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Haier AD142AMBAC Instruction Manual page 31

Duct type air conditioner
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When constructing drain piping for several units, position the
common pipe about 100 mm below the drain outlet of each
unit as shown in the sketch. Use VP-30(11/4") or thicker pipe
for this purpose.
Be sure to provide heat insulation to hard PVC pipes of indoor
Do not ever provide an air vent.
The height of the drain head can be elevated up to a point 500
mm above the ceiling, and when an obstacle exists in the
ceiling space, elevate the piping to avoid the obstacle using
an elbow or corresponding gadget. When doing this, if the
stretch for the needed height is higher than 500 mm, the back-
flow quantity of drain at the event of interruption of the
operation gets too much and it may cause overflow at the
drain pan. Therefore, make the height of the drain pipe within
the distance given in the sketch below.
Avoid positioning the drain piping outlet at a place where
generation of odor may be stimulated. Do not lead the drain
piping direct into a sewer from where sulfur gas may generate.
Drainage Test
Conduct a drainage test after completion of the electrical work.
During the trial, make sure that drain flows properly through the piping and that no water leaks
from connections.
In case of a new building, conduct the test before it is furnished with the ceiling.
Be sure to conduct this test even when the unit is installed in the heating season.
Supply about 1000 cc of water to the unit through the air outlet using a feed water pump.
Check the drain while cooling operation.
Insert water supply hose
for 20 mm ~ 30 mm to
supply water.
(Insert hose facing
toward bottom.)
Remove grommet.
Make sure to install
it back after test.
Main unit
Drain situation can be checked with transparent socket
Attached drain hose clamp
Drain piping
Secure the elevation as high as possible
(approx. 100 mm)
A downhill grade of
1/100 or more
Drain hose
Joint for VP 25
(Local procurement)
Pour water into a convex joint.
(In the electrical work has not been completed,
connect a convex joint in the drain pipe connection
to provide a water inlet. Then, check if water
leaks from the piping system and that drain flows
through the drain pipe normally.)
VP 30
Right overhead



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