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Pioneer VREC-130RS Owner's Manual

Pioneer VREC-130RS Owner's Manual

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Summary of Contents for Pioneer VREC-130RS

  • Page 1 VREC-130RS DASH CAMERA Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2 Pioneer Corporation accepts no responsibility whatsoever in these cases. Precaution ..................... 4 Information to User .......................
  • Page 3 Using this product ................25 This product Power...................... 25 Manually Turning the Power On and Off ..............25 System Indicator Display.................... 25 How to View the Recording Screen ................26 Video Recording ......................26 Event Recording ......................27 Playing Recorded Files ....................28 Product Settings ................
  • Page 4 Precaution Certain country, state and provincial laws may prohibit or restrict the placement and use of this product in your vehicle. Please comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the use, installation and operation of this product. WARNING • There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
  • Page 6 Pioneer service company for aftersales service or questions you may have about the product. You may contact Pioneer directly as follows: Do not ship your unit in for repair without contacting Pioneer first. Units sent without a return authorization number will be refused.
  • Page 7 (ACC OFF) and unplug the cigarette lighter plug immediately, and consult your dealer or the nearest authorized Pioneer Service Company. Do not use this product in this condition because doing so may result in a fire, electric shock, or other failure.
  • Page 8 • Firmly install this product so it does not fall off the windshield. If this product is not firmly installed, it may fall off the windshield while driving and cause an accident. Periodically inspect this product. • Pioneer recommends that only authorized service company personnel, who have special training and experience in mobile electronics, set up and install this product.
  • Page 9 Precautions before installation WARNING • Do not install this product where it may (i) obstruct the driver’s vision, (ii) impair the performance of any of the vehicle’s operating systems or safety features, including airbags, hazard lamp buttons or (iii) impair the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. • Never install this product in front of or next to the place in the dashboard, door, or pillar from which one of your vehicle’s airbags would deploy.
  • Page 10 Disclaimer • Given the large number of variables and conditions that can be involved in an accident, Pioneer cannot guarantee that every accident or occurrence will trigger the recording feature in this device. • This product’s features may not operate properly due to the effects of settings, how this product is installed, the condition of the microSD card, and driving conditions (including the road conditions).
  • Page 11 How to read this Manual Notation Meaning These symbols are used to draw your attention to items you should be aware of when using this product and items you should be aware of to maintain its performance. Notes provide useful tips and extra information about product features. Note / Notes Square brackets are used to indicate selectable items displayed on the []...
  • Page 12 • The internal battery is a consumable part. This battery is for retaining the time, and may fail to retain the time after repeated use. Contact Pioneer support if the time resets frequently. • The internal battery is a consumable part. The operating time will slowly decrease as the battery is repeatedly charged.
  • Page 13 • Pioneer does not make any assurances that microSD card problems will be repaired by formatting the card. Pioneer bears no responsibility for files that are erased from the microSD card or damage that occurs from formatting the card.
  • Page 14 Check the Accessories Cigarette Lighter Power Main Unit×1 Suction Mount Cradle Safety Strap×1 ×1 Cable ×1 (3.5 m/11 ft. 6 in.) microSDHC Card Quick Start Guide×1 Warranty×1 (16 GB)×1 Note All images in this document are for illustrative purpose only and subject to change. When replacing the fuse If the product does not power on or charge even when the included cigarette lighter power cable is connected, then check if the fuse is blown.
  • Page 15 Before Installing the Product WARNING • Never install on the cover of an airbag or at locations that might obstruct the deployment of the airbag. Doing so might prevent the airbag from being deployed normally, cause the product to fly out due to airbag deployment, and cause accident and injury.
  • Page 16 Installation Specified Installation Position on Front Windshield When installing this product, install in a position that satisfies all of the following conditions if allowed by applicable law in your location: • Install in a 7-inch/17.8 cm square in the lower corner of the windshield farthest from the driver, a 5-inch/12.7 cm square in the lower corner of the windshield nearest to the driver and outside of any airbag deployment zone, or in a 5-inch/12.7 cm square mounted to the center uppermost portion of the interior of the windshield.
  • Page 17 Always install this product in the specified installation position to ensure a clear view of the road while driving and to achieve full performance from the product. Pioneer is not liable for any damages due to faulty or improper installation or use of the product. Install this Product 1 Clean the installation area.
  • Page 18 3 Adjust the installation angle. Loosen the angle adjustment nut to adjust. After adjusting, tighten the loosened nut to secure. Angle adjustment nut 4 Connect the cigarette lighter power cable to the main unit. Route the power cable to the passenger seat side. −...
  • Page 19 Always install this Safety Strap as described. Do not cut the Safety Strap or install it in any other way than as described. Pioneer is not liable for any damage, due to installation other than described, or use of the product.
  • Page 20 Connecting the Power Cable Cigarette Lighter Power Cable Connection Fully insert this into the vehicle accessory socket to make a good connection. (The location of the accessory socket will differ depending on the vehicle.) Accessory socket Passenger footwell area Cigarette lighter power cable CAUTION • The accessory socket may be extremely hot immediately after using the cigarette lighter.
  • Page 21 Part Names Front Left Side Right Side Back 1 Power Port 6 Lens Connect the cigarette lighter power cable. 7 Speaker 2 microSD card Slot 8 System Indicator Up to 32GB microSD Card capacity. 9 Microphone 3 Reset Button a Suction Mount Cradle connection point Press this button with the tip of a ballpoint pen to reset this product.
  • Page 22 Function Buttons The functions of the function buttons are indicated by the icons displayed at the bottom of the screen. The functions of the buttons will depend on the displayed screen. (Icons are not displayed on some screens.) In the playback screen or MENU screen, holding down the function button returns you to the previous screen.
  • Page 23 Inserting and Ejecting the microSD™ Card Turn off the power to this product when inserting and removing the microSD card. “Manually Turning the Power On and Off ” Inserting the microSD Card Hold the top edge of the microSD card, position the microSD card so that the label is facing the lens side of this product, and slowly insert it into the microSD card slot until it clicks.
  • Page 24 Backing Up Recorded Files When the free space of the file storage areas is low, files are deleted from the oldest file. We recommend that you back up any important files you want to keep using the following procedure. Note Prepare a spare microSD card in advance.
  • Page 25 Using this product Before using this product, first stop the vehicle in a safe location and apply the parking brake. This product Power This product starts when the vehicle’s engine is turned on (ACC ON), and it automatically starts recording. (Video recording) “Using this product”...
  • Page 26 How to View the Recording Screen The status display shows the operating status of this product. 1 Recording in progress 2 Elapsed recording time 3 Date / Time Video Recording Recording automatically starts when this product is started. The recorded video is saved to the microSD card as one file of the set increment of time (default: 3 minutes), and when the microSD card runs out of free space, the files are overwritten starting from the oldest file.
  • Page 27 Event Recording Automatic Recording by Detecting Impacts (Event Recording) The video recording file when an impact is detected by this product (the dash camera), such as an impact with another vehicle, is recorded as an event video file to the “Event” folder. The number of event video files and recording times will differ depending on when an impact is detected.
  • Page 28 Playing Recorded Files Automatic Recording by Detecting Impacts (Event Recording) In each of the screens displayed from here on, the Monitor Display (screen) automatically goes black if you do not perform any operation for approximately 10 seconds. (This is the Monitor Display default setting). Video recording does not commence while the user is in any menu operation.
  • Page 29 3 Select the desired thumbnail using the hard key buttons to select the recorded media. The thumbnails of files in the selected folder will be displayed. 1 Return to the previous menu 3 Next file 4 Confirm 2 Previous file The selected file will play.
  • Page 30 Product Settings Before using this product, first stop the vehicle in a safe location and apply the parking brake. These settings configure this product. You can reset the settings to the default settings. You can also format the microSD card and check the firmware version. Note that video recording will stop while the MENU screen is displayed.
  • Page 31 Configurable Features Recording Setting Setting Details Default Settings Sets the resolution quality of video recording. Video Resolution FHD 1920×1080p [FHD 1920×1080p] Sets the image quality of video recording. Video Quality Super Fine [Super Fine or Fine] Sets the video clip length of video recording. Video Clip Length 20 sec [20 sec / 1 min / 3 min]...
  • Page 32 Configurable Features System Setting Setting Details Default Settings Sets the menu language. Language English [English/Français/Español] Sets the time after which the monitor turns off. Monitor Display [Always ON / Off in 10 sec / Off in 30 sec / Off in 1 Off in 10 sec min] Sets beep tones.
  • Page 33 Guide to Recording Time The following table provides estimates of the video recording times possible with different SD card capacities. The actual values will depend on various factors, such as the microSD card being used, subject being recorded, and recording conditions. Guide to Recording Time with a 16 GB microSD Card Resolution Video type...
  • Page 34 Troubleshooting Check the following information before sending the product in for repairs. Symptom Cause Action An error occurred during the The microcomputer in this Press the reset button. display and operation of this product is malfunctioning. “Part Names” product. We recommend that you back up If there is insufficient space in any important files you want to A file that should have been...
  • Page 35 Specifications Recording Medium microSDHC card, Class 10 (16 GB to 32 GB) Imaging Element Approx. 2 million pixels (Built-in high sensitivity CMOS sensor) Recording Angles Main unit: 109° horizontal, 57° vertical, 132° diagonal Focal Ratio Number Main unit: F2.4 G-Sensor 3-Axis G-Sensor (level can be set in 4 steps) Recording Methods Video recording / Manual Event recording / Photo recording...
  • Page 36 Trademarks & Copyrights • SD, microSD and microSDHC Logo are trademarks of SD-3C LLC. − 36 −...
  • Page 37 Register your product at in Canada PIONEER CORPORATION 28-8, Honkomagome 2-Chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0021 Japan PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P .O. Box 1540, Long Beach, CA 90801-1540, U.S.A. TEL: (800) 421-1404 © 2022 PIONEER CORPORATION. < KYTZ22A >< OWM_VREC130RSUC_EN_A >...

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