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Haier L26V6-A8 Owner's Manual

Tft-lcd colour television receiver
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This User's Manual is applicable for the following models:
Please read this manual carefully
before operating the unit, and keep
it for future reference.


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Summary of Contents for Haier L26V6-A8

  • Page 1 TFT-LCD COLOUR TELEVISION RECEIVER This User's Manual is applicable for the following models: L26V6-A8,L32V6-A8,L37V6-A8 Please read this manual carefully before operating the unit, and keep it for future reference. OWNER'S MANUAL...
  • Page 3 *Please read this manual carefully before using your television and keep this manual in a good place for future reference. *To achieve the best performance of your television, read this User's Manual carefully and properly store it for future reference. *Information of screen displays and figures in the User's Manual may vary due to technical innovations.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    ...5 Rear terminal row Remote controller ...7 Keys of remote controller Operation instructions...9 Power On/Off ...9 Menu ...9 Preset TV program ...10 TV input ...10 Auto search... Manual search..11 Tuning program...12 Program edit ...12 Program play...13 How to select program Program Ta le...15...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    The product should be tightly fixed to avoid drop damages and even fire. Do not locate the product close to water or oil, which may cause fire hazards. Do not use damaged or worn electric plugs, and keep electric cord away from heat sources to avoid electric shocks or fire hazards.
  • Page 6 Safety precautions (continued) Don't use or store inflammable materials near the product to avoid explosion or fire hazards. The antenna of the product should be away from electric cable to avoid electric shocks. Always make sure that the television is well plugged as poor electric connection might cause fire.
  • Page 7: Keys And Ports

    Front control panel 1.MENU: menu display 2.INPUT TV/AV): all input source display 3.CH-/CH+(P-/+) : program minus and plus , menu options 4.VOL-/VOL+(V-/V+): volume decrease and increase , menu reset and entry POWER : Is used to activate the display or return to standby mode.
  • Page 8: Side Av Panel

    Keys and ports Side AV panel Audio R Audio L Video AV IN Rear panel Rear terminal English-5...
  • Page 9: Rear Terminal Row

    Used to connect to the DVD/ VCR/ broadcasting receiver or other equipment. 8.Earphone port 9.ANT IN Connect antenna or CATV 75 CATV signal. COMPONENT IN DVI IN L-AUDIO-R AUDIO coaxial cable to receive TV/ Keys and ports SCART2 SCART1 ANT IN English-6...
  • Page 10: Remote Controller

    Remote controller Battery loading 1.Slide open the cover of the battery compartment on the back of the remote controller. 2.Load two 5# alkaline batteries in the compartment. (plus and minus poles to respective mark) 3.Replace the cover of the battery compartment. Precautions Make sure that there is no obstacle between the remote...
  • Page 11: Keys Of Remote Controller

    20. Lock button(enter the Lock Set menu) 23. Channel list button, press to display the program that we had stored 24. Press to exit OSD menu 25. Timer display(only when there is teletext in TV signal) 26. Adjust picture aspect ratio Keys of remote controller 1.STILL:Press this key to freeze-frame the...
  • Page 12: Operation Instructions

    2.If the television is on standby mode , you could press CH+/- or digits buttons on remote controller or POWER button on the TV to turn on the TV. 3.If you want to switch off the TV to standby mode press POWER button on TV or remote controller .
  • Page 13: Preset Tv Program

    1.Press INPUT button on television or TV/AV on remote controller and the menu appears on the screen Source 2.Press CH+/- button to swap to TV input terminal. 3.Press MENU button and then CH+ or CH- button until the following menu appears on the screen. MENU...
  • Page 14: Auto Search

    Preset TV program Auto search 1.Press CH+/- button on TURNING menu to select Auto Search.(You could select country first according to yourself(that means you have selected the sound system ,this is useful especially for France) and then you could operate Auto Search 2.Press VOL+ button on the remote controller for...
  • Page 15: Tuning Program

    Press MENU and then CH+/- to select TUNING as follows: MENU PICTURE Tuning Program AUDIO Country ADJUST Auto Search TUNING Program Table FUNCTION TIMER Program edit Press CH+/- button in TUNING menu for program edit. Press VOL+ button to enter the submenu as follows: MENU PICTURE...
  • Page 16: Program Play

    Tuning program 3.Skip If current program number is to be skipped, press VOL-/+ button to set Skip on. 4.Color System If current program color is to be changed, press VOL-/+ button and then the color system will change in sequence of SECAM PAL60 NTSC443 5.
  • Page 17 If remaining time of set timer is to be displayed, press the SLEEP button again. 8.NICAM Press of the I/II button will result in fast swap of NICAM function of current program. Program play MUTE STILL SLEEP SCAN TV/AV P.STD Music VOL- CH.LIST TIMER DISPLAY SWAP S.STD MENU VOL+ H.LOCK...
  • Page 18: Tv/Scart1/Scart2/Av/Hdtv/Vga/Dvi Play

    Input option 1. Press TV/AV button on the remote controller, TV/AV the following menu will appear on the screen. 2.Press CH+/- button to select TV or other source. And VOL+/- button to enter. English-15 Program Table Red:Del; Green: Copy; Yellow:Name; Blue: Swap...
  • Page 19: Picture Quality Setup

    Picture quality can be adjusted in any channel. The picture quality on the screen can be adjusted as follows: 1.Press Menu button until the following menu appears on the screen: TV menu: Note:Hue option of Menu will effect only in NTSC system program. MENU PICTURE...
  • Page 20 Picture quality setup 2. Press VOL+ button to enter PICTURE menu on which the current option is in yellow. Press CH+/- to select desired item. 3. After one item is designated, press VOL-/+ button to adjust. 4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until satisfactory picture quality is achieved.
  • Page 21: Sound Adjust

    Sound of television programs can be adjusted in any channel as follows: 1. Press MENU button and CH+/- button until the following menu appears on the screen. MENU PICTURE AUDIO Volume ADJUST Balance TUNING Audio Mode FUNCTION Five Equalizer TIMER Surround Auto Volume Woofer...
  • Page 22 Sound adjust 2. Select Audio Mode to set sound mode , the option will display as follows: You could press S.STD to display the menu VOL- MENU VOL+ 3. Select Woofer to set the value of woofer from 0 to 100. 4.
  • Page 23: Function Setup

    It is possible to select language, OSD transparent, position and screen display of the menu as follows: 1. Press MENU button once, and the CH+/- button until the following menu appears on the screen: TV mode: MENU PICTURE Language AUDIO...
  • Page 24 OSD. Blue Screen On/Off Repeat step 3 and 4 to select Blue Screen On/Off (It will be operation when there is no signal in TV mode). Calendar display and check Repeat step 3 and 4 to enter Calendar menu as follows: Sun.
  • Page 25: Other Functions

    In VGA and DVI input mode, H Position and V Position can be used to adjust the picture position as follows: 1. Press MENU button on the remote controller and CH+/- for option of picture position adjust. The menu displays as follows: MENU PICTURE Display Mode...
  • Page 26 Other functions Note: Adjust, RGB and Default are functional only under VGA and DVI mode, and Auto Sync is functional in VGA mode. 1) Adjust is opted for adjusting H Position and V Position as well as relative parameters in VGA and DVI modes.
  • Page 27: Timer Setup

    Timer setup Timer setup If Timer Off, Timer On are intended , follow the instructions as follows: 1. Press MENU button of television or remote controller, and the CH+/- button for timer setup menu. The menu displays as follows: MENU PICTURE Timer AUDIO...
  • Page 28 VOL- MENU VOL+ VOL- MENU VOL+ English-25 TimerOn Prog Select this item to set the start channel. Timer Prog. Select this item to set the time when you want to watch the preset program. Prog Num Select this item to set the channel you want to watch at the time you have set.
  • Page 29: Lock Setup

    Press H.LOCK button, Password will appear on the screen. If password is correctly entered, the Lock set menu will be entered. If the password is not correctly entered, you will be required to reenter the password and the cursor will stay at the first place.
  • Page 30 Prog Num Prog Num is opted for setting up preset channel. Press CH+/- button to select Prog Num. Press item is not available except TV signal.) Source Lock Source Lock is opted to hinder external input modes, such as AV and VGA. Press CH+/- button to...
  • Page 31 entered and the screen will display blue background with the mute mode activated and Lock. In lock on mode, when screen is blank, icon Lock will be always displayed on the screen. If lock mode is to be verified, enter Source Lock submenu and set relative mode off, or select Clear Lock in the Lock Set Menu.
  • Page 32: Teletext Functions

    Teletext functions Teletext is an information system, broadcast by certain channels, which can be read like a newspaper . It also provides subtitles for people with hearing difficulties or those who are unfamiliar with the language in which a particular programme is being broadcast (cable networks, satellite channels, etc.).
  • Page 33 Teletext functions (MIX) While in Teletext mode press the superimposed on top of the TV picture. Press the button again to revert back to Full text. (HOLD) Pressing the button will stop the teletext page automatically updating. This feature is very useful where there are several teletext pages or data on the same page number.
  • Page 34: Connection Of External Av Devices

    LCD television. 2. Link the antenna to the antenna input of VCR. 3. Press TV/AV(INPUT) and CH+/- button for option of television signal mode. 4. Press Play button on VCR for option of television programs.
  • Page 35: Connection As Pc Monitor

    1. Link VGA output port of a PC to the D-SUB IN port of the television. 2. Link audio cable of a PC to AUDIO IN port of television. 3. Press TV/AV (INPUT) and CH+/- button to select D-SUB mode. 4. Turn on the PC and its screen picture will be displayed on the television screen.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Color system Sound system Video input Sound UPO Power Standby consumption Condition Accessory Diagonal Model L26V6-A8 L32V6-A8 L37V6-A8 Design and specifications contained in the manual might vary due to technical innovations. English-33 2x5W ~ 150-240V 50/60Hz Working temperature: 0 ~35...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    Verify if the television is properly supplied power. Verify if electricity is available. Verify if correct signals are input. Press TV/AV button to change signal input to TV input. Restart the television of power supply is interrupted. Press Mute button and verify if Mute mode is set.
  • Page 40 90506301...

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