Bosch WAJ28008GB/11 User Manual And Installation Instructions
Bosch WAJ28008GB/11 User Manual And Installation Instructions

Bosch WAJ28008GB/11 User Manual And Installation Instructions

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Washing machine WAJ28008GB [en] User manual and installation instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Futher information and explanations are available online: Table of contents 1 Safety ..........   4 7 Display ........   20 1.1 General information.... 4 8 Buttons ........   22 1.2 Intended use....... 4 1.3 Restriction on user group... 4 9 Programmes .......    23 1.4 Safe installation ...... 5 10 Accessories......
  • Page 3 14 Childproof lock......   30 14.1 Activating the childproof lock ......... 30 14.2 Deactivating the childproof lock ......... 30 15 Basic settings......   30 16 Cleaning and servicing ....    30 16.1 Cleaning the drum.... 30 16.2 Cleaning the detergent drawer........ 30 16.3 Cleaning the drain pump.. 31 17 Troubleshooting.......
  • Page 4: Safety

    en Safety 1 Safety Observe the following safety instructions. 1.1 General information ¡ Read this instruction manual carefully. ¡ Keep the instruction manual and the product information safe for future reference or for the next owner. ¡ Do not connect the appliance if it has been damaged in transit. 1.2 Intended use Only use this appliance: ¡...
  • Page 5: Safe Installation

    Safety en 1.4 Safe installation Take note of the safety instructions when installing the appliance. WARNING ‒ Risk of electric shock! Improper installation is dangerous. ▶ Connect and operate the appliance only in accordance with the specifications on the rating plate. ▶ Connect the appliance to a power supply with alternating cur- rent only via a properly installed socket with earthing.
  • Page 6 en Safety WARNING ‒ Risk of injury! The high weight of the appliance may result in injury when lifted. ▶ Do not lift the appliance on your own. If this appliance is not correctly installed in a washer-dryer stack, the installed appliance may fall. ▶...
  • Page 7: Safe Use

    Safety en ▶ Wear protective gloves when installing and transporting the ap- pliance. 1.5 Safe use WARNING ‒ Risk of electric shock! If the appliance or the power cord is damaged, this is dangerous. ▶ Never operate a damaged appliance. ▶ Never pull on the power cord to unplug the appliance. Always unplug the appliance at the mains.
  • Page 8 en Safety WARNING ‒ Risk of poisoning! Detergents and care products may result in poisoning if con- sumed. ▶ If accidentally swallowed, seek medical advice. ▶ Keep detergents and care products out of the reach of children. WARNING ‒ Risk of explosion! Laundry that has been pretreated with cleaning agents that con- tain solvents may cause an explosion in the appliance.
  • Page 9: Safe Cleaning And Maintenance

    Safety en 1.6 Safe cleaning and maintenance Take note of the safety instructions when cleaning and performing maintenance work on the appliance. WARNING ‒ Risk of electric shock! Incorrect repairs are dangerous. ▶ Repairs to the appliance should only be carried out by trained specialist staff.
  • Page 10: Preventing Material Damage

    en Preventing material damage Make sure that the length of the ▶ 2 Preventing material thread on the connection to the water tap is at least 10 mm. damage If the water pressure is too high or too low, the appliance may not be Follow these instructions to avoid ma- able to operate properly.
  • Page 11: Environmental Protection And Saving Energy

    Environmental protection and saving energy en Remove all detergent residue, Set the maximum spin speed if you ▶ spray residue or other residues im- want to dry the laundry in the tumble mediately if they come into contact dryer afterwards. with the appliance. a The drier the laundry, the shorter the programme duration when dry- ing which, in turn, reduces energy...
  • Page 12: Installation And Connection

    en Installation and connection Replace the accessories in ques- ▶ 4 Installation and con- tion before operating the appli- ance. nection → "Accessories", Page 26 Note: The appliance has been tested 4.1 Unpacking the appliance at the factory to check it is in working order. As a result, water stains may ATTENTION! remain in the appliance.
  • Page 13 Installation and connection en ATTENTION! Installation loca- Requirements If residual water in the appliance tion freezes, this may cause damage to Against a wall Do not trap the the appliance. hoses between Do not install or operate this appli- ▶ the wall and the ance anywhere that is liable to ex- appliance.
  • Page 14: Connecting The Appliance

    en Installation and connection Unscrew and remove Put on the 4 cover caps. screws for the 4 transit bolts with a WAF 13 wrench. Press down on the 4 cover caps. Remove the power cable from the holder. 4.5 Connecting the appliance Connecting the water inlet hose Remove the 4 sleeves.
  • Page 15: Aligning The Appliance

    Installation and connection en Connect the water inlet hose to a Plastic pipe with Fix and secure tap (26.4 mm = 3/4"). rubber sleeve the water outlet hose with an el- → Page 26. 4.6 Aligning the appliance In order to reduce noise and vibra- tion and to prevent the appliance from moving, align the appliance cor- rectly.
  • Page 16: Connecting The Appliance To The Electricity Supply

    en Installation and connection Screw the lock nuts tightly against the housing using a WAF 17 wrench. In doing so, hold the foot tight and do not adjust its height. 4.7 Connecting the appliance to the electricity supply Note: Your electrical domestic install- ation for this appliance must comply with the local legal provisions and safety regulations, and should in-...
  • Page 17: Familiarising Yourself With Your Appliance

    Familiarising yourself with your appliance en 5 Familiarising yourself with your appliance 5.1 Appliance You can find an overview of the parts of your appliance here. On certain models, specific details such as the colour and shape may differ from those pictured. Maintenance flap for the drain pump → Page 31 Door Detergent drawer → Page 18...
  • Page 18: Detergent Drawer

    en Familiarising yourself with your appliance 5.2 Detergent drawer Compartment II: ¡ Detergent for main wash ¡ Water softener ¡ Bleach ¡ Stain remover Compartment ¡ Fabric softener ¡ Liquid starch ¡ Waterproofing agent Compartment I: ¡ Detergent for prewash ¡ Hygiene detergent 5.3 Control panel You can use the control panel to configure all functions of your appliance and to obtain information about the operating status.
  • Page 19: Before Using For The First Time

    first time en Pour standard washing powder first time 6 Before using for the into compartment II. first time Prepare the appliance for use. first time 6.1 Starting an empty wash- ing cycle Your appliance was inspected thor- oughly before leaving the factory. To remove any residual water, run the first wash cycle without any laundry.
  • Page 20: Display

    en Display 7 Display The display shows the current settings, options or relevant information. display Designation More information 0:40 Programme dura- Approximate expected programme dura- tion/programme tion or programme time remaining. time remaining "Ready in" time → "Buttons", Page 22 7,0 kg Recommended The maximum load capacity for the selec- load ted programme in kg.
  • Page 21 Display en display Designation More information Childproof lock ¡ lights up: The childproof lock is activ- ated. ¡ flashes: The childproof lock is activated and the appliance has been operated. → "Deactivating the childproof lock", Page 30 SpeedPerfect Short wash activated. → "Buttons", Page 22 Door ¡...
  • Page 22: Buttons

    en Buttons 8 Buttons The selection of programme settings depends on the programme that is set. Button Selection More information Start / Pause ¡ Start Start, cancel or pause the pro- gramme. ¡ Cancel ¡ Pause Speed Perfect ¡ Activate Activate or deactivate a shorter pro- gramme duration.
  • Page 23: Programmes

    Programmes en 9 Programmes Note: The laundry's care labels provide you with additional information on pro- gramme selection. Programme Description Max. load (kg) Cottons Wash hard-wearing items made from cotton, linen or blended fabrics. Also suitable as a short programme for normally soiled laundry when you activate Speed Perfect. Programme setting: ¡...
  • Page 24 en Programmes Programme Description Max. load (kg) Cottons Pre- Wash hard-wearing items made from cotton, linen wash or blended fabrics. Programme with prewash for heavily soiled laundry. Divide the detergent between the detergent drawer for the prewash and the main wash. → "Detergent drawer", Page 18 Programme setting: ¡...
  • Page 25 Programmes en Programme Description Max. load (kg) Spin / Drain Spin and drain the water. – If you only want to drain the water, activate 0. The laundry is not spun. Programme setting: Max. 1400 rpm Dark Wash Wash dark-coloured and colour-intense items made from cotton or easy-care fabric, e.g.
  • Page 26: Accessories

    – Brush sand out of all collars and scanning the QR code in the table of pockets contents or on – Close bed covers and cushion covers – Close all zips, Velcro fasteners, 11.1 Preparing the laundry...
  • Page 27: Detergents And Care

    ¡ You can find further information in ▶ programme. the digital instruction manual by scanning the QR code in the table of contents or on 13.2 Setting a programme ¡ Observe the information on safety Turn the programme selector and → Page 4 and preventing material...
  • Page 28: Loading Laundry

    en operation Insert the measuring aid. 13.4 Loading laundry Note: To prevent creasing, take note of the maximum load for the → "Programmes", Page 23. Requirement: The laundry is pre- pared. → "Laundry", Page 26 Open the door. Make sure that the drum is empty. Place the laundry in the drum. Close the door.
  • Page 29: Soaking Laundry

    operation en 13.8 Soaking laundry 13.11 Resuming the pro- gramme when the pro- Note: No additional detergent is re- gramme status is Rinse quired. The washing solution is then used for washing. Hold Start the programme. Requirements To pause the programme, after ap- ¡ Rinse Stop is activated. prox.
  • Page 30: Childproof Lock

    QR code in the table of Press and hold the two 3 sec. ▶ contents or on buttons for approx. 3 seconds. a The display shows a The controls are locked.
  • Page 31: Cleaning The Drain Pump

    Cleaning and servicing en Press down on the insert and re- Fit the insert and click it into place. move the detergent drawer. Clean the opening for the deter- Pull out the insert upwards. gent drawer. Clean the detergent drawer and in- Push in the detergent drawer.
  • Page 32 en Cleaning and servicing Open and remove the service flap. Cleaning the drain pump Requirement: The drain pump is empty. → Page 31 Clean the interior, the thread on the pump cap and the pump hous- ing. Slide a sufficiently large container under the opening. The pump cap is comprised of two parts which can be taken apart for cleaning.
  • Page 33 Cleaning and servicing en Insert and close the service flap. Before the next wash To prevent unused detergent from flowing straight into the outlet in the next wash, run the Drain programme after you have emptied the drain pump. Turn on the water tap. Insert the mains plug.
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    en Troubleshooting 17 Troubleshooting You can rectify minor faults on your appliance yourself. Read the troubleshoot- ing information before contacting after-sales service. This will avoid unneces- sary costs. WARNING Risk of electric shock! Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs to the appliance should only be carried out by trained specialist ▶...
  • Page 35 Troubleshooting en Fault Cause and troubleshooting "E:30 / -80" Remove any unapproved extensions from the water ▶ hose. → "Connecting the appliance", Page 14 The pump cap is not fully screwed in. Ensure that the pump cap is screwed in all the way ▶...
  • Page 36 en Troubleshooting Fault Cause and troubleshooting lights up. Select a suitable programme for draining. ▶ → "Programmes", Page 23 flashes. Door is not closed. Close the door. Press Start / Pause to start the programme. Laundry is caught in the door. Open the door again. Remove any trapped laundry.
  • Page 37 Troubleshooting en Fault Cause and troubleshooting The programme does Laundry is caught in the door. not start. Open the door again. Remove any trapped laundry. Close the door. Press Start / Pause to start the programme. The door cannot – –– is activated. be opened.
  • Page 38 en Troubleshooting Fault Cause and troubleshooting The water is not drain- Immediate measure: Mix one tablespoon of fabric ▶ ing. softener with 0.5 litres of water and pour the mix- ture into the left-hand compartment (not for outdoor clothing, sportswear or items stuffed with down). Reduce the amount of detergent for the next wash- ▶...
  • Page 39 Troubleshooting en Fault Cause and troubleshooting The programme dura- Foam detection system switches on a rinse cycle if tion changes during foam build-up is too high. the wash cycle. Not a fault – no action required. ▶ No water is visible in Water is below the visible area.
  • Page 40 en Troubleshooting Fault Cause and troubleshooting The spin programme Drain pipe or water outlet hose is blocked. does not start. Clean the drain pipe and the water outlet hose. ▶ Drain pipe or water drain hose is caught or jammed. Ensure that the drain pipe and water drain hose are ▶...
  • Page 41 Troubleshooting en Fault Cause and troubleshooting Detergent or fabric Too much detergent/fabric softener in the detergent softener drips off the drawer. seal and collects on When dosing liquid detergent and fabric softener, ▶ the door or in the seal observe the marking in the detergent drawer and fold.
  • Page 42 en Troubleshooting Fault Cause and troubleshooting Water is leaking out at The water outlet hose is damaged. the water outlet hose. Replace the damaged water outlet hose. ▶ Water outlet hose is not connected correctly. Connect the water outlet hose correctly. ▶...
  • Page 43: Emergency Release

    Note: You can find further information → "Before using for the first time", in the digital instruction manual by Page 19. scanning the QR code in the table of contents or on Turn off the tap. Empty the water inlet hose.
  • Page 44: Disposing Of Old Appliance

    en Customer Service 18.4 Disposing of old appli- 19 Customer Service ance If you have any queries on use, are Valuable raw materials can be re- unable to rectify faults on the appli- used by recycling. ance yourself or if your appliance needs to be repaired, contact Cus- WARNING tomer Service.
  • Page 45 Customer Service en Make a note of your appliance's de- tails and the Customer Service tele- phone number to find them again quickly.
  • Page 46 en Consumption values 20 Consumption values The following information is provided in accordance with the EU Ecodesign Regulation. The values given for programs other than the Eco 40-60 are indicat- ive only and were determined in accordance with the applicable standard EN60456. Programme Load Pro-...
  • Page 47: Technical Data

    Technical data en ternatively, you can also find the Appliance depth 58,4 cm model identifier in the first line of the with door closed EU energy label. Appliance depth 95.6 cm with door open Weight 68,6 kg Maximum load 7,0 kg Mains voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz Minimum in- stallation protec- tion...
  • Page 48 Expert advice for your Bosch home appliances, help with problems or a repair from Bosch experts. Find out everything about the many ways Bosch can support you: Contact data of all countries are listed in the attached service direct- ory.

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