Motorola VM65X Connect, VM65X-2/3/4 Connect - Quick Start Guide

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  1. Baby Unit (Camera)
  2. Magnetic Mount
  3. Parent Unit
  4. Power Adapters
  5. Quick Start Guide
  6. Top Clamp
  7. Bottom Clamp
  8. Gooseneck
  9. 4-Poles with stand base

Strangulation hazard. Children have STRANGLED in cords. Keep this cord out of the reach of children (more than 1 metre away). Do not remove the tags from the AC Adapters. Only use the AC Adapters provided.

Setting up your Digital Video Baby Monitor

Connecting the Power Supply for the Baby Unit

Connecting the Power Supply

  • Insert the DC plug of the power adapterinto the DC socket on the back of the Baby Unit.
  • Connect the other end of the poweradapter to a suitable power socket.
  • The baby unit turns on and the powerindicator lights in Blue colour.
  • Note: Only use the supplied power adapter (DC5V/1000mA).

Fixing magnetic mount on the wall

Fixing magnetic mount on the wall

  • Mark the position of the screw holes onthe wall.
  • Install wall anchors (Not provided)suitable for the wall type and mounting screws if needed.
  • Fasten the mounting screws (Notprovided) on the wall.
  • Position the cable behind the base as thepicture shown before attaching the base on the wall.

Connecting the Power Supply of the Parent Unit

Connecting the Power Supply of the Parent Unit

  • Connect the small plug of the power adapter to theparent unit and the other end to the power socket. Only use the enclosed adapter (5VDC/1000mA).
  • A rechargeable battery (Lithium ion battery2000mAh) allows the parent unit to be used when not plugged into an power socket. The battery provides up to 5 hours operation of the Parent Unit. We recommend charging the for at least 16 hours before first use, and when the Parent Unit indicates the battery is low.
  • Press and hold the POWER button 0 on the top of the Parent Unit to turn it ON.

Desktop Stand of the Parent Unit

Desktop Stand of the Parent Unit

  • Move the stand ring on the back of the parent unit downward.
  • Recommend to rotate it by 90 degree to set up the desktop stand.

Basic operation of the keys

Parent unit
ON/OFF button Press and hold to switch the Parent Unit ON/OFF.
UP/DOWN buttons Press to tilt the camera image upward or downward. Press to adjust menu setting when menu is active.
LEFT/RIGHT buttons Press to pan the camera image left or right.
Press to access menu options when menu is active.
MENU button Press to open menu options or exit the menu.
OK button Press to confirm a selection.
VIDEO button Press to turn the LCD screen ON/OFF.
TALK button Press and hold to talk to your baby.
Volume button Press -/+ to select volume level of the Parent Unit.
RESET button Press and hold with a small pin to reset the unit.
Baby Unit
PAIR button Press and hold to pair with the parent unit or Motorola Nursery Setup.

Setting up the Baby Unit for Wi-Fi® internet viewing

Install Motorola Nursery App

  • Scan the QR code with your smart device and download Motorola Nursery App from the App Store for iOS devices or from the Google Play™ Store for Android™ devices.
  • Install Motorola Nursery App on your device

View on Compatible Smartphones and Tablets

View on Compatible Smartphones and Tablets

  1. Open the Motorola Nursery App on your compatible smartphone or tablet.
  2. Follow the in-app instructions to create your account and connect to your device.

Please take note of the following minimum system requirements:
Smartphones/Tablets: iOS 10.0, Android™ 7.0

Wi-Fi® requirements:
At least 0.6 Mbps upload bandwidth per Smart Montitoring Companion, test your Internet speed at:

Installation of Cot mount

A cot mount with cable management is included which mounts directly to most cots to allow better viewing. Assemble and install the cot mount using the following steps.

  • Join the 4 poles and the support base together as the diagram shown. (Fig. 1a, 1b)
    Installation of Cot mount - Step 1
    Each pole is connected with power cord inside, manage with care the power cords when removing the poles from the box and during installation.
  • The Top Clamp is delivered by default for vertical clamping on the top rail of the cot, to clamp horizontally on the slates of the cot, please unfasten and remove the tiny knob completely from the Top Clamp assembly (Fig. 2a), remove the Top Clamp from the assembly and re-orient the Top Clamp with the long open end pointing at left hand side (Fig. 2b), then reinsert into the assembly, fasten the tiny knob back to the assembly until the Top Clamp is securely locked.
    Installation of Cot mount - Step 2
  • Fasten the top clamp either vertically on the upper rail (Fig. 2c) or the slats horizontally(Fig. 2d).
  • Unlock the knob then open the top clamp and bottom clamp, move the supporting poleinto the clamps. (Fig. 3a)
    Fig. 3a
  • Place then press the bottom clamp below against the lower rail, the stand base is springloaded. Push the lower pole downward before closing the bottom clamp with knob. This is to allow the lower clamp to exerting clamping force on the lower rail (Fig. 3b).
    Fig. 3b
  • Fasten the knobs to close the holders of the top and bottom clamps so that the supportpoles stand firm and straight, ensure that the supporting poles are positioned stable on the top rail or slates. (Fig. 4a, 4b).
    Installation of Cot mount - Step 3
    warningChoking Hazard:
    May contain Small Parts. Parents exercise caution and keep children under 5 from the installation.
  • Install the flexible gooseneck extension into the top post. Youwill hear the click noise when all the sections are properly connected (Fig. 5a).
    Fig. 5a
  • Insert the camera unit into the housing at the end of the flexiblegooseneck extension, make sure the camera is magnetic mounted. Connect the power adapter plug to the camera unit power socket then close the cover (Fig. 5b, 5c)
    Installation of Cot mount - Step 4
  • Insert the DC plug into the power socket of the Cot mount, and connect the poweradapter to a suitable power socket. (Fig. 6a).
    Fig. 6a
  • Power on the camera unit then view the image through the parentunit. Adjust the flexible gooseneck and select from the parent unit different zoom factor (1x, 1.5x or 2x) for optimal view over the cot (Fig. 6b).
    Fig. 6b

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