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HP E-PC C10 Handbook

Hp e-pc c10: supplementary guide.
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hp e-pc
c10 / s10
hp business pcs


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   Summary of Contents for HP E-PC C10

  • Page 1

    / s10 hp business pcs

  • Page 2: Ordering Parts

    © 2002 Hewlett-Packard Company contents replacement and exchange parts ordering parts contact hp

  • Page 3: Models And Accessories

    Product Model Hard Drive Number Models with Intel Pentium III Processor, 133 MHz System Bus Speed, and 256 KB Level 2 Cache Memory HP e-pc 800EB/133-256 (CPL: 11/2000 ) P2324C 10 GB IDE P2327A 20 GB IDE P2763A/T 10 GB IDE...

  • Page 4

    P4229A/T P4230A/T P4232C P4233C P4256A/T P4265A P4269A 1-2 hp e-pc c10/s10 Hard Drive Std. RAM HP e-pc 866/133-256 (CPL: 11/2000 ) 20 GB IDE 128 MB SDRAM 10 GB IDE 20 GB IDE 256 MB SDRAM 128 MB SDRAM 256 MB...

  • Page 5

    Product Model Hard Drive Number HP e-pc 933/133-256 (CPL: 01/2001 ) 20 GB IDE P3376A/C/T P3378C P3380C P4226A/B/C P4258A/T P4263A/T P4270T P4280C P4938A P4943T HP e-pc 1000/133-256 (CPL: 03/2001 ) A7586S 40 GB IDE A7643S A7646S 20 GB IDE A7647S...

  • Page 6

    40 GB IDE 256 MB SDRAM 20 GB IDE HP e-pc c10/s10 Models with Intel Celeron Processor, HP e-pc 566/66-128 (CPL: 11/2000 ) 8.4 GB IDE 128 MB SDRAM HP e-pc 633/66-128 (CPL: 11/2000 ) 10 GB IDE 64 MB...

  • Page 7

    Product Model Hard Drive Number HP e-pc 700/66-128 (CPL: 11/2000 ) 10 GB IDE P2320A/T P2323C P2326A/T P2762T 20 GB IDE P2766A/T/U 10 GB IDE P2792A/C/T/U c10 P3356T P3374A 20 GB IDE P3377A/C P3379A/C P3382A 10 GB IDE P4225A 20 GB IDE...

  • Page 8

    Integrated Crystal CS4299 Audio Codec ‘97 2.1 compatible stereo audio codec Integrated 3Com 3C905C-TX network controller. 1-6 hp e-pc c10/s10 Hard Drive Std. RAM HP e-pc 766/66-128 (CPL: 03/2001 ) 10 GB IDE 64 MB SDRAM 20 GB IDE 10 GB IDE...

  • Page 9

    HP 2-button Mouse HP Scrolling Mouse HP Cordless Scrolling Mouse HP USB Optical Scrolling Mouse Monitors All current HP Monitors (see the HP Monitors Service Handbook) Mass Storage HP USB Floppy Drive HP USB CD-RW Drive HP USB Compact Flash Reader...

  • Page 10

    Others Monitor Stand HP e-pc Extension Kit HP All in 2 Intergation Kit HP e-pc Mounting Bracket system board, BIOS, and memory Processor: Intel Pentium III or Intel Celeron FC-PGA package with Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket.

  • Page 11: Beep Codes And Error Messages

    Clears CMOS (to reload the Setup program defaults) and passwords Normal operation BIOS history For the latest BIOS, the flasher utility program, and the BIOS history refer to the HP World Wide Web site. beep codes and error messages Number Error Message...

  • Page 12: Part Numbers

    1-10 hp e-pc c10/s10...

  • Page 13

    “return to hp” repair parts list for hp e-pc Item Description Box assembly: includes cover assembly, chassis assembly, HDD tray assembly, HDD compartment cover and LED holder assembly Cable kit: includes HDD data cable, HDD power cable and CD-ROM (data+power)

  • Page 14

    “return to hp” repair parts list for hp e-pc Item 24 Max IDE slim CD-ROM drive + adapter shown board 4 4 24 Max IDE slim CD-RW drive + adapter board Replace both the power supply and the power cord.

  • Page 15

    Localization Country/Region #AB0 Taiwan #AB1 Korea #AB2 China #AB4 Singapore - Malaysia #AB5 Hong Kong #AB7 Greece #AB8 Turkey #AB9 Portugal #ABA #ABC Canada #ABD Germany #AB2 Spain #ABF France #ABG Australia - New Zealand...

  • Page 16

    64-MB non-ECC SDRAM 128-MB non-ECC SDRAM 256-MB non-ECC SDRAM Motherboard part number D9896-6x007 (x=0, 3, 9) D9896-6x013 (x=0, 3, 9) 1-14 hp e-pc c10/s10 system board parts list for hp e-pc Part Number P1836-63001 P1837-63001 P1838-63001 P1839-63001 P1840-63001 P1841-63001 — —...

  • Page 17

    HP Assist CD-ROM for Windows 2000 - System Recovery HP Assist CD-ROM for Windows 2000 - Drivers & Utilies HP Assist CD-ROM for Windows 98 - System Recovery HP Assist CD-ROM for Windows 98 - Drivers & Utilies Where “xx”...

  • Page 18

    ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 1-16 hp e-pc c10/s10...

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