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Entering Data As Ordered Pairs; Adjusting The Symbols Used To Plot Points; The Cursor - HP 39g Master Manual

Graphing calculator.
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Move the highlight into column C1 and enter
the x
values, pressing the ENTER key after
each one. Now do the same for the y
in C2.

Entering data as ordered pairs

Looking at the bottom of the screen you will see a series of tools provided for
you. As before,
We could use VIEWS and Auto Scale to
produce a plot (this generally produces very
satisfactory results), but let's have a look at the
PLOT SETUP screen instead.

Adjusting the symbols used to plot points

As you can see, it is very similar to the other PLOT SETUP screens that we
have encountered with the main difference consisting of the list of settings for
S1MARK, S2MARK etc. These are the markings that are to be used in plotting
the points, allowing you to choose different markings for different data sets if
you are graphing multiple data sets.
Set your PLOT SETUP screen so that it looks
like the one shown above right, also switching
to the second page and ensuring that it is
checked as shown right and setting YTick to 5.

The cursor

If you now press PLOT you will see the result
shown right. If you look at the screen you will
see a small cross and, at the bottom of the
screen, a listing of S1[1]: 1,5. This is
telling you that the cross is currently on the first
point in data set S1 whose value is (1,5). Using the left/right arrow keys you
can move this cross through the data set with the values being reported at
the bottom of the screen.
is not worth bothering with.
Calculator Tip
You can enter the x
simultaneously if you enter it as ordered pairs in brackets.
i.e. as ( 1 , 5 )
In fact, you can even leave off the closing bracket! The
calculator will complete it for you.
and y
data into both columns
( 3 , 10 )
ENTER etc.


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