Electrical - Haier GE NF80DS Installation Instructions Manual

Warm air gas furnace
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Leak Check
After gas piping is completed, carefully check all field-
installed piping connections for gas leaks. Use a
commercially available leak detecting solution specifically
manufactured for leak detection. Never use an open flame
to test for gas leaks.
The furnace must be isolated from the gas supply
system by closing the individual manual shut-off valve
during any gas supply system at pressures greater than
or equal to 1/2 psig (3.48 kPa, 14 inches w.c.). This
furnace and its components are designed, manufactured
and independently certified to comply with all applicable
ANSI/CSA standards. A leak check of the furnace and its
components is not required.
Figure 19.
When testing pressure of gas lines, gas valve must be
disconnected and isolated. See Figure 19. Gas valves
can be damaged if subjected to pressures greater than
1/2 psig (3.48 kPa, 14 inches w.c.).
Failure to follow the safety warnings exactly could
result in serious injury, death, or property damage.
Never use an open flame to test for gas leaks. Check
all connections using a commercially available soap
solution made specifically for leak detection. Some
soaps used for leak detection are corrosive to certain
metals. Carefully rinse piping thoroughly after leak test
has been completed.
507332-02G / 31-5000663


Precautions and Procedures
Electrostatic discharge can affect electronic components.
Take precautions during furnace installation and service
to protect the furnace's electronic controls. Precautions
will help to avoid control exposure to electrostatic
discharge by putting the furnace, the control and the
technician at the same electrostatic potential. Neutralize
electrostatic charge by touching hand and all tools on
an unpainted unit surface, such as the gas valve or
blower deck, before performing any service procedure.
The unit is equipped with a field make-up box on the left
hand side of the cabinet. The make-up box may be moved
to the right side of the furnace to facilitate installation. If
the make-up box is moved to the right side, clip the wire
ties that bundle the wires together. The excess wire must
be pulled into the blower compartment. Secure the excess
wire to the existing harness to protect it from damage.
Figure 20. Interior Make-Up Box Installation
Figure 21. Interior Make-Up Box Installation
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents