Anti-Static Measures; Specifications - NEC N8160-102 User Manual

Dvd-rom drive
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Use of the Disc
Keep the following notes in mind to use the disc for this product:
For the disc which does not conform to the CD standard, the playback of such a disc with the CD drive is not guaranteed.
Do not drop the disc.
Do not place anything on the disc or bend the disc.
Do not attach any label onto the disc.
Do not touch the signal side (nothing is printed on this side) with your hand.
Place the disc with its printed side upward and gently put it on the tray.
Do not scratch the disc or write anything directly on it with a pencil or ball-point pen.
Keep the disc away from cigarette smoke.
Do not leave the disc in a high-temperature place (e.g., place exposed to direct sunlight or close to a heater).
When dust or fingerprints are attached on the disc, wipe the disc from its center to edge with a dry soft cloth slowly and gently.
Use the CD cleaner to clean the disc. Do not use record spray/cleaner, benzene, or thinner.
Keep the disc in a disc case when not in use.
If the disc emits large noise in the optical disk drive, remove the disc and insert it back again.
Do not use a cellular phone or pager around this product.
Turn off the cellular phone or pager. Radio interference may cause malfunctions this product.

Anti-Static Measures

Installing or Uninstalling an Internal Optional Device
1. Notes before carrying out the work
(1) To avoid electric hazard and malfunction, be sure to turn off the Power switch of this product and unplug the power cord from an outlet
before carrying out the work. However, there is no need to do this if the internal optional device is hot-swappable.
(2) This internal optional device consists of static-sensitive electronic components. To avoid failures caused by static electricity when installing
or uninstalling the internal optional device, wear an anti-static wrist strap on your wrist and provide earthing before carrying out the work.
And also connect a wrist strap to earth ground when you wear a wrist strap.
(3) Handling of cables When connecting a cable (e.g., LAN cable), static electricity may also be charged due to friction against the floor.
Connecting a charged cable with an I/O device may cause damage to the devices. It is recommended to discharge static electricity
before connecting a cable by using neutralization apparatus and so on.
Reading Time Fluctuation.
The optical disk drive has a feature to detect the disc condition and determine the optimum reading speed for the disc. Accordingly, the time
required for reading data may not be constant, depending on disc condition.
Be sure to read this before replacing an optical disk drive.
1. Before replacement
Before replacing an optical disk drive, check and make a note of the drive letter (*) of the optical disk drive.
The drive letter may be changed after the replacement.
*The drive letter is an alphabetical letter that is assigned to each drive in W indows.
2. Drive letter change
If the drive letter is changed due to the replacement of an optical disk drive, the letter could be restored to the one recorded in step 1
by following the steps below.
2-1. Start W indows, and log in as an administrator.
2-2. Point to [Administrative Tools], open [Computer Management], and select [Disk Management].
2-3. Right-click on a drive for the optical disk, and select [Change Drive Letter and Paths].
2-4. Change back the drive letter.
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4. Specifications

Compatible interface
USB2.0 (USB1.1 / USB3.0)
Data transfer rate
Outside dimensions
144 (width)x137.5 (depth)x14 (height) mm
0.3kg or less
Power supply (rating)
DC+5V 1.6A
Temperature: 5 to 40℃
Operating environment
Humidity: 15 to 80% (no condensation)
(during operation)
This product utilizes a laser.
CAUTION : Use of control, adjustment or performance of procedures other than those
specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
Do not open covers and do not repair yourself. Refer servicing to qualified personnel.
Este producto utiliza un láser.
PRECAUCIÓN:Si se realiza un ajuste que pueda afectar el nivel de potencia de la emisión láser,
no toque ni ajuste sin la autorización del personal de servicio.
De lo contrario pueden producirse emisiones dañinas de láser a las que quedaría expuesto.
Ce produit utilise un laser.
ATTENTION:Si un ajustement est nécessaire, seul le personnel de service est autorisé à contrôler
le niveau d'émission laser. Si vous tentez de le faire vous même, vous risquez de vous
exposer a des émissions laser dangereuses.
Laser properties of the Drive
Laser Class Class 1 (HHS and IEC 60825-1)
Disposing of your used product
In the European Union
EU-wide legislation as implemented in each Member State requires that used electrical and
electronic products carrying the mark (left) must be disposed of separately from normal household
waste. This includes mobile telephones or electrical accessories, such as chargers or
headsets. When you dispose of such products, please follow the guidance of your local
authority or ask the shop where you purchased the product, or if applicable, follow applicable
legislation or agreement you may have. The mark on electrical and electronic products may only
apply to the current European Union Member States.
Outside the European Union
If you wish to dispose of used electrical and electronic products outside the European Union,
please contact your local authority and ask for the correct method of disposal.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents