Bosch C-EXACT 1 Quick Start Manual
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Kundendienst und Anwendungsberatung
Der Kundendienst beantwortet Ihre Fragen zu Reparatur und
Wartung Ihres Produkts sowie zu Ersatzteilen. Explosions-
zeichnungen und Informationen zu Ersatzteilen finden Sie
auch unter:
Das Bosch-Anwendungsberatungs-Team hilft Ihnen gerne
bei Fragen zu unseren Produkten und deren Zubehör.
Geben Sie bei allen Rückfragen und Ersatzteilbestellungen
bitte unbedingt die 10-stellige Sachnummer laut Typen-
schild des Produkts an.
Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH
Servicezentrum Elektrowerkzeuge
Zur Luhne 2
37589 Kalefeld – Willershausen
Kundendienst: Tel.: (0711) 40040460
Unter können Sie online Ersatzteile be-
stellen oder Reparaturen anmelden.
Tel.: (0711) 40040460
Fax: (0711) 40040462
Weitere Serviceadressen finden Sie unter:
Elektrowerkzeuge, Zubehör und Verpackungen sollen einer
umweltgerechten Wiederverwertung zugeführt werden.
Werfen Sie Elektrowerkzeuge nicht in den
Nur für EU-Länder:
Gemä ß der Europä i schen Richtlinie 2012/19/EU ü b er Elek-
tro- und Elektronik-Altgerä t e und ihrer Umsetzung in natio-
nales Recht mü s sen nicht mehr gebrauchsfä h ige Elektro-
werkzeuge getrennt gesammelt und einer umweltgerechten
Wiederverwertung zugefü h rt werden.
Safety Instructions
General Power Tool Safety Warnings
Read all safety warnings, instruc-
tions, illustrations and specifica-
tions provided with this power tool. Failure to follow all in-
structions listed below may result in electric shock, fire and/
or serious injury.
Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.
Bosch Power Tools
The term "power tool" in the warnings refers to your mains-
operated (corded) power tool or battery-operated (cord-
less) power tool.
Work area safety
Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or dark
areas invite accidents.
Do not operate power tools in explosive atmospheres,
such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or
dust. Power tools create sparks which may ignite the dust
or fumes.
Keep children and bystanders away while operating a
power tool. Distractions can cause you to lose control.
Electrical safety
Power tool plugs must match the outlet. Never modify
the plug in any way. Do not use any adapter plugs with
earthed (grounded) power tools. Unmodified plugs and
matching outlets will reduce risk of electric shock.
Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded sur-
faces, such as pipes, radiators, ranges and refrigerat-
ors. There is an increased risk of electric shock if your
body is earthed or grounded.
Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions.
Water entering a power tool will increase the risk of elec-
tric shock.
Do not abuse the cord. Never use the cord for carry-
ing, pulling or unplugging the power tool. Keep cord
away from heat, oil, sharp edges or moving parts.
Damaged or entangled cords increase the risk of electric
When operating a power tool outdoors, use an exten-
sion cord suitable for outdoor use. Use of a cord suit-
able for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric shock.
If operating a power tool in a damp location is un-
avoidable, use a residual current device (RCD) protec-
ted supply. Use of an RCD reduces the risk of electric
Personal safety
Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use common
sense when operating a power tool. Do not use a
power tool while you are tired or under the influence
of drugs, alcohol or medication. A moment of inatten-
tion while operating power tools may result in serious per-
sonal injury.
Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye
protection. Protective equipment such as a dust mask,
non-skid safety shoes, hard hat or hearing protection
used for appropriate conditions will reduce personal in-
Prevent unintentional starting. Ensure the switch is in
the off-position before connecting to power source
and/or battery pack, picking up or carrying the tool.
Carrying power tools with your finger on the switch or en-
ergising power tools that have the switch on invites acci-
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1 609 92A 6L4 | (18.05.2021)


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Summary of Contents for Bosch C-EXACT 1

  • Page 1 (grounded) power tools. Unmodified plugs and E-Mail: matching outlets will reduce risk of electric shock. Unter können Sie online Ersatzteile be- Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded sur- stellen oder Reparaturen anmelden. faces, such as pipes, radiators, ranges and refrigerat- Anwendungsberatung: ors.
  • Page 2: Product Description And Specifications

    1 609 92A 6L4 | (18.05.2021) Bosch Power Tools...
  • Page 3: Product Features

    (23) Setting disc (10) Slider for preselecting the torque (24) Handle (insulated gripping surface) (11) Tool cable sleeve Technical data Electric straight screwdriver with push start C-EXACT 1 C-EXACT 1 C-EXACT 2 Article number 0 602 495 0 602 495...
  • Page 4 Max. screw diameter Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01:2014 0.87 0.87 Protection rating IP 20 IP 20 Electric straight screwdriver with lever start C-EXACT 1 C-EXACT 1 C-EXACT 2 Article number 0 602 495 0 602 495 0 602 495 Rated voltage...
  • Page 5: Noise/Vibration Information

    Using the PUC-EXACT with other electric tools may damage the unit Operating and storage conditions and these tools. The power tool is suitable only for operation at enclosed work sites. Bosch Power Tools 1 609 92A 6L4 | (18.05.2021)
  • Page 6: Operation

    The shut-off clutch is triggered upon reaching the set the power tool is not in use. torque, both in clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Only use the supplied adjustment tool (22) to set the indi- vidual torque. 1 609 92A 6L4 | (18.05.2021) Bosch Power Tools...
  • Page 7: Maintenance And Service

    No. 8A, Jalan 13/6 In order to avoid safety hazards, if the power supply cord 46200 Petaling Jaya needs to be replaced, this must be done by Bosch or by an Selangor after-sales service centre that is authorised to repair Bosch Tel.: (03) 79663194...
  • Page 8: Consignes De Sécurité

    UB 9 5HJ Sécurité électrique At you can order spare parts or arrange Il faut que les fiches de l’outil électrique soient adap- the collection of a product in need of servicing or repair. tées au socle. Ne jamais modifier la fiche de quelque Tel.

Table of Contents