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For Preparation Of Heating("Hot Keep") - Haier AD362AMBEA Instruction Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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When heating is started:
In order to prevent blowing out of cool wind, the indoor unit fan stopped
according to the room temperature which heating operation is started. Wait
for approx. 2 to 3 minute, and the operation will be automatically changed
to the ordinary heating mode.
Defrosting operation (in the heating mode):
When it is liable to frost. the heating operation is stopped automatically
for 5 to 12 minutes once per approx. one hour, and defrosting is operated.
After defrosting is completed, operation mode is automatically changed
to ordinary heating operation.
When the room thermostat is actuated:
When room temperature increases and room temperature controller actu-
ates, the fan speed is automatically changed to stop under low temperature
condition of indoor heat exchanger. When room temperature decreases,
air conditioner automatically changes over to ordinary heating operation.
Heat pump type warming
With the heat pump type warming, the mechanism of heat pump that concentrate heat of outdoor
air with the help of refrigerant to warm the indoor space, is utilized.
Defrosting operation
When a room is warmed with a heat pump type air conditioner, frost accumulates on the heat ex-
changer of outdoor unit along with the drop of indoor temperature. Since the accumulated frost re-
duces the effect of warming, it is necessery to automatically switch the operation to the defrosting
mode. During the defrosting operation, heating operation is interrupted.
Atmospheric temperature and warming capacity
Warming capacity of heat pump type air conditioner decreases along with the
drop of outdoor temperature.
When the warming capacity is not sufficient, it is recommended to use another
heating implement.
Period of warm-up
Since the heat pump type air conditioner employs a method to circulate warm
winds to warm the entire space of a room, it takes time before the room tem-
perature rises.
It is recommendable to start the operation a little earlier in a very cold morning.
"HOT KEEP"is operated in the following cases.


Table of Contents

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