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Graph ↔ Text Display And Clearing A Graph; Zoom Function; Superimposing Graphs; Trace Function - HP 9g User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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After setting the range, press [ Graph ] and enter the expression to be
graphed. See Example 37.
Graph ↔ Text Display and Clearing a Graph
Press [ G
T ] to switch between graph display and text display and vice
To clear the graph, please press [ 2nd ] [ CLS ].

Zoom Function

The zoom function lets you enlarge or reduce the graph. Press [ 2nd ]
[ Zoom x f ] to specify the factor for enlarging the graph, or press [ 2nd ]
[ Zoom x 1/f ] to specify the factor for reducing the graph. To return the
graph to its original size, press [ 2nd ] [ Zoom Org ]. See Example 37.

Superimposing Graphs

A graph can be superimposed over one or more graphs. This makes it
easy to determine intersection points and solutions that satisfy all the
corresponding expressions. See Example 38.
Be sure to input variable X in the expression for the graph you want to
superimpose over a built-in graph. If variable X is not included in the
second expression, the first graph is cleared before the second graph is
generated. See Example 39.

Trace Function



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