Sharp Cash Register XEA106 Manual
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Sharp Cash Register XEA106 Manual


The following are supplied with your cash register.

1 paper roll
1 mode key
1 drawer lock key
1 instruction manual (English)
1 instruction manual (Spanish)
1 Quick Start Guide (English)
1 Quick Start Guide (Spanish)
1 ink roller (pre-installed)
1 take-up spool
1 paper holding plate
1 mounting bracket

The following describes how to get your cash register ready to operate. Follow these steps when you use the cash register for the first time.

Initializing the Cash Register

To ensure the cash register operates properly, initialize it using the following procedure:

  1. With the power cable unplugged, insert the supplied mode key into the mode switch and turn it to the REG position.
    Initializing the Cash Register - Step 1
  2. Insert the plug of the power cable into the AC outlet.

    This operation must be performed without batteries loaded.
    The buzzer will sound three times.
    Initializing the Cash Register - Step 2
  3. Now the cash register has been initialized. The register display will show "0.00" with "".
    Initializing the Cash Register - Step 3

Installing Batteries

Install batteries for back-up of sales data and programmed contents.

  1. Push the printer cover forward and detach it.
    Installing Batteries - Step 1
  2. Open the battery cover next to the paper roll cradle.
    Installing Batteries - Step 2
  3. Insert three new "AA" batteries. (Batteries are not supplied with the cash register.)
    Installing Batteries - Step 3
  4. When the batteries are properly installed, "" on the display will disappear. Close the battery cover.

Improper use of batteries may damage the cash register. Please take the following precautions.

  • Be sure that the positive (+) and negative (-) poles of each battery are oriented properly.
  • Never mix batteries of different types.
  • Never mix old batteries and new ones.

Please read the instruction manual for other battery handling precautions.

Installing a Paper Roll

  1. Place a paper roll in the paper roll cradle so that the paper unrolls from the bottom.
    Installing a Paper Roll - Step 1
    NOTE: Before placing a new paper roll in the paper roll cradle, cut off the pasted (taped) part of the paper and confirm that the cut end of the paper is straight.
    Installing a Paper Roll - Step 2
  2. Insert the paper straight into the paper inlet, and press the key. The inserted end comes out at the printing area.
    Installing a Paper Roll - Step 3
  3. (For journal printing)
    1. Insert the top end of the paper into the slit in the take-up spool shaft and fold the inserted end toward you.
    2. Wind the paper two or three turns.
    3. Mount the supplied paper holding plate onto the take-up spool.
      Put the spool shaft in the larger hole of the paper holding plate and push the plate in the direction of the arrow.
    4. Place the take-up spool on the bearing.
      Installing a Paper Roll - Step 4
  4. Attach the printer cover. (For receipt printing, step 3 should be omitted.)

Basic Programming

Turn the mode switch to the Z/PGM position.
Basic Programming

Setting the Time

Enter the time in 4 digits ("hhmm" format) using the 24 hour system. Press the key once to program the next item or twice to exit the programming mode.

Example: Setting the Time-Example

Setting the Date

Enter the date in 6 digits using the month-day-year format. Press the key once the to program the next item or twice to exit the programming mode.

Example: Setting the Date-Example

Setting Tax Rates (%)

Specify a tax rate (%) for calculation of tax on each taxable subtotal using the following sequence:
Setting Tax Rates (%)

R: Tax rate (0.0000% to 99.9999%) x 10000
(Enter the rate in 6 digits. Leading zeros may be omitted.)

Q: Minimum taxable amount (0.01 to 99.99) x 100
(Smallest amount for which tax must be collected. )

*Up to 4 types of tax are programmable.

Example 1: Tax rate 7.0000%, Min. taxable amount $0.11 for Tax 1
Setting Tax Rates (%) - Example 1

Example 2: Tax rate 4.0000%, Min. taxable amount $0.00 for Tax 2
Setting Tax Rates (%) - Example 2

Your cash register is pre-programmed so that you can use it with minimum set-up. To change the settings, see the instruction manual.

Initial settings
Departments 1-4: Taxable 1; Departments 5-8: Non-taxable

Now, you are ready!

Before Starting Entries

Turn the mode switch to the REG position.
Before Starting Entries - Step 1

Enter a clerk code (1-4) and press . (Once the clerk code entered, re-entry of the clerk code is not needed until the clerk is changed.)
Before Starting Entries - Step 2

Registration Example

(When the Customer Pays by Cash)
Registration Example

Reading and Resetting

X Reports (reading)

Turn the mode switch to the X/Flash position and press .

Z Reports (reading and resetting)

In the Z/PGM mode, press .(In this case, grand total resetting is not performed.)

Flash Reports (displayed but not printed)

In the X/Flash mode:
Press dept. key for dept. sales reports
Press for sales total reports
Press for cash-in-drawer reports

For further information, please read the instruction manual.


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