Panasonic Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer ER430 Manual

Panasonic Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer ER430 Manual

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Panasonic Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer ER430 Manual

Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely.

Parts identification

Parts identification

  1. Protective cap with mirror
  2. Outer blade
  3. Outer blade frame
  4. Inner blade
  5. Filter
  6. Joint
  7. On/off switch
    Slide the switch upward to turn the trimmer on.
  8. Vent
  9. Battery cover


Replacing battery

Replacing Battery Step 1
Replacing Battery Step 2
Replacing Battery Step 3

Turn the battery cover counterclockwise and match the line a with b and pull to remove. Insert one AA (LR6) battery. To replace the battery cover, reverse the above procedure.

Using your trimmer

Take care not to cover the vent, then turn on the switch and carefully insert the tip of the outer blade into your nostril or an ear hole to trim the nose and ear hairs.


Maintenance Step 1
Maintenance Step 2
Maintenance Step 3
Maintenance Step 4

Be sure that the switch is turned off before removing, replacing or cleaning the blades. To remove the outer blade frame, turn it and match the line c with d and pull upward. Detach the inner blade from the outer blade. Wipe the blades with a tissue to remove any cut hairs, dust, etc. Then to remove the filter, turn it and match the line d with e.
Shake off the hair clippings.


After cleaning, replace the filter, the inner blade and the outer blade. If used once a week for approx. 1 min. at a time, the life of the blades is approx. 3 years.

To avoid the risk of personal injury, follow these instructions:

  • Keep this device away from the reach of children. This is not a toy.
  • Insert this device gently into your nose or outer ear. Do not insert it deep into your nose or your outer ear.
  • Before each use, check the blades for damage. Do not use this device if the outer blade frame or blades are deformed or damaged.
  • The blades have been precision manufactured. Do not subject them to mechanical force, impact, drop, etc. Place the protective cap over the outer blade frame after each use.
  • This trimmer is designed only for cutting nose and ear hairs. Do not use it for any other purpose.
  • Ensure that the switch is turned off before cleaning the blades.
  • Do not wipe it with thinner, benzine or alcohol. Clean it by cloth with soapy water.
  • Do not attempt to modify or disassemble and repair the product yourself.

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