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NEC MultiSync P401 Specifications page 2

P series 40”, 46”, 52”, 55” and 70” professional-grade, full high-definition lcd displays ideal for digital signage applications
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P Series Key Features
24/7 full-HD commercial SPVA panels
The professional-grade construction of P Series panels contributes to 24/7 usage, an overall longer panel life, lower likelihood of mura
effect from localized heat, virtually no image retention and the ability to use in landscape or portrait orientations. The panel's thermal
protection starts with an extra thermal layer on the display panel to diffuse heat, followed by multi-fan-based technology specially
designed to work in both landscape and portrait modes and be controlled locally or remotely. Internal temperature sensors control self-
protective circuits, while special self-diagnostics communicate the status of the thermal characteristics.
Green technology helps lead to a lower total cost of ownership
Eco-friendly features are aplenty in the P Series, decreasing energy consumption, lowering your expenses
over the lifecycle of the display and contributing to your environmental consciousness. These include:
• Ambient light sensor ensures consistent brightness no matter the lighting conditions, while
allowing the user to set the brightness level to a pre-determined lower level in order to
automatically compensate and reduce the brightness, thus decreasing power consumption
• Carbon footprint meter helps track and calculate the conservation of green gas emissions in real time
• Real-time clock/round-the-clock scheduling allows for advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/
down, increasing panel lifetime, reducing power consumption and saving the time and expense of
finding and purchasing a third-party scheduling solution
• ENERGY STAR 5.0 is proudly offered for most P Series displays, which meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, helping you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlighting quantity has been lowered compared to predecessors, maintaining high
brightness while reducing the power consumption and increasing the life of the panel and contrast ratio
Built-in technology to support video wall configurations
Select P Series displays' thin-bezel design and enhanced video wall capabilities allow you to expand your messaging options.
Technologies include:
• TileMatrix™ allows you to create video walls (up to 100 displays in
a 10x10 matrix)
• TileComp™ works in tandem with TileMatrix to compensate for the
bezel width and create a more seamless video wall
• Copy function allows the user to apply the settings from one
display to all others in the RS-232 daisy chain, reducing setup time
and saving money
• Individual and Group ID functions allow users to control settings for
a defined individual display or group of displays within a video wall
• Optional Display Wall Calibrator Kit
(KT-46UN-CC; pictured) provides a
quick, accurate and easy-to-use
means of automatically matching all
displays in color and brightness to
create uniformity across the video wall
*use under the environmental conditions noted in the specifications and user's manual
P Series panel construction includes:
• Thermal dissipation plate, placed behind the LCD lamps, conducts heat
equally across the plate, preventing "hot spots" on the LCD
• Backlight layer (or lamps) determines the brightness of the display but is
also a key heat component
• Wider air layer allows for increased airflow and improved heat dissipation
• Heat protection plate, located between the LCD panel and the lamps,
provides added heat protection to the panel
• Panel is sealed, preventing contaminants like dust, grease or steam from
damaging the panel*



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