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Latest Technologies - NEC MultiSync EA191M Tech Manual

Lcd desktop displays multisync ea series
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Latest Technologies

Panel Technologies
The displays in the MultiSync
high-performance TN, PVA and iPS technology.
This is particularly noteworthy for both economical as well as ecological
reasons. The MultiSync
featuring only 2 backlights saves up to 30% more energy as compared with
the 4 backlight LCds. in addition, the mercury content has been reduced by
50%. A maximum brightness of 250 cd/m
well as the environment, without losing visual performance. The EA221WMe
is supplied with the Eco Mode already activated, and its 2-step Eco Mode
function also helps it satisfy the new Energy Star 5 standards.
Panel Technology
Power Consumption On Mode
Power Consumption Eco Mode
Power Consumption Power Save
Energy cost over lifecycle*
Mercury content
Maximal Brightness
*Assumption: 1 kWh = 15 Cent,
On Mode: 10 hrs at 230 days/year,
Power Save Mode: 14 hrs at 135 days/year,
Lifecycle: 3 years.
EA series have been equipped with the newest,
EA221WMe model with its innovative 2CCFL-panel
also protects the user's eyes as
2 Backlights (2CCFL)
4 Backlights (4CCFL)
Backlight panel (light guide)
26 W
19 W
< 0.5 W
21 €
3.6 mg
250 cd/m²
Excellent Picture Quality
With a pixel pitch of 0.270 - 0.294 mm and a native resolution of 1280 x 1024
at 60 Hz (EA191M) up to 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz (EA241WM/EA261WM) the
The monitors are also impressive with their fast 5 ms response times (exception:
EA191M), a contrast ratio of 1.000:1 up to 1,500:1 and high horizontal and
vertical viewing angles of 170°. For fatigue-free and efficient working.
sRGB Colour Space
The MultiSync
feature a standardised colour space guaranteeing high colour quality and best
possible picture reproduction.
NTAA Technology
Backlight panel (light guide)
The user-defined settings of the display are guaranteed by the use of NTAA
39 W
(Non Touch Auto Adjustment) technology. This means that stable and high-
27 W
quality image reproduction is always guaranteed.
< 2 W
White LEd Backlight Technology
34 €
7.2 mg
LEd backlighting technology is the modern alternative for rear illumination in
300 cd/m²
LCd monitors. Here, white or a mix of coloured-to-white light emitting diodes
(LEds) are deployed and positioned behind the liquid crystal cell elements.
White LEd backlight technology employs a combination of blue or uV LEds
EA series displays ensure excellent picture reproduction.
EA series displays support sRGB representation, so that they



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