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Lowrance X-40 Installating And Operation Manual

Liquid crystal graph recorder.
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OK 74128
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  • Page 1

    X-40 GRAPH LIQUID CRYSTAL OPERATION MANUAL INSTALLATION ELECTRONICS, INC. •eLOWRANCE OK 74128 12000 SKELLY DR., TULSA, 988-0105-09 U.S.A. UTHO PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor...

  • Page 2

    P1514 HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE SCHEMATIC PARTS LIST SPARE PARTS SPECIFICATIONS GLOSSARY © 1987 Lowrance Elecfronios, Inc. Copyright PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor TRANSDUCER energy from echo energy which is TRANSOM UPPER/LOWER screen the lower limit is feet as the upper limit and 30 feet as the lower...

  • Page 3

    Pass transducer the power cable bracket. Then push After bracket and dash. cables, routing Offset the bracketto coverthe majority Your Lowrance X-40 novice users. fish, and structure some X-40, unit surrounding when boat goes sound when a will...

  • Page 4: Power Connections

    (battery protects the power cable in the and yourX-40 fuse. X-40 reverse polarity protection. wires are unit will reversed. (However, attached correctly.) 3-AMP VOLT BATTERY PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor Attach the system.

  • Page 5

    This noise is not sound. Lowrance has cone needs rpm. Usually, noise. Thefasteraboattravets, Video noise on Graph. owner's show detail.

  • Page 6

    These keys off oron and the the digital digital display alarm functions. ALARM ZONE KEYS This group keys..— ft's controls the X-40's zone alarm. corn- rnonly used "fish alarm." target fish school will set off (such fish) the alarm enters the alarm zone.

  • Page 7

    AUTO The In or of the automatically adjusts the sensitivity range selection AUTOkeyallowsyou making manual adjustments as X-40, When the X-40 desired. matic mode, the word "AUTO" immediately more than This allows keys have function. Notice that some keys have...

  • Page 8: Display Interpretation

    Thermoclines are areas where fish are they above thermocline while larger game fish will The X-40 can detect this invisible layer up to will probably have turned the water knowledge temperatures you get the most from your...

  • Page 9: Clear

    However, virtually reference guide. this manual with you as The ON key the lower right corner located in turn the X-40 on, press the this location found even night. An audible beep reflects press. aftersixseconds. Lowrance...

  • Page 10

    Selling the length correspondingly. sensitivity barto extend top of across the display. (There are available.) To place the X-40 in manual mode, turns auto The word AUTO off. sensitivity in the that X-40 disappear, signifying and hold right arrow key sensitivity, press desired level.

  • Page 11

    SensitMty key turns AUTO both automatic sensitivity pressing at the same time. functions AUTO OPERATION SENSITIVITY ADVANCED in the When X-40 is automatic mode, surrounding conditions. automatically adjuststo itatalevel slightlyabovethe minimum requiredto pickupthe places signal. while the sensitivity level Changing...

  • Page 12

    10 steps chart speed. an accurate up or speeded firm the far right reaches side automatic sensitivity The X-40 will sound tone returns sensitivityturned on, press 2nd, FAST changing mud bottom, the bottom is soft "freeze" display examine STOP/RESUME key bottom.

  • Page 13

    If a target fish) (such feet then is 30 line, feet.) easier depth often, multiples etc. auto- X-40 is keep ranges change on the display as signal varies. times, may be desirable zoom In range lower limit feet combina- Is allowed ex- the upper limit.

  • Page 14

    NOTE: maximum lower limit the actual depth that However, reach Is dependent bottom conditions, plus quality When ranges while X-40 changes lowerlimit will selected always multiple limit will be number that ends zero such as hundred, etc. UPPER UPPER LIMIT...

  • Page 15: Grayline

    "zoom" and the foot segment twenty better than X-40 displays small detail other liquid crystal graphs. narrow To change pulse, arrow keys in press 2nd, ZONE ALARM section change normal pulse. Pres...

  • Page 16: Note Key

    ZONE ALARM press section If the down arrow was feet. pressed, 10 feet. X-40's range fathoms, window size In fathom ft's in meters steps. meter steps with each press arrow To exit from this...

  • Page 17: Pulse

    OFF 9CC TO CHANGE PRESS 0-10 HHt4CE Just PRESS the bar CLEAR DISPLAY. zone alarm settings. X-40 automati- simply enter different ievel, 2nd, SCC. The simply press Use the arrow use. currently increase decrease changed also, since they don't track the...

  • Page 18

    ALARM. CLEAR used place shallow and deep alarms areturned off, display. PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor until X-40 is memory LIGHT set keyswill turntheZoneAlarrn uniton DIEP again. ALARM shallow alarm gives point. Thedeep DISCRIMINATION alarm point.

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