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Using The Dispenser - LG WM3632H Owner's Manual

Lg wm3632h: owners manual
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The automatic dispenser consists of four compartments which hold 1) liquid chlorine bleach, 2) liquid fabric
softener, 3) liquid or powdered detergent for prewash and 4) liquid or powdered detergent
and color safe bleach for main wash.
All laundry products can be added at once in their respective dispenser compartments.
They will be dispensed at the appropriate time for most effective cleaning. After loading the laundry
additives into the dispenser, close the dispenser lid.
Add detergent, bleach and fabric softener to the automatic dispenser following these steps:
1. Open the dispenser lid.
2. Load the laundry products into the appropriate compartments.
3. Close the dispenser lid.
¡ÆAbout detergent
Low lathering detergent is recommended for this washer. Use the manufacturer's recommended amount.
If low lathering detergent is not available, a reduced amount of regular detergent may be used.
Because reducing the amount of detergent may reduce cleaning, it is important to pretreat stains,
sort carefully by color and soil level, and avoid overloading.
Detergent usage may need to be adjusted for water temperature, water hardness, size and soil level of the load.
For best results, avoid using too much detergent.
NOTE : Liquid detergent will drain into the washer drum as it is added.
Liquid Chlorine
Liquid Fabric
Main Wash
1. Prewash Detergent Compartment
• Add detergent to this compartment when using
the Prewash option. Liquid or powdered
detergent may be used in this compartment. The
detergent will automatically be dispensed during
Prewash if the Prewash option is selected.
• Add 1/2 the recommended amount of detergent
to the Prewash compartment and the
recommended amount of detergent to the main
wash compartment.
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