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Energy Efficiency - NEC MultiSync EA191M Tech Manual

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Energy Efficiency

Eco Mode Function
When the display is operated in Eco Mode the screen brightness is reduced to
approx. 60% of the standard setting. Not only does this help protect the eyes
of the viewer, but also leads to a reduction in energy consumption and heat
radiation. The Eco Mode can be simply switched off using the OSd (On Screen
display) or for the EA221WMe directly using the One-Touch Eco Mode button
that is integrated within the bezel of the display.
Eco Mode Notifier
if the Eco Mode is activated, the reduction factor of the brightness setting is
indicated in the OSd. When the monitor is connected, an Eco Mode window
appears to remind the user that CO
ECO Mode
can be saved if the Eco Mode function
ECO Mode
is activated. After the Eco Mode is activated, a notification window appears
informing the user he has made a positive contribution towards protecting the
intelligent Power Management/
Stand-by Mode
Energy consumption and emissions are greatly reduced by the intelligent power
management system that switches the monitor into a low power consumption
state when it is not being used. in Stand-by or Power Save Mode, the energy
consumption of the display is reduced to less than 2 Watts, whilst for the
EA221WMe model in Stand-by Mode this is even reduced to less
than 0.5 Watts. Overall, this acts to reduce environmental impact and also helps
keep operating costs to a minimum.
The NEC MultiSync
EA series displays achieve an extremely low TCO (Total
Cost of Ownership) through various innovative technologies and features.
included in these are the displays' fundamentally low power consumption,
numerous additional intelligent energy-saving functions to further reduce
energy consumption, as well the small, space-saving footprint of the monitors
due to their extra narrow bezel and flat cabinet. Simple installation through
Plug & Play, NTAA (Non Touch Auto Adjustment) and NaviSet™/NaviSet™ Ad-
ministrator technologies additionally ensure low expenditure in any associated
iT administration costs.



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