For Proper Operation - NEC N8160-102 User Manual

Dvd-rom drive
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3. For Proper Operation

Setting / Removing the Disc
Set a disc on the optical disk drive in the following procedure.
Confirm that the power of the server is on (with the POW ER LED being lit in green) before setting the disc on the optical disk drive.
Press the Eject button on the front of the optical disk drive.
The tray comes out a little.
Hold the tray lightly and pull it out toward you until the tray stops.
Put the disc on the tray carefully and securely with the character printed surface facing upward.
As shown in the figure below, hold the tray with a hand and press the disc with fingers of another hand to make the hole of the disc fit to
the rotor at the center of the tray.
Press this part of disc.
Push the front of the tray lightly to retract it into the drive.
IMPORTANT: If a noisy sound in driving the optical disk drive occurs after setting a disc,
set it again correctly.
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To take out the disc from the optical disk drive, press the Eject button in the similar way in setting the disc to make the tray go out.
If the access lamp is lit, the disc is being accessed. Confirm that the access lamp is not lit before pressing the tray eject button.
As shown in the figure below, hold the tray with a hand and take the end of the disc lightly by the fingers of another hand with the
suppression of the rotor at the center of the tray to remove the disc from the tray.
After taking out the disc, return the tray into the drive.
Do not touch the disc until it stop completely.
When you fail to eject
When you fail to eject the tray with the Eject button and take out the disc from the server, follow the procedure below.
Press the POWER switch to power off the server. (The POW ER lamp goes off.)
Insert a metal pin of approximately 1.2 mm in diameter and 100 mm in length (a straightened large paper clip will make a substitute)
into the emergency hole on the right front of the optical disk drive and gently push it in until the tray is ejected.
● Do not use a toothpick or plastic stick that is easy to break.
● If the above procedure does not let you take out the disc, contact your service representative.
Hold the tray and pull it out.
Take out the disc.
Push the tray back into position.
Handling of Optical Disk Drive.
Keep the following notes in mind to use this product:
Do not install this product in an unstable place.
Connect this product directly to a USB connector of a server.
Do not move to this product while setting a disc.
Do not insert a Blu-Ray Disc in this product. This product cannot read these discs.
Do not leave the tray ejected from the optical disk drive.
Do not leave the drive with an optical disc being contained.
If you connect l this product to a USB connector at the server, do not connect any other device to the adjacent USB port.
Clean the disc and drive in regular basis. Be careful not to touch the lens while cleaning the drive.
Make sure that the drive works normally by reading a disc such as NEC EXPRESSBUILDER.
Emergency hole
Movement via a USB hub is not guaranteed.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents