Safety Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric BC16 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual

Battery cabinet
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Before installing or maintaining this system, it is extremely important to read this
manual and be sure that all system drawings and schematics are reviewed and
clearly understood. If there are any questions concerning this manual or any of the
installation or maintenance procedures and/or requirements please contact a C&C
Power representative before proceeding.
When installing this power system, follow all applicable federal, state and local
regulations as well as industry guidelines to insure proper system installation.
Only qualified electricians or DC power technicians should attempt to install or
service this equipment.
System installation and maintenance should always be performed with heavily
insulated tools. It is also recommended to wear rubber gloves, boots, and use
insulating mats to stand on when working on this equipment.
Always wear eye protection when installing or maintaining batteries and/or power
Battery cabinet systems are extremely heavy. Use a minimum of two people when
unloading and setting equipment in place.
Do not smoke or present open flames near any battery system.
For the safety of others, never leave an open cabinet or panel unattended.
To reduce the risk of fire, replace fuses with the same type and rating of fuses
supplied with the system.
DC Power and Batteries can be very dangerous and have extremely high short
circuit current. Electrical shock, severe burns, fire or death can result from a system
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents