Dc Connections; System Operation - Mitsubishi Electric BC16 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual

Battery cabinet
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7.2.4 DC C
Review the attached system drawings and schematics for model specific
information on DC output connections.
Wire should be sized for a maximum voltage drop of 0.5 volt.
Battery cabinets that are not supplied with an incorporated DC output disconnect
device must have an appropriate disconnect device provided external to the cabinet.
Verify that the output breaker is in the off/open position before making any DC
connections to additional cabinets or to the UPS. Also verify that the UPS charger
is not running.
1. Open the front door on the cabinet and check for any noticeable problems or damage that
may have occurred during shipment.
2. Review the attached installation drawing and schematic.
3. Check and re-torque internal battery connections, as shipping may have caused these
connections to come loose. Proper torque values are noted on the drawing and also on the
battery case.
4. Connect main cables from the UPS or charger source to the battery cabinet output. The
main output connection point is directly to the circuit breaker. Review the supplied cabinet
drawing for information on the battery cabinet output. All cables should be sized per NEC
and any other local codes pertaining to this equipment. Refer to the UPS or charger manual
for wiring external batteries. Note! Make sure any charging source is disconnected before
making these connections.
7.2.5 S
Please refer to the UPS system manual for system start up and operation information.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents