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Simultaneous; Connect; Axes; Labels - HP 39g Master Manual

Graphing calculator.
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Let's have a look at the meaning of the CHKs (check marks) on the second
page of PLOT SETUP. Although they are not used often they can be quite
useful and I recommend highly that you use Simult:


The first option Simult: controls whether each graph is drawn separately (one
after the other) or whether they are all drawn at the same time, sweeping
from left to right on the screen.
My preference is to turn this off. I find that if
there are more than two functions defined then
drawing them all at the same time can be
confusing. Turning off Simult: means that they
are drawn one after the other, in the order that
they are defined. This is obviously a bit


The second option Connect: controls whether the separate dots that make up
a graph are connected with lines or left as dots.


The third option Axes: controls whether axes are drawn. The fourth
Inv.Cross: controls the appearance of the cursor that is moved by the arrow
keys. It is best if you try this one yourself to see the effect.


The fifth option Labels: controls whether labels (X, Y and numbers) are put
on the axes. The only time this causes problems is if the scale is an odd
one, causing the labels to have too many decimal places.


The sixth and last check Grid: causes a grid of
dots to be drawn on the screen (see right).
The density of the grid is controlled by the
values of Xtick and Ytick. This can be quite


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