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Mackie Fussion Series 3000 User Manual: Service Information; Warranty Service; Troubleshooting

Mackie fussion series 3000: user guide.
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Warranty Service

If you think your loudspeaker has a
problem, please do everything you can to
confirm it before calling for service, includ-
ing reading through the following
Troubleshooting section. Doing so might
save you from being deprived of your
Mackie loudspeaker.
Of all Mackie products returned for ser-
vice (which is hardly any at all), many are
coded "CND" — Could Not Duplicate—
which usually means the problem lay some-
where else in the system. The following
troubleshooting tips may sound obvious,
but here are some things you can check:


No power
• Our favorite question: Is it plugged in?
Make sure the AC outlet is live (check
with a tester or lamp).
• Our next favorite question: Is the POWER
switch on? If not, try turning it on.
• Is the POWER/PROTECT LED on the
rear panel glowing green? If not, make
sure the AC outlet is live. If so, refer to
"No sound" below.
• Check the AC line fuse to see if it is
blown. If so, make sure you replace it
with the same fuse rating as indicated
on the rear panel next to the fuseholder.
No sound
• Is the input LEVEL control for the input
source turned all the way down? Verify
that all the volume controls in the
system are properly adjusted.
• Is the signal source working (and making
union scale)? Make sure the connecting
cables are in good repair and securely
connected at both ends. Make sure the
output volume (gain) control on the
mixing console is turned up sufficiently
to drive the inputs of the speaker.
• Make sure the mixer does not have a
Mute on or a Processor loop engaged. If
you find something like this, make sure
the volume/gain is turned down before
disengaging the offending switch.
• Is the POWER/PROTECT LED lit red?
Make sure there is at least six inches of
free space behind the heatsinks. Allow the
FUSSION 3000 to cool off and it will
turn back on.
Poor bass performance
• Check the polarity of the connections
between the mixer and the loudspeak-
ers. You may have your positive and
negative connections reversed at one
end of one cable, causing one FUSSION
3000 to be out-of-phase.
Poor sound
• Is it loud and distorted? Make sure that
you're not overdriving a stage in the
signal chain. Verify that all level controls
are set properly.
• Is the input connector plugged com-
pletely into the jack? Be sure all
connections are secure. It's a good idea
to periodically clean all electrical
connections with a non-lubricating
electrical contact cleaner.
• Make sure all connections to the active
loudspeakers are good and sound.
• Make sure none of the signal cables are
routed near AC cables, power trans-
formers, or other EMI-inducing devices.
• Is there a light dimmer or other SCR-
based device on the same AC circuit as
the FUSSION 3000s? Use an AC line
filter or plug the FUSSION 3000s into a
different AC circuit.
• Try disconnecting the cable connected
to the MAIN IN jack. If the noise disap-
pears, it could be a "ground loop,"
rather than a problem with the
FUSSION 3000. Try some of the
following troubleshooting ideas:
• Use balanced connections throughout
your system for the best noise rejection.
• Whenever possible, plug all the audio
equipment's linecords into outlets which
share a common ground. The distance
between the outlets and the common
ground should be as short as possible.


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