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Mitsubishi Electric M Series Application Note

Mitsubishi Electric M Series Application Note

How to turn the indoor unit fan off when set point is met
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Application Note: 3048
How to turn the indoor unit fan off when set point
is met



Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric M Series

  • Page 1 Application Note: 3048 How to turn the indoor unit fan off when set point is met...
  • Page 2 Introduction This application note is to help configure a M-Series or P-Series indoor unit to have the indoor unit fan to turn off when the room temperature is the same as the set point. This is also called turning the fan off during Cooling or Heating thermal off states.
  • Page 3 Kumo cloud® Kumo cloud configuration requires a Wireless Interface and the kumo cloud app Tap Settings Tap System Setup Tap Installer Settings Enter 9999 Tap Installer Login Tap the name of the Site Tap the name of the Zone Tap Advanced Select Thermal OFF Fan 10.
  • Page 4 MHK1 Press and hold the Fan and Up button simultaneously to enter settings mode. (Figure 1). “Wait” will be displayed up to 40 Figure 1 seconds. Press the button that indicates Next or Back to reach the function setting. (Figure 2) Press the Up and Down arrows to change the mode (number) of the function setting.
  • Page 5 Touch MA Turn the controller OFF Select the wrench icon Scroll to the right and select Service Enter the maintenance password 9999 and push “Select” Scroll down and select Settings Select Function setting Leave “Ref. Address” at 0 then scroll down to “Unit No.”...
  • Page 6 Wired MA Turn the controller OFF Push the Menu button Select the Service menu It is on the 3 page which can be reached using the page button Enter the password 9999 and push the select button Scroll down and select Function Setting Leave “Ref.
  • Page 7 Simple MA Make sure the unit is turned OFF Press and hold the B C and D buttons simultaneously until the function settings screen appears Press B once so that it displays 00 and then press D Press B until you see AL and then press A Press B until you reach function 25 (heating) or 27 (cooling) and then...
  • Page 8 Function Settings lists can be found in the outdoor unit service manuals: SUZ-KA Service Manual PUZ-NHA6 Service Manual...
  • Page 9 Indoor Units with Jumpers The indoor units that require cutting MSZ-GL: JR01 jumpers/resistors are the following: • MSZ (All wall mounts) • MFZ (All floor mounts) • MLZ (One-way cassettes) The jumper/resistor labeled: • JR01*: Fan speed while thermal off in heating (*or JRTU for MSZ-FH) •...
  • Page 10 Thermostat Interface The Thermostat Interface can be configured to turn off the indoor unit fan OFF when the third party 24VAC thermostat senses the room temp has met the thermostat’s set point. The Thermostat Interface has two dipswitches SW1-1 & SW1-2 that need to be change from default OFF to ON to have a Delayed Off function set to 0 minutes.

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