System Maintenance; Battery Replacement - Mitsubishi Electric BC16 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual

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8. S
Before proceeding with system maintenance, be sure to review and understand all
of the SAFETY PRECAUTIONS in this manual!
Verify that the output breaker is in the off/open position before servicing the
8.1 B
Only qualified electricians or DC power technicians should attempt to diagnose a
battery malfunction, remove a malfunctioning battery and replace a battery.
When batteries are replaced they must be properly installed paying special attention
to terminal polarity orientation! If wired incorrectly it will cause a short in the
system and can result in electrical shock, severe burns, fire and possible death! Be
sure to review the system schematics before terminating any battery cables.
Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. The batteries may explode. Contact your local
hazardous waste or recycling center for battery disposal requirements.
Do not discard batteries in the trash. This product contains sealed lead acid
batteries. Contact your local hazardous waste or recycling center for battery
disposal requirements.
1. Locate the shelf with a suspected malfunctioning battery.
2. Disconnect the UPS from the battery string by opening the circuit breaker in the battery
3. Remove the shelf from the cabinet.
4. Test the individual batteries residing in the shelf to isolate the malfunctioning battery.
5. Remove the retaining bar that holds down the batteries in the shelf.
6. Disconnect the malfunctioning battery from the string.
7. Prepare the new battery for installation. Verify that the battery is the same type and amp-
hour rating as the batteries that are in the system.
8. Using a digital voltmeter, measure the battery voltage to verify that it is 12.4 VDC or
9. Use a brass wire brush or abrasive pad to polish the battery terminals.
10. Apply no-ox type terminal grease to the battery terminals to avoid corrosion.
11. Remove the bad battery.
BC16 B
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents