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Compaq AlphaServer DS10 Technical Summary

Compaq alphaserver ds10 systems technical summary.
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Compaq AlphaServer DS10 Systems
Technical Summary


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Compaq AlphaServer DS10

  • Page 1 Compaq AlphaServer DS10 Systems Technical Summary...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    I/O Features System Features Clustering PCI to Memory Channel Interconnect Operating System Support Performance Sources of Performance Information Information for Compaq Partners Service and Support Hardware Warranty Software Warranty Compaq AlphaServer DS10 System Diagrams System Features at a Glance Physical Characteristics...
  • Page 3: System Overview

    All the features of AlphaServers are now available in a package that goes anywhere at a price attractive to everyone. Start with one and then add to your base as your needs demand. Use the DS10 as a dedicated system or set up a cluster. DS10 Workstations The 600 MHz system is also offered as a workstation and is called the AlphaStation DS10.
  • Page 4: Third-generation Alpha Chip

    The sophisticated branch prediction in the 21264 coupled with the speculative and dynamic execution extracts the most instruction parallelism from applications. For more information about the chip, see Alpha 21264 Features Out-of-order instruction execution Large (64 Kbyte) on-chip data and instruction caches...
  • Page 5: Architecture

    Architecture The traditional bus interconnect has been replaced by a switch- based interconnect system. With a bus design, the processors, memory, and I/O modules share the bus. As the number of bus users increases, the transactions interfere with one another, increasing latency and decreasing aggregate bandwidth.
  • Page 6: System Board

    System Board The interconnect switch is implemented on the system board by the chipset consisting of one C-chip, one P-chip, and two D-chips. The chipset provides the data and address path between the CPU, memory, and the I/O subsystem. The CPU installed on the system board is the Alpha 21264A (600 MHz).
  • Page 7: Memory

    Memory Memory throughput is maximized by the following features: 128-bit wide memory data bus Very low memory latency (120 ns) and high bandwidth with 12 ns clock ECC memory The switch interconnect can move a large amount of data over the memory data bus.
  • Page 8: System I/o

    System I/O The industry-standard PCI bus is the number one choice for high-performance I/O options, such as disk storage and high- performance video applications. The PCI bus implementation has the following characteristics: Fully compliant with the PCI Version 2.1 Specification Operates at 31 MHz, delivering a peak bandwidth of 250 Mbytes/sec.
  • Page 9: System Control

    It functions as a Halt button with Tru64 UNIX and OpenVMS. Storage The DS10 comes with either an internal storage cage or a front access storage cage. The internal storage cage systems have five storage/media bays. In addition to the floppy and CD- ROM, the other three storage bays can support three internal 3.5”...
  • Page 10: Server Management

    Error Reporting Compaq Analyze, a diagnostic service tool used to determine the cause of hardware failures, is installed with the operating systems. It provides automatic background analysis, as it constantly views and reads the error log file.
  • Page 11: Clustering

    Memory Channel interconnect bus between disks and systems. OpenVMS cluster systems use the CI, SCSI, Ethernet, FDDI, and Memory Channel as the interconnect between disks and the system. The primary means of clustering AlphaServer DS10 systems depends on the operating system. Ethernet, OpenVMS CI clusters, OpenVMS only...
  • Page 12: Service And Support

    Service and Support Compaq provides a comprehensive set of services that range from migration, consulting, and training, to direct support of Alpha systems, software, and applications. For information on services, see Hardware Warranty The AlphaServer DS10 system and components, including...
  • Page 13: Compaq Alphaserver Ds10 System Diagrams

    Compaq AlphaServer DS10 System Diagrams 1. PCI riser card 2. CPU and fan 3. Power supply 4. CD-ROM 5. Optional bay 6. System disk 7. Control panel 8. Floppy diskette drive 9. Concealed optional bay 10. Memory I/O PORTS FRONT REAR 1.
  • Page 14: System Features At A Glance

    System Features at a Glance Table 1 provides a quick reference to features of the Compaq AlphaServer DS10 systems. Table 1 AlphaServer DS10 Features CPU Features 67/600 Processor One Alpha 21264A CPU clock speed 600 MHz (actually 616 MHz) Cache on chip...
  • Page 15: Physical Characteristics

    Frequency range (Hz) Maximum inrush current (amps) Single power supply (amps) Acoustics—Declared values per ISO 9296 and ISO 7779 Current values for specific configurations are available from Compaq. 1 B = 10 dBA DS10 with 1 HDD Idle Operating Operating 10–40°...
  • Page 16 All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Compaq shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. The information in this document is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and is subject to change without notice. The warranties for Compaq products are set forth in the express limited warranty statements accompanying such products.

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