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Mitsubishi Electric WD-65738 Basic Owner's Manual Page 33

838 series, 738 series home-cinema television.
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Appendix C: Troubleshooting, continued
Common Picture Problems
Picture does not look like a high-defi-
nition picture.
TV has sound but no picture.
Picture has become dimmer.
A color program appears as a black
and white image, or the colors are
dim, or the screen is black.
Picture from an HDMI input is noisy
(poor quality).
Home Network
I cannot connect the TV to the
I plugged in a wireless USB adapter,
but the wireless connection is not
The INTERNET key only goes to
Compare the picture to the TV's test picture (Picture > Picture+ >
Test Picture) to check if the source signal is supplying a lesser-quality
Not all signals are high-definition signals. To receive high-definition
programming from your cable or satellite provider, you must subscribe
to the provider's high-definition service. Some over-the-air broadcasts
are in high-definition and can be received with a high-quality antenna
suited to your location.
MENU on the remote control. If the menu displays, then there
is a problem with the incoming signal.
Check that all video inputs are plugged in firmly to the correct input
POWER button on the control panel for ten
Press and hold the
seconds to perform System Reset.
• The lamp is nearing the end of its life. Order a new lamp.
• Adjust picture brightness and contrast to maximum levels.
• Change Lamp Energy from Standard to Bright.
If using component video, check that the red, green, and blue input
cables are correctly connected to the red, green, and blue compo-
nent video jacks.
If using composite video, check that the incoming cable is con-
nected the TV's green Y/VIDEO jack.
838 Series. The PerfectColor color balance has been incorrectly
set. Reset the PerfectColor balance.
ompare the picture to the TV's test picture (Picture > Picture+ >
Test Picture) to check if the noise is internal or external to the TV.
Upgrade a Category 1 (unmarked) HDMI cable to a newer type of
high-speed HDMI cable.
Go to the Setup > Network menu. Obtain the TV MAC address and
provide it to the router.
The network may be locked. Go to Setup > Network. Highlight the
network name and supply the pass code.
Normal operation. The TV receives all internet services through VUDU.
The TV does not provide full internet access as does a web browser on
a computer.
For assistance call 1(800) 332-2119


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