Planned Service; Repair Parts List - Haier GE NF80DS Installation Instructions Manual

Warm air gas furnace
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Planned Service

The following items should be checked during an annual
inspection. Power to the unit must be shut off for the service
technician's safety.
Fresh air grilles and louvers (on the unit and in the
room where the furnace is installed) - Must be open and
unobstructed to provide combustion air.
Burners - Must be inspected for rust, dirt, or signs of water.
Vent pipe - Must be inspected for signs of water, damaged
or sagging pipe, or disconnected joints.
Unit appearance - Must be inspected for rust, dirt, signs of
water, burnt or damaged wires, or components.
Blower access panel - Must be properly in place and
provide a seal between the return air and the room where
the furnace is installed.
Return air duct - Must be properly attached and provide
an air seal to the unit.

Repair Parts List

The following repair parts are available through independent GEA dealers. When ordering parts, include the complete
furnace model number listed on the CSA International nameplate. All service must be performed by a licensed professional
installer (or equivalent), service agency, or gas supplier.
Cabinet Parts
Upper access panel
Blower panel
Top cap
Control Panel
Parts Transformer
Integrated control
Door interlock switch
Circuit breaker
Blower Parts
Blower wheel
Blower housing
Motor mounting frame
Motor capacitor
Blower housing cutoff plate
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Operating performance - Unit must be observed during
operation to monitor proper performance of the unit and
the vent system.
Combustion gases - Flue products must be analyzed and
compared to the unit specifications.
Problems detected during the inspection may make it
necessary to temporarily shut down the furnace until the
items can be repaired or replaced.
Instruct the homeowners to pay attention to their
furnace. Situations can arise between annual furnace
inspections that may result in unsafe operation. For
instance, items innocently stored next to the furnace may
obstruct the combustion air supply. This could cause
incomplete combustion and the production of carbon
monoxide gas.
Heating Parts
Flame sensor
Heat exchanger assembly
Gas manifold
Combustion air inducer
Gas valve
Main burner cluster
Main burner orifices
Pressure switch
Primary limit control
Flame rollout switch
Secondary limit
Issue 2209
507332-02G / 31-5000663


Table of Contents

Table of Contents