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NEC MultiSync P401 Specifications page 3

P series 40”, 46”, 52”, 55” and 70” professional-grade, full high-definition lcd displays ideal for digital signage applications
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Full connectivity and control with the option for expansion in every display
The P Series touts the industry's most extensive control, diagnostics and communication, providing the highest level of remote display
management. These include:
• RS-232 enables multi-display control and daisy chain, allowing for individual and group-addressable control, and simple,
effective setup and monitoring of the display
• Ethernet connectivity adds the same RS-232 control plus automatic email notification for diagnostic purposes
• NaViSet™ software offers an intuitive graphical interface, allowing for easy adjustment of display settings via mouse and
keyboard. NaViSet Administrator provides all the advanced control to remotely located IT professionals.
• DDC/CI standard allows for PC control of the display based on the VESA command set
• CableComp+ uses a digitized signal delay circuit to automatically compensate for each red, green and blue cable's length and
video signal delay, ensuring sharp image reproduction despite long cables and low output level*
A built-in expansion slot future-proofs your display investment, allowing for seamless integration of optional NEC and third-party
components, including:
• HD-SDI card (SB-L007KK): Achieve broadcast-grade video with this internal card that provides an HD-SDI input without using
additional space or power.
• Single board computer (NET-SBC-01/02/03)**: This option provides for a seam less internal PC solution that is both cost-efficient and
flexible. It eliminates the need for external cabling, mounting and power supply, provid ing for a clean look that simplifies installation
and reduces maintenance.
• DVI daisychain (SB-L008WU): Loop in and out a single digital video signal to up to nine displays with this option, which eliminates
the need for external distribution equipment and power supply. These benefits make the board ideal for video banners, ribbons and
walls in addition to back-to-back installations.
• Digital IP tuner (MPD-DTi): This IPTV card enables you to stream up to 1080p content directly to the display as well as
ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM signals. Other features include auto scan, DTV signal strength, parental controls, closed caption and
network settings—all adjustable from the display.
• CAT5 receiver: Using NEC-approved third-party solutions, you'll be able to safely send your video over longer distances.
The P Series sets the standard for connectivity. Improved input options include quick input change, customized detection and naming.
See below for the complete list of P Series input/output terminals.
Composite Video)
VGA D-Sub In
DVD/HD or Composite
P401: 5.5 in.
P461: 5.5 in.
P521: 5.8 in.
P551: 5.9 in.
P701: 7.8 in.
*use under the environmental conditions noted in the specifications and user's manual
** Available in Summer 2010
BNC Composite
Video Out
BNC Composite Video In
P401: 36.2 in.
P461: 41.6 in.
P521: 47.2 in.
P551: 49.2 in.
P401: 34.9 in.
P461: 40.1 in.
P521: 45.4 in.
P551: 47.6 in.
RCA Component
Video In
Mini-Jack In
Video In
RCA Audio
Speaker Out
RS-232 In/Out
LAN Port
IR In/Out
P701: 66.1 in.
P701: 61 in.



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