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AEG AXP26U339CW User Manual page 19

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Portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioner
The software in the unit is partly based on free and open source software. To see
the full copyright information and applicable license terms, please visit:
For more information visit
air vent,
Room temperature may not reach the
set target value on the display
When using this portable air conditioner
the warm air is evacuated through the
hose to the outside through the window
kit. This creates an under pressure in
the room, which results in air from
neighboring rooms / leakages from
outside to enter the room. For this
reason it is normal that you may not
always fully reach the set target
temperature on the product display.
Unable to connect to the WiFi
Check that the Wi-Fi router is
connected and is turned ON and
working properly by checking that other
appliances or you mobile phone can
connect with the router.
Need to reboot the router. Unplug the
router, then plug it back, try rebooting
the router. Wait a few minutes and
check again.
The WiFi chip in the unit operates only
at 2.4Ghz so please ensure your home
WiFi is operating at this bandwidth.