier With 7.1ch/5.1ch Audio Input

    Right), SL (Surround Left), SR (Surround Right), C (Center), SW (SubWoofer), SBL (Surround Back Left) and SBR (Surround Back Right) analog output terminals of the OPPO Blu-ray Disc player to the corresponding multi-channel analog audio input jacks of your A/V receiver or amplifier.

  • Page 22: Connecting To A Receiver/amplifier With Dolby Digital Or Dts Decoder

    I N S T A L L A T I O N Connecting to a Receiver/Amplifier with Dolby Digital or DTS Decoder Optical In Coaxial In Receiver/Amplifier with Dolby Digital or DTS Decoder  Please use either a 75-Ohm coaxial digital audio cable with RCA-style connectors or an S/PDIF optical digital audio cable to connect one of the digital audio outputs to the corresponding input terminal on your A/V receiver.

  • Page 23: Connecting To A Stereo Audio System

    I N S T A L L A T I O N Connecting to a Stereo Audio System Rear Panel  If your audio system offers only stereo audio inputs, or if you would like to connect a dedicated stereo audio system in addition to the surround audio system which is already connected to the HDMI, coaxial or optical output, you can connect the dedicated stereo audio system to the FL (Front Left) and FR (Front Right) terminals of the player.

  • Page 24: Connecting To A Display And Audio System Using Dual Hdmi

    Keep in mind that while Dual HDMI connection is only a recommended method, in fact, both of the HDMI outputs (HDMI 1 and 2) on the BDP-93 can send out digital audio and video signals at the same time, and can be connected to your TV or receiver/amplifier separately (see page 10 and 14 for details).

  • Page 25: Connecting To The Internet, Internet Connection Through Ethernet Cable

    Additional network applications may be added with future firmware updates. The BDP-93 also supports the BD-Live feature offered on some Blu-ray Disc titles. BD-Live offers extra downloadable content and additional online interactive programs. Content available on BD-Live vary by discs and studios, and may include additional subtitles, commentaries, movie trailers, games, or online chat.

  • Page 26: Internet Connection Through Wireless Adaptor

    Internet connection through wireless adaptor Internet  The wireless adaptor included in the BDP-93 package has been pre-configured to work with BDP-93 player. It is compatible with 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz wireless networks.  Make sure the broadband Internet connection is available and the Wi-Fi function on your wireless router or access point has been turned on, then plug the adaptor into one of the two USB2.0 ports available on your BDP-93.

  • Page 27: Custom Installation, External Ir (infrared Remote) Installation, Rs232 Control

    External IR (Infrared Remote) Installation The OPPO BDP-93 Blu-Ray Disc Player features an IR IN port on its back panel. If the player is to be installed in an equipment cabinet where direct line-of-sight is not available for remote control, your custom home theater installer can purchase an external IR Remote Sensor and plug it into the IR IN port.

  • Page 28: Setting Up The Player - Easy Setup Wizard, Access The Easy Setup Wizard

    If the Easy Setup Wizard has previously been completed or canceled, it will no longer initiate when you turn on the player. Instead, you will see the background screen with the OPPO and Blu-Ray Disc logos. To access Easy Setup Wizard, please press the SETUP button on the remote control, select Device Setup, then Reset...

  • Page 29: Select The Best Output Resolution

    Unfortunately many TVs on the market only do an average job scaling the video. On the other hand, if you set the OPPO Blu-ray Disc Player to output a resolution that matches or is very close to the native resolution of the TV, you are more likely to get a great picture.

  • Page 30: Determine The Display Aspect Ratio

    I N S T A L L A T I O N for component video outputs, it will automatically be down-scaled to 1080i. Please refer to the specifications of your TV to find the best resolution to use. Easy Setup Step: 3/6 Confirm Output Resolution Choose the output resolution which best matches...

  • Page 31

    I N S T A L L A T I O N The Aspect Ratio selections are 4:3 Letterbox, 4:3 Pan & Scan, 16:9 Wide and 16:9 Wide/Auto. Depending on your selection and the video format recorded on the discs, image appearance on the TV screen can be one of the following: Original Content 16:9...

  • Page 32: Select The Audio Setting, Complete The Easy Setup Wizard

    Press the ENTER button to close the Easy Setup Wizard. Your player is now ready for use. You will see a background screen with an OPPO and Blu- ray Disc logo. Please follow the rest of the User Manual for basic and advanced operations.

  • Page 33: Basic Operations, Disc Playback, Fast Playback

    BASIC OPERATIONS Disc Playback POWER OPEN STOP PLAY NOTE  During DVD and some Blu-ray Disc playback, pressing the STOP button for the first time brings the player to a pre-stop mode. You can resume playback from the stopped point by pressing the PLAY button.

  • Page 34: Pause And Frame-by-frame, Slow Playback

    B A S I C O P E R A T I O N S 2. Press the REV button on the remote control and the player starts fast reverse playback. Each press of the REV button switches the playback speed in the following sequence: NOTE ...

  • Page 35: Blu-ray Disc Menu Playback, Dvd Menu Playback, On-screen Display


  • Page 36: Volume Control, Mute, Audio Language/track Selection

    You may also press the MUTE button to verify the MUTE status. Audio Language/Track Selection AUDIO 1. On the BDP-93, the volume control only affects the analog audio output. It does NOT apply to digital audio output (HDMI, Coaxial and Optical) either in raw bitstream format or in LPCM format.

  • Page 37: Subtitle Selection, Angle Selection, Picture-in-picture And Secondary Audio

    B A S I C O P E R A T I O N S NOTE Availability of languages and audio channels varies by disc. Some DVD-Audio discs allow audio track selection with the AUDIO button, while others require the user to select from the audio setup menu of the disc.

  • Page 38: Bd-live

    B A S I C O P E R A T I O N S 2. The disc menu usually features interactive controls to turn on/off the Picture-in-Picture video and Secondary Audio Program. Please use those controls to select the desired secondary audio/video content.

  • Page 39: Advanced Operations, Tv System Selection, Output Resolution

    While you may want to set the video output system (NTSC/PAL) to the same as that supported by your TV, realize that the OPPO Blu-ray Disc Player will convert any content that is not in the correct format your TV understands. The default output is NTSC for North America.

  • Page 40: Zooming And Aspect Ratio Control, Zoom Levels For Hdmi 1 Output

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S The following output resolutions are available: NTSC output via HDMI 1 or HDMI 2: Auto  1080p(60Hz/24Hz)  1080i 60Hz  720p 60Hz PAL output via HDMI 1 or HDMI 2: Auto ...

  • Page 41

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S The zoom level is reset to 1:1 when the disc is ejected, or when the player is turned off. The available zoom levels depend on the “TV Aspect Ratio” setting in the Setup Menu and the aspect ratio of the DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

  • Page 42: Zoom Levels For Hdmi 2 & Analog (component) Video Output

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S 3) Playing 4:3 BD or DVD when “TV Aspect Ratio” is set to “16:9 Wide/Auto”  1:1 – The player maintains the correct 4:3 aspect ratio and adds borders to the left and right sides of the image.

  • Page 43: Subtitle Shift, Repeat Playback

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S Subtitle Shift SUBTITLE To shift the display position of subtitles, please follow these steps: 1. When playing a DVD, Blu-ray Disc or other video programs recorded with subtitles, select the desired subtitle from the disc menu or using the remote.

  • Page 44: Repeat A Selected Section, Shuffle And Random Playback, Playback By Chapter Or Track Number

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S Repeat a Selected Section To repeatedly play a specified section, please follow these steps: AB REPLAY 2. When playback reaches the desired ending point (Point B) for the repeat play, press the AB REPLAY button again.

  • Page 45: Playback From A Specific Location, Dvd And Blu-ray Discs

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S  Certain DVD-Audio and Blu-ray Discs may not allow for direct chapter selection. Playback from a Specific Location DVD and Blu-ray Discs PAGE NUMBERS UP/DOWN...

  • Page 46: Cd And Sacd Discs

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S 4. Title search. For example, search for Title 6 of the currently playing disc.  Repeatedly press the GOTO button until the cursor is positioned at the Title location. Use the NUMBER or ARROW buttons to enter or select 6 and press the ENTER button.

  • Page 47: Memory And Automatic Resume, Viewing Pictures On Dvd-audio Discs, Pure Audio Mode

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S Memory and Automatic Resume OPEN POWER STOP PLAY NOTE  Some Blu-ray Discs do not support resuming and will always play from the beginning. Viewing Pictures on DVD-Audio Discs Some DVD-Audio discs contain static pictures, such as photos of the band or narration of the album.

  • Page 48

    A D V A N C E D O P E R A T I O N S  Pure Audio mode is automatically canceled when the unit is switched off or when playback is stopped.  Because HDMI carries audio together with video, the HDMI video signal cannot be completely turned off.

  • Page 49: Media File Playback, Playback From A Usb Or E-sata Drive

    Playback from a USB or e-SATA Drive The OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Disc Player is equipped with two USB ports (one on the front panel and the other on the back) and one e-SATA port on the back. You may use the USB port to plug in a USB drive, or the e- SATA port to plug in an e-SATA drive.

  • Page 50: The Home Menu

    NOTE The experimental features are not officially supported. OPPO does not offer technical  support via email or phone for these experimental features. The OPPO Wiki located at wiki.oppodigital.com can be a useful resource to learn about the experimental features.

  • Page 51: Playing Music Files

    Different internet streaming applications may have different function mappings to the  BDP-93 remote control. To exit Netflix or Youtube, press HOME button. To exit Blockbuster, VUDU, Film Fresh and Picasa, either press HOME button or repeatedly press RETURN button till the Home Menu shows. To exit Pandora, either press HOME button or select “Exit Pandora”...

  • Page 52: Playing Movie Files

    M E D I A F I L E P L A Y B A C K  Playback status: Play, Stop, Pause  Playback mode: Shuffle, Random, Repeat One, Repeat All  Playback progress: track and time  Other embedded information: If the music file contains supported album art image and tags, those will be displayed.

  • Page 53: Viewing Photo Files

    M E D I A F I L E P L A Y B A C K Movie USB1 CD-R Total Time: 3:00:35 Classic Resolution: 640x352 Frame Rate: 24 fps Action Format: New Year Concert Soccer Match Jul-08 Kingdom Hitchhiker Viewing Photo Files To view digital photo files stored on an optical disc, USB or e-SATA drive, select “Photo”...

  • Page 54: Adding Background Music

    M E D I A F I L E P L A Y B A C K  Rotate right (clockwise): RIGHT ARROW  Repeat: REPEAT  Show photos in “Digest” mode: RED color button. The “Digest” mode shows the 9 photo thumbnails in a screen to make visual navigation easy.

  • Page 55: Setup Menu Options, Using The Setup Menu System

    Setup Menu Section > Menu Item > Selection Setup Menu Section is the uppermost Setup Menu level. With the OPPO BDP-93 there are six (6) Setup Menu sections listed in the left column of the Setup Menu screen. They are: Playback Setup, Video Setup, Audio Format Setup, Audio Processing, Device Setup, and Network Setup.

  • Page 56

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S The preceding diagram should give a good description of the various elements and their context. In this screen we could, for example, instruct you to set the Auto Play Mode parameter to Off in the Playback Setup section.

  • Page 57

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Setup Menu Playback Setup SACD Priority Video Setup DVD-Audio Mode Audio Format Setup Auto Play Mode Audio Processing Device Setup Language Network Setup Exit Playback starts when the PLAY button is pressed The settings are permanently saved when the player is turned off using either the front panel power button or the remote control.

  • Page 58: Playback Setup

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Playback Setup The “Playback Setup” section is designed to configure playback preferences for various contents. The setup items in this section are: Playback Setup Video Setup Audio Format Setup Audio Processing...

  • Page 59

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S  The parental control menu contains the following sub-items:  BD Ratings - Press the UP/DOWN ARROW buttons to select the rating allowed for Blu-ray Discs.

  • Page 60: Video Setup

    Network Setup Exit 1. Picture Adjustment: To adjust picture control parameters. The OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Disc Player provides a wide array of picture controls. Please refer to the Picture Adjustment section on page 57 of this manual for details of each control.

  • Page 61

    TV or projector. If both are qualified, the player sends 3D video from its HDMI output terminals, otherwise only 2D video is sent out. Active shutter 3D-compatible glasses (which are not sold by OPPO Digital, Inc.) are required to enjoy the 3D movie on your TV. ...

  • Page 62

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S system than your TV supports. Should this happen, you can press the OPEN button to eject the disc tray, and then use the Setup Menu to correct the “TV System” setting. 7.

  • Page 63: Picture Adjustment

    CRT display devices. The available options are:  On – After about 3 minutes of inactivity, the player will show an animated OPPO logo moving on a black background. This allows most areas of the screen to rest and gives all areas an equal opportunity to refresh.

  • Page 64

    The following picture adjustment controls are available for all HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and Analog (Component): 1. Picture Mode: To use the customized picture mode saved by you. BDP-93 allows you to save up to three (3) customized modes. Press the LEFT/RIGHT ARROW buttons to switch the mode and all parameters will be automatically adjusted to their stored values.

  • Page 65

    5. Saturation: To adjust the saturation (color intensity level) of the video output. 6. Sharpness: To set the sharpness of video output. Sharpness (also called Detail/Edge Enhancement in previous OPPO players) is a video processing function that can control the image sharpness but at the same time may cause unwanted artifacts.

  • Page 66: Hdmi Options

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S At level 7, the player applies the most aggressive CAR for very low quality video, and  adds Motion Adaptive VNR at level 8. Remember that excessive noise reduction may cause a loss of details.

  • Page 67

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Cr). If Deep Color is supported, each pixel of the video image can be transmitted using 30-bit (10-bit per channel) or 36-bit (12-bit per channel) data. The increased bit depth should result in smoother color transitions and better gradients.

  • Page 68: Audio Format Setup

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Audio Format Setup The “Audio Format Setup” section of the Setup Menu system allows you to configure preferences for audio output formats. The menu items in this section are: Playback Setup Video Setup Audio Format Setup...

  • Page 69

    Ensure that the receiver/amplifier can support it. NOTE On the BDP-93, the “LPCM Rate Limit” can also affect the analog audio performance. Setting to “192K” may help to get the best analog audio quality. 5. SACD Output: To select audio output format for SACD. The options are: ...

  • Page 70

    A/V receiver can perform HDCD decoding. NOTE If your receiver is capable of HDCD decoding, it is recommended to set the “HDCD Decoding” to “Off” on the BDP-93, otherwise you might occasionally hear pop or crackle sounds during the HDCD playback.

  • Page 71: Audio Signal Reference Chart

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Audio Signal Reference Chart Blu-ray Discs may contain many types of audio signal formats, some of which are high resolution types such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Blu-ray Discs also have many optional audio components such as the Secondary Audio Program and menu clicking sound.

  • Page 72: Recommended Audio Format Options

    O P T I O N S Recommended Audio Format Options Depending on your specific audio/video connection method, the audio format options of the OPPO Blu-ray Disc Player may need to be adjusted to match your configuration. Please refer to the video and audio connection methods described previously in this guide and the following audio setup guidelines.

  • Page 73

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Multi-Channel Analog Audio to Receiver If the player is connected to an A/V receiver through the 7.1ch or 5.1ch analog audio jacks using 8 or 6 RCA cables (as described in “Method 5”...

  • Page 74: Audio Processing Setup, Speaker Configuration

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Audio Processing Setup The “Audio Processing Setup” section of the Setup Menu system allows you to configure how the player will process audio signals before sending them to the output. Playback Setup Video Setup Audio Format Setup...

  • Page 75: Test Tone

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Speaker Configuration applies to the multi-channel analog audio outputs only. All digital bitstream and LPCM outputs are unaffected by these settings. Down Mix Mode Down mix is the process of converting multi-channel audio to a lesser number of channels.

  • Page 76: Speaker Settings

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S To begin the test, press the ARROW buttons to highlight the “Test Tone” option, press the Enter button to change the test tone status to “On”. Then press ARROW buttons to select a speaker, you will hear the test sounds.

  • Page 77

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S 2. Distance: The speaker distance parameters set delay control for the corresponding audio channel. The delay is to compensate for the audio propagation time difference caused by the placement of speakers.

  • Page 78: Other Audio Processing Settings

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S channel trim and compensate for speaker sensitivity differences. However, if your receiver does not have such functions (many receivers do not support channel trim for their multi-channel analog inputs), you may adjust channel trim through the player.

  • Page 79: Device Setup

    Off – Do not check for new firmware version automatically. 4. Remote Control Code: The OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Disc Player can respond to one of 4 sets of remote control codes. The default is “Code 1”. If you have other OPPO products placed close to the...

  • Page 80

    M E N U O P T I O N S BDP-93, the other products may respond to the BDP-93 remote control. In this case you can select a different remote code to avoid conflicts. The available codes are: ...

  • Page 81

    Storage Device – To select which storage device should be used as the persistent storage. The OPPO BDP-93 preserves about 1GB of internal flash memory that can be used for persistent storage. There are also two USB ports on the player that can accept a USB drive to be used as the persistent storage.

  • Page 82

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S reset. This operation is only available when the playback is completely stopped or when there is no disc loaded.

  • Page 83: Network Setup

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S Network Setup The “Network Setup” section of the Setup Menu system allows you to configure the parameters for the Internet connection of the player, test the connection and restrict BD-Live access. The menu items in this section are: Playback Setup Video Setup...

  • Page 84

    Then a connection test will be automatically performed and the test result is shown on the screen.  Start New – To start a new wireless configuration. The BDP-93 supports three wireless configuration methods and the available options are: ...

  • Page 85

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S  PIN – To configure the WPS using a Personal Identification Number. BDP- 93 will generate a PIN and you need to input it into the software control panel of your wireless router or access point.

  • Page 86

    S E T U P M E N U O P T I O N S  DNS 1: The IP address of the first (primary) DNS (Domain Name System) server. DNS is the mechanism to translate human-readable addresses (such as www.oppodigital.com) to numeric IP addresses.

  • Page 87: References, Useful Notes, Troubleshooting

     In the case of player malfunction, please turn it off, wait for 30 seconds and turn it back on. If the problem still exists, please follow the troubleshooting instructions or contact an OPPO service center. Troubleshooting Use this chart to resolve general operational problems.

  • Page 88

    R E F E R E N C E S Picture rolling or Video system is not supported split picture by the TV “No Disc” or No disc or incompatible disc “Unknown Disc” loaded in player error Dirty disc recording surface Disc not properly loaded Condensation on the Laser pick-up head...

  • Page 89: Specifications, User Manual Updates Online

    **Nominal specification. User Manual Updates Online An updated version of the User Manual may be available online at the OPPO Digital web site (www.oppodigital.com). To read or download the latest online User Manual, Click on the BDP-93 product, and open its “Support” tab.

  • Page 90: Language Code List

    R E F E R E N C E S Language Code List Code Language Name 6565 Afar 6566 Abkhazian 6570 Afrikaans 6577 Amharic 6582 Arabic 6583 Assamese 6588 Aymara 6590 Azerbaijani 6665 Bashkir 6669 Byelorussian 6671 Bulgarian 6672 Bihari 6678 Bengali, Bangla 6679...

  • Page 91: Limited Warranty, Oppo Digital, Inc. Limited One Year Warranty

    This warranty does not apply to products purchased or shipped outside of the U.S.A. and Canada. OPPO Digital, Inc. may at its sole discretion, refuse to honor the warranty of any such unauthorized product that may be presented for service.

  • Page 92

     If it is determined that your product needs service, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued to you along with return instructions and address of an OPPO service center.  Pack the product securely, preferably in the original packaging, with your assigned RMA number marked clearly on the outside of the package.

  • Page 93

    51971618 V2.6...

  • Page 94

    ® www.oppodigital.com...

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